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“Only the Good die young!”- Billy Joel,….sometimes!!!

OK, as you know I’m 74.5 years young,…..but the volume on that clock is most definitely getting louder.

First let me take umbrage with that statement that “only the good die young”, These days when we hear about a “famous” or “notable” person dying young the vast percentage of the question “WHY???” Ends up being drugs, or stupidity. That said there are people who do die a way lot younger than they should that legitimately die before “their time”.

But this article is not about them, it’s about those who DON’t die young and go on to spend their entire life trying to “contribute” to this country, and all they want is the inner sense of personal pride that they were able to make a difference in their country, and the lives of it’s people, or the people of the world!

This has been a pretty “bad” timeframe, in terms of those kind of folks, drawing their final breath. I think it’s worth the time, ink and voice to pay the proper respect to them. AND none of them died of “drug overdoses”, and did indeed contribute to the world at large, our society, and the future of the world!

But what about “The ordinary folk”? They are the ones who simply wake up, take their shower, shave, (or not) and get on with their life, doing whatever it is that they do,wherever they do it, and however they do it, until the end of the day! Sometimes they stop for a “decompression beer” on the way home, others just come home, and reflexively hit the pop top, then decompress. Still others pour a nice chilled Chardonnay, or a smoky red, or a Scotch on the rocks, or whatever their “drink of choice is at the time or relative to the conditions of that instant in time where they find themselves.

Is life really that simple? Or are we being drawn into that “big sucking hole” we call life? In. My 20’s it seemed very simple, one foot ahead of the other, and just keep working hard, and moving forward at a goal, either for yourself or your family.

In your 30’s there are rays of daylight within your vision, the marriage is going good, taxes are still as outrageous as they were when your parents were around, the kids are growing, and sometimes you might even have been able to afford to send them to private, or BETTER schools! (Maybe another day I’lll talk about the “Education” in this country,….and it ain’t good!! For example just this morning some School Board in San Francisco “in their wisdom” voted to spend $600,000 to paint over 16 murals of Times in the life of George Washington that have been on the walls of “George Washington High School” since 1934 when the school was built!! Why you ask? Well silly because it is “offensive” because it depicts “SLAVES” working on his plantation and he was a “slave owner”. My God folks, get over it. That was a normal custom, and as YOU AND I became more enlightened it changed! That is called PROGRESS!!!

Anyway, on to out 40’s The kids aren’t kids anymore, they’re going on to college, going in the military services, OR “living in our basement” with two degrees and no job, no money, and not a clue what to do about it. The wife and I tend to sleep a lot more, and continue to support the kids and try and encourage them to do SOMETHING!!

In our 50’s we become terribly aware we can’t keep on keeping on this way. We saved, but it’s dwindled, we invested, but it too dwindled, but we can still pay our bills,….but what about “retirement”? It ain’t gonna work for most of us! When the “gold watch”, the mahogany stained plaque, and the first retirement check , and Social Security check come,…..well we are more stressed than our kids, and trying to bandaid a retirement together. We (the wife and I) don’t need a five bedroom, four bath home with a big in ground pool a lovely garden, and a pool house for overflow guests, (But it should pretty much be paid off by now right? After two degrees per kid, all three of them, (and now one is a Barrister at Starbucks, the other is a part-time real estate agent, and the third one is a “e-bay mogul” for “Pokémon” toys. We gotta sell the house, in the next five years and tell the kids to go find their own place to live!!

Then there is the 60’s, the gold watch comes, the mahogany stained plaque, and your first day of “RETIREMENT” arrives. You get up, you shower, get dressed, iron a shirt, and grab breakfast and heard for the local Supermarket! Not to buy some food, but to follow up on an ad you read that they were looking for part time employees.

Forget the 70’s. 80’s and God help you, the 90’s. Between trying to hold down a 30 hour a week part-time job, all the Doctor visits, the miscellaneous surgeries, and recoveries, and the monthly yard sales to try and sell off the remaining stuff from the “big house” which you finally sold and made only $50,000 profit after taxes, the new septic system and the $80,000 “updates” it took to make it marketable, in “todays market”!!!

Sound facetious, you bet it is ,…..but the good news is you are positioned to live another 10 years in your two bedroom, one bath , 1/3 acre lot ranch in “Happy Trails, a 55+ community.

That is if you don’t have a serious medical “pop up” for either one of you. And by the way There is only one way out of here,…….End of Life!!

Sorry partner,….that’s life! Even the rich get sick, but they will “blow” every penny trying to beat the system,…….but it ain’t ever going to happen,….maybe for a year or two,….but the “Grim Reaper” is the best bet in the House to win,….hand’s down!

Sorry,…..but that’s life!


July 11,2019

Remember eons ago when that was a statement you always heard from your Mother. “Always wear clean underwear in case you have to go to the Doctor or the Hospital.” One of those many pearls of wisdom from the old days,……but it is sound advice for today as well,……but it’s changing!

Yesterday morning I got up at 4:30am to go be #1 on the hit parade! Oh that was the hit parade of daily Hip replacement Surgeries at our Local Hospital. Seems like my old body was wearing out. This time it was the hip. The Femur bone, that’s the one that “connect da’ knee bone to da’ thigh bone was the offending part! That’s the bone roughly depicted as the “club” in caveman movies and cartoons. It has a rather big rounded looking bulbous end at the “thigh” bone, and fits perfectly in a “socket” in the thigh bone or pelvis of our bodies.

Now when God designed this marvelous joint he added sort of a “shock absorber” between the bulbous or ball shaped end and the socket it fit into! (May be we should have had God design our cars and truck,…he’s really talented at that sort of thing!) The shock absorber, or cushion is made of a material we all call “collagen”, anyway like everything in this humble world it wears out and then the bones just rub together, or “grate against each other”, like grating your teeth together, and we all know what happened then the teeth eventually will become just “stubs” and will “hurt like hell”! Same thing with the hip, only we call the process “osteoarthritis” and refer to getting to be “stubs” as “end stage Osteoarthritis”.

Not to be facetious, but how much would you pay for someone to “get rid of the stubs”and replace them with like “false teeth” or dentures, then there would be no more gnashing,…but I digress. When a Doctor diagnoses an “degenerative, end stage Osteoarthritis of the pelvic and femoral area”,…..well you’re looking for some expensive surgery, and in the old days weeks, and weeks, or even months in painful recovery, and selecting a new nickname, like “gimpy”, “Hop-a-long”, or the “old guy down the block with the walk-in’ stick”, during recovery, well you get the idea it wasn’t a pleasant experience back then,……but not so much anymore says I because that’s what I did Monday.

Brief description of the operation, they shave you in the “private area” ( left or right side depending on which hip is “actin” up, make a THREE inch incision, and work through that little hole! (One of the reasons the recovery is so fast after surgery is that they don’t cut muscles and tendons, which attach the muscles to the bone, they simply Stretch” or pull them aside to work on you) I had a “Full Hip Replacement”, which consists of two separate “operations” in the one procedure. They usually cut off the rounded ball, on the end of the Femur bone, usually its not round ,like a ball any more, but sort of “squished” into more of a football shape and causing you a lot of pain. Essentially they take a specially made artificial femur than looks more like a tent peg with the rounded top, and literally “hammer” it down into the femur bone with a rubber mallet, leaving the rounded end sticking out. Then they use like a grinder to reshape the “receptacle area” in your pelvic bone to accept an artificial “socket” for the “tent peg” to fit perfectly into, (which is usually ceramic these days) and yet does not grind either one down during almost of the rest of your life, and yet allows the “full range of motion” that the original “God Made in heaven” one was designed to do! (In usual cases with six pages of “exceptions, exclusions, and warranty provisions”.) Odds on collecting are slim to none because the “warranty provisions” are written by “Attorneys”, not “regular folks”.

They gave me a little “MJ juice” Propopyl, the stuff Michael Jackson OD’d on, which worked immediately, once again reinforcing my opinion that I WILL NOT BECOME A DRUG ADDICT,…EVER!! Then a “spinal” which is for something else, I wasn’t there for the rest of the party.

Next thing I know I’m in recovery, can’t feel from the waist down, but NO more pain!!! Once my feeling came back, about an hour to an hour and a half,…off to my luxury accommodations upstairs, in the Hospital, in a private room, with all the usual tubes, leads and wires you see on TV. You hang out there the rest of the day and eventually the next day they send you home.

Then the “visiting nurses” start coming three times a week, and of course the “Occupational Therapist” and “Physiotherapists”,……

It’s kind of like a computer “app” you are ALWAYS going to need updating!!!

But hope you enjoyed this one as well.

May 15, 2019


N.B. Almost forgot to tell you why the “Cleanliness is next to Godliness” comment.

But when I got to my final room, as I lay there in bed assessing the surroundings, I noticed that there was a Full Crucifix up on the wall. (It’s a Catholic Hospital so that’s understandable. Under the Spot the Cricifix was mounted was a 45″ Color TV with a bunch of channels, movies, news and weather stations, and immediately below that was the “clean up area”, a small hand sink, a wall mounted soap dispenser, the usual “Purcell” hand sanitizer dispenser, and paper towels, and a trash bin with a rack of four sizes of blue surgical gloves as well.

Ready for it? The axiom was wrong, it was totally wrong!! Cleanliness was not next to Godliness, the TV was,…..DUH!!!

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Irish Pub Ambient Noise

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Senator John McCain,…..R.I.P.

I grew up in the 1960’s, and was also in the US Navy from September 1964 -1970. John McCain was 6 years older than I was in the beginning of our terms of service in the Navy. He was a graduate the Naval Academy in Annapolis, and I had a nomination to the Academy but turned it down simply because I was told I would graduate and become a “black shoe”, (Navy slang for an engineering Officer) and spend most of my career on smaller ships like Destroyers, bobbing like a cork and being below decks keeping all the engines and other systems working. YUCK!! Not that that is by far a noble career,….but not what I wanted to do.

I wanted Aviation and did not know you could opt for Aviation AFTER you finished the Academy. So I joined the Navy Reserve and was accepted to join an old reserve Squadron that flew the P2V aircraft in March of 1964. But. About three months later I had been taking Navy Correspondence courses, for “Airman Apprentice (E-2), learned quickly and got that designation by September of 1964. It put me in the “career track” that I wanted to be, and went down to the recruiting office and joined the regular Navy for a six year enlistment, Four on regular active duty and two more in the Reserves.

Because I had already earned the “AA” Airman Apprentice rank that allowed me to go directly into that “sector” of the Navy. So after swearing in, I was on my way to Brooklyn New York for “further classification” (n.b. Note no Boot Camp except my “Navy Reserve two week Boot camp which I had already fulfilled, so I was flat “in the grinder” for a specific career path,….an aviation ratings, hence Brooklyn Naval Shipyard for all the actual testing and evaluations to be sure I had found an “Aviation” career in the Navy.

By November of ’64, it was determined that I would best “serve the needs of the Navy”, as an “Aerographers Mate” or “Weatherman”. I’d have preferred Air Traffic Controller but I was ok with it because it was definitely an “Aviation Billet”.

I became aware of John McCain as a “Jet Jockey”, (Jet plane fighter pilot). While I didn’t intentionally follow his career, when he got :shot down” over Hanoi, and was “exhibited” as a POW (Prisoner of War from the U.S. Navy, and his history and loyalty to both the country , and more importantly, the principles and tenants of my country, it’s patriots, and for it’s people, “..up and to the final check” I became a “kindred spirit”.

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Having a “choice crisis”,….need any help?

As , God rest his soul, Charles Krauthammer once said,…” …in our youth, everyone is a Democrat, but eventually, they become Republicans, …and ultimately,…Conservatives.” Not to even try and “up stage” Charles,….BUT as I pass 70, (actually 74) I am leaning more to “liking” the Libertarian concept! But that’s a whole other blog!!

Call me an “indecisive kid!’, but I AM exploring my life, and the “life” of the world I live in, contributed and by my votes tried to make a good selection for all of us,since I’ve been born! And now, …. I am working on setting up a “PODcast” which I’ll tell you , the where, and when it will be available for you, for FREE!!

One of my friends asked me “Why do you want to do “a Podcast’ at all?” The real answer is pretty simple, a) because I can, and , b) because I love to talk, and I have a very good speaking voice, thanks to about 6 years of professional elocution lessons, and recitals from my parents. I’ve been on both radio and TV, (radio was far better for me, and a lot more “exploratory” in terms of my particular “gifts”, a/k/a speaking, not “appearing” , and I have never been able to get “visually” excited, for a video audience! And finally because it is a GREAT way to enter your twilight years, because you can mix your life experience, your life’s learning, and whatever you’ve spent all those years developing and DOING!!

We, because I’ve been married 54 Years, and I love my wife ’til death, it’s not my experience, it’s a “collective” WE”, and I have not a single regret!!) have an entire “life experience” at 74 years old, you name it we’ve more than likely experienced it, and the rest of you (below my 74 years) have probably NOT experienced it, maybe you have, and if so you are a “comrade in arms” who can appreciate “it”!

Truly the old mantra from the 60’s Woodstock culture (albeit not a lifestyle, but an ‘age of discovery, fun, freedom, regrets, and memories,…but), they said it better, “….sex, drugs, and rock ‘n roll!” The “mantra” for that early generation was “turn on, tune in, and drop out”, ergo the birth of the “chemically enhanced lifestyle” . However, being who we were, we never succumbed to the long term evils and life-long addictions of them, at least not much I hope!! But in retrospect it seems we enjoyed it enough that those that followed us are FAILING our Country, their obligation to it, and that of those who will follow us!!

Our parents all had “idiosyncrasies”, or “quirks” and “fears” that we either experienced in our lives, or were so deeply ingrained in us that we can instantly recognize them when we see, or HEAR them. Books, …Blog’s, …and Podcasts will, and already are, the “Oral history of OUR Society, and it’s confusing generations today”. And I dare say, the same type of future generations, as were the prior generations of our time, …..and we never readily, really realized it, until TODAY !

The past few weeks I’ve spent dozens, if not hundreds of hours trying to develop an effective “Podcast Title” for my project. After all that time I keep coming back to the same thing!! Here’s where I am on that, and I WELCOME YOUR COMMENTS.

Of all the businesses, projects and other “ventures” that I’ve done in my lifetime, the little Irish Pub I envisioned and actually “willed” into existence, despite no money, no expertise, and just having been a part time bartender for years, that summer of June 1993, in Dover New Hampshire was my favorite, and the most rewarding venture I’ve ever done! Not particularly profitable, ….but never the less “profitable” in my world, (some call it delusional,….but,……)

It provided both agony, pain and suffering, and a myriad of crisis and problems, both as a business and a personal experience, and a learning curve you can only experience , by living through it. It HURT me financially, and in terms being a father and effecting the lives of our youngest, and last remaining “at home” child we had at that time! (I’ll outline those factors later, but for now it was a 125% commitment by both wife and I, but “when and if, the next venture will solely be mine,….she paid her dues and spent her time in HELL, and I don’t want to subject her to this new one.

( In all honesty she told me if my next venture was another “Pub” she really hoped it had at least a bedroom on the second floor, since I would have to live there! Believe it SHE IS SERIOUS!!).

So that has extended the “search” for the next “perfect dream business”, so of course SHE is my wife, and I will share anything this Podcast reaps 50/50 with her, simply because I still love her to pieces, and she has been my only partner through all of the ups and downs of being a “serial dreamer”. If this is successful it is in fact “OUR RETIREMENT OPTION”! I always believed the expression, ‘If it’s to be, it’s up to ME!”

Therefore the title of the new PODCAST will be “LIVE from The Emerald Rose”, ….a memorable tradition, a window on life, an experiment that worked , and a memory for thousands who were part of it all!

I am planning on the first production being up and on the Internet by Memorial Day 2019, You are the first to know!!


Details as to where, how to access, etc. coming in APRIL 2019!


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Hey is it virtually IMPOSSIBLE to get old “Gracefully”?

At 74 I am beginning to “wind down”, essentially my “life: is done, I’d like to say I am “happily married”, but I would be lying,let me explain a bit further.

Years ago (1967) when I got married, I promised to love, care for and cherish the girl I was marrying. After the vows it was essentially a “crap shoot”. I was in the Navy, and that was over in 1969, (still had two years of reserve duty, until a full “Honorable Discharge”.) It was my impression THAT counted for something, which in 1969 it really didn’t!! Being “Honorably Discharged” used to be a “badge of Honor”, your country, and it’s people recognized that you put YOUR life on hold, and “signed the check” for up to and including your life.

I had to think long and hard as to what to do, but the process was only “minutes” long, by that time we had a son, going on two children,Years old,and a daughter going on one year old. So what do you do?

The right thing to do was lean over, and suck it all up and do whatever you had to do to provide for them! Was it the career or the “pot of gold” at the end of the rainbow, or was it plain and simply,….standing up to the responsibility of having a wife and family. That meant doing whatever it takes to feed, clothe, and shelter all of them, that’s what I did!!

No it was not a “me alone” situation” as my wife went back to work at a local Department Store where she had worked before we got married. Sounds like it’s an easy situation, but there is no way, particularly for me! She had both children since they were born and I was like an “Uncle Da-Da” because I was working so many hours plus a part time job as well. Amidst all of that I was trying to great a bunch of roots and “stepping” stone for growth for my family.

I will be the first one to tell you my wife was a REAL soldier, she handled both kids, made sure they were properly fed, clothed, and turned out as great as they did! (One is now 50, the other 48). She got little sleep the first few years, and “going out to dinner” was a trip to the local MacDonald”s and the ride to and fro’.

As they grew we got into camping, first with a tent, then a “soft-top” pop-up, and then a full pop up with slide out double beds, a pull out kitchen, and a “tent” top to cover all of us from the weather. Was it comfortable and easy after 45-50 hours of work in a city , then the committee home which involved busses, trains , and driving cars. Of course not!!! But I did it, and she “handled” the kids for five or six years as well. I used to take them on Saturday, usually I drove them around and took the to parks over looking the harbors, (Salem and Marblehead, in Massachusetts) to watch the sailboats going out, coming in, and “racing” in the weekend races: despite what Doctor Spock says they did learn, they knew “sloops” from “yawls”, and “port and Starboard”,….but more importantly they grew and LEARNED how to learn about things, life and the important things in your life!

Raising children is a whole different story, for another day, let’s deal with the “What happens when they’re gone” section , assuming you get to that point without killing each other!.

This is where the rubber meets the road and you meet life,…..HEAD-ON!

In fact allow m to continue this next time, ( at 74 it becomes increasingly harder to try and write your “life memories and thoughts” in sequence and totally.

Stay with me, it will all pay off.

Part 1


April 16, 2019

Ever wonder how we got to this point? We are obviously probably the #1 country in the world in technological development, in Medical advancement, in business, and attempts at “educational development”, (not to be confused with “TEACHING OUR kids!) But the question is a blunt one,….why are we failing in the world! Do me a favor and look at the “WANTED Ads” in the Newspaper, ….now tell me do you know what the JOB is about? Do you understand the “Goals and Objectives” of what the employer expects?…..oh and do you know what the pay range is???? A lot of them sound like “WANTED- advanced Nuclear fission mechanic, skilled in integrated component coordination design and installation”?

(DUH!! Ok you want some one to design and make advanced components for a nuclear detonation device, (nuclear BBQ starter, …or Bomb?) Oh hell guy, can I make a nuclear bomb go off,….why not, I’ve used firecrackers and cherry bombs , what’s the difference Dude!!)

If you think that’s a “little vague….”, try reading the job descriptions themselves, OH, and remember as an employer/advertiser in the Want Ads section of the news paper you pay either by the letter, or “column inch” advertising rates! Now look at On-line help wanted ads under the Computer job openings programs, like “Indeed”, the “Glassdoor” and the myriad of others, (key difference the computer has NO restriction on length, number of words, let alone the “circuitous, net zero vacuum of millennial speak, or “say Wha’?”)

Militarily we are #1, (or so we are led to believe) but we are virtually as corrupt as Rome was, just before the real decline and fall of the Empire! (Point of fact 50% of the Congress of the United States are in fact legitimate MILLIONAIRES! BUT, by the way ONLY 1% of the population of the United States are millionaires!!!

Remember “Taxation without representation” ,………”Hey kids wake up, we’re here!!! We are the 99% of the “Populace” that is really being represented, and “controlled” by 1% of the actual PEOPLE representing them!!!! FACETIOUS COMMENT COMING: ask any “Twinkies” who are yours to leave the room before you read on! They will object, of course, and tell you garbage like “I have a degree in Anthropology from Harvard University you don’t think I can understand what you re going to say?” (My advice, say something really “pithy” like, “….by the way is you’re bedroom in the basement cleaned up?”

Back to the title, we need to understand, simply stated, we don’t know what the hell our kids are doing, what they are learning, and what they think! We don’t think of “Friday night sex” as simply a “diversion” (because there’s nothing on TV on Friday nights!) .

Guess I qualify as an “old fart”,….so live with it! But please think about it!


March 25, 2019

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“OldStyle” Drum & Bugle Corps MADE youths Adults!!

Most people have never heard of “Drum & Bugle Corps”, (or call them “Bands”), but they are both historical, a sign of our passage of a number of critical skills and understandings from the WWII generation, (our Fathers, mothers and aunts and uncles),……but that was then, but what about NOW?

It was the transition of the Veterans, literally, and the wives who sacrificed SO MUCH during the War. When the mean came back they were “hardened”, and if it were not for the disciplines that were established by the wives, in the children, in the manner of living and growing as a family,…….THAT is all brought together to establish the “baby boomers”! But it continued through the education systems, teachers and schools as well.

I personally believe that because most husbands and “fathers” were away at war, and frankly when they got back it became the largest “culture shock” imaginable for them. Most of them survived it, BUT after years of battle, military lifestyle, and just plain “doing what had to be done”, they were ill-equipped to handle it well,….but the majority rose to the occasion.

I think the entire “Drum and Bugle Corps” era was totally the contribution they made to “create the next generation”,…. but like everything else in life it grew and evolved, not necessarily for the “good”, but for money, elitism, and why we look around today and say “What the hell happened, and how did we get to this mess we are in today?”

What were those of returning soldiers, sailors, and airmen? They learned to “follow orders”, march and maintain organization, and “make things happen”, but they also learned being “hard”, being “demanding”, and “accepting no shortcomings or excuses”.

As new Parents, they needed a way to transfer those skills, therefore they created a “shadow pseudo military” structure for their children. It was done with love, with concern and caring,….but it was basically imbuing in them what it is to be a FREE American, and not a fear ridden new society, and with beliefs and absolute personification of the love of each other, our Country, and a GOD and framework of unique opportunity and success as AMERICAN’s!

Here is prima facia evidence of that NEW spirit they passed on and nurtured through their and others children. It was never given with a “bad word”, or personal criticism, but in a frame work that we are ALL in this together, DO YOUR BEST FOR EVERYONE!

Read the following comments I recently read on an Internet page about Drum & Bugle Corps, but more importantly the LESSONS learned, and the SACRIFICE made for others that made AMERICA GREAT!.

I rest my case,….isn’t this the result we all want as parents, friends and neighbors and more importantly AMERICANS?

They passed on to us what we needed to know, how we depended on each other and to the “third string” little guys who had just joined the Drum Corps, they needed our help our support, and our joint brotherhood to be what we need to be in this world.

A personal reflection, In my first Drum Corps, we had a young man named “Rocky” and Rocky was a DEAF MUTE, but wanted to be in “the corps”. A few of the drummers and the instructors worked with him and taught him drumming by drumming the part and the song on his BACK,….and guess what after a month or so you could not pick him out of the drum line as anything other than a drummer with the other 7 drummers, there was no difference!!

Everything is possible if we really want to take the time and patience to help everyone learn to be a member of “The CORPS”!!

Who did you help out today?


March 20, 2019

“Just a huge and humble “Thank You”, to everyone who sent Birthday wishes. I wrote something yesterday, but I guess with age the memory of fundamental Facebook operations decreases,……it went something like this;

“When I think about being 70 years old I am almost startled at what I’ve lived through in my life thus far,….for example,

1. That’s 7 decades, two different centuries, and two different millenniums that I’ve been here on this “Big Blue Marble”,..called Earth PLUS how about these,….

2. Seven Catholic Popes,

3. 13 United States Presidents

4. The assassinations of JFK, MLK, and RFK (President John F. Kennedy, Reverend Martin Luther King, and Senator Robert F. Kennedy and Death of “Ted Kennedy” the last of the Kennedy Brothers, of brain cancer.

5. While I lived the following folks lived and walked the earth as well, Adolph Hitler, Joseph Stalin, Winston Churchill, “FDR”( Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Ho Chi Minh, The IRA (Irish Republican Army), the “Weathermen” (no they weren’t the TV folks on the Weather Channel! And saw a Billionaires daughter rob a bank on live camera footage!

6. I was alive BEFORE Word War II ended, lived through the “Korean Conflict” (and it was a lot like MASH the TV Series, The Bay of Pigs failed invasion to liberate Cuba from Fidel Castro, (and his Coup of Cuba and it’s army and rulers in 1959-1960, The subsequent “United States and Russia ICBM (Inter Continental Ballistic Missiles) blockade of Cuba” (the ULTIMATE game of “Chicken” with the Soviet Union , between Nikita Kruschev, and President John F. Kennedy on LIVE TV, The capture of Francis Gary Powers, shot down by the Russians in one of our first “U2″ spy planes”, a couple little WARS in El Salvador, and one between Great Britain and an Argentina set of Islands called the “Falklands”, The Vietnam Nam War, The War in Iraqi, Afghanistan, the ORIGINAL establishment of the United Nations, the CREATION of a little Country called Israel, the PLO (Palestine Liberation Organization) , the end of Auschwitz, Dachau, and dozens or other horrors in and to Humanity , and dozens of more atrocities.

7 I served my country for 6 years of my life, some of which was a “hitch” on a US Navy Aircraft Carrier that was THREE years older than me, the USS ESSEX, survived WW2, (I was also privileged to ride her out of Commission in 1969.

8. I worked a full time job, a part time job, and went to college nights on “the GI Bill”,

9. I’ve been married to the same Loving woman for 48 years (53 now) have had three great kids (our youngest passed at 40 from Spinal Meningitis, two charming Granddaughters, one 26, the other 10, and one Grandson, age 3, and at this age (74 now) am the “Patriarch” of the Family name.

10. Have been using “TM Transcendental Meditation” twice a day since 2011,

11. Had Triple By-pass Surgery over 10 years ago, still go to the gym ( a late bloomer to “exercise”),

12. …..and many other things to list without “breaking” the Blog

But the bottom line is , you ever wonder why us “old farts” to bed early and get to be “”curmudgeons “?

But a sincere thank you ,….and just think about your own life,…’s really an awakening experience, …..and YOU lived it!!!

If you look at the top of this and every blog you will see a “tag line” after the title, mine is simple and a good thing to remember,….”…you are not responsible for luck, ,…but you are for YOUR life!!”


March 18, 2019

About 5 years minus one day, because the 22nd Of February was my 70th year on this “big blue marble” we call the earth, and I was going back through old blogs and I came up with one from February 23, 2015, which I wrote as a response to all the birthday well wishes I had received on my Facebook page that past week.

As I re-read it even I was astounded at what I had written. It was basically a chronicle of the major things that had gone on in my life since I first breathed life, after the proverbial “smack on the butt” by the Doctor. It was like a personal observance of events that I was literally “there for”, but not a true witness to but, a simply a bystander for them.

So maybe I should start writing five year updates since then for every four or five years the good Lord allows me to hang out here on the “marble”. Hope you enjoy this, the past four year update.

My only real “regret” is that I waited until I was 70 to start doing this, life is “,…..water under the dam”, and we live it, but in retrospect it is truly epic. I urge everyone to start this habit, but start at 25 or thirty! It represents a full multi night documentary for your family, friends and anyone who reads it! Besides which it is YOUR life recorded for posterity, for better or for worse. Not what “YOU” did, but what was going on in the world, the country, the city r town you live in! Enjoy yourself and let me know if I can help you any.

I’m preparing to start a “Podcast” in the coming year so that by this time next year you may be able to listen to this on iPhone Airbuds, or whatever is around then! Good Luck,….and remember your truth of your life is really what you experienced and what was meaningful to you, at ALL levels since they are YOUR levels,not mine, not my children, not my grandparents,…..but YOUR’s be true to it,….and I’ll still be smiling!

And as the “tag line” on my blog ( says,…”you are not responsible for your luck,….but YOU are for your life!!”

Keep you posted on the “podcast” but I am getting excited! ” From me, to world events, political, sports, people and what is going on ,…’s my take on it!!”

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