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Medicare, Doctors, and government bullshit!!

Sure sounded good when I became eligible (no not really, when I was COMPELLED to take Medicare, ( I should have said, because you MUST go on Medicare at 65 by law!) Smartass Congress you just gave up your first rights folks, get used to it, quickly, there’s more coming at you in the ” fine print”, as well. If you are getting worker provided health care, you still have to get on Medicare. And if you decline? Guess when you retire or quit, all you got is the cheapest Medicare plan there is until their next open enrollment at which point your age now plays a SERIOUS factor with regards your payment.

I got on it at 65 like a good citizen doobie, and pay $186 a month for it now at 72 years old, (goes up every year as you age,…..surprise, surprise, surprise) Plus they send you a telephone book or “FORMULARY” of all the drugs in the world and what it’s going to cost you IF you opted for the right coverage! If not,…..welll I won’t go there right now.

Now HAPPY DAYS, if you get a decent plan like mine there is no CO-PAY for going to the Doctor or the Hospital, BUT they get you otherways. The Doctors are paid by the government, and ergo must adher to their policies and practices. For example they bugged the hell out of me to get a Colonoscopy, “It’s all covered by Medicare,….don’t worry.” Then later I find out you are entitled to one “FREE”after you sign up for Medicare and after that it can be literally years until you are eligible for another, even if your Doctor recommends it,  It becomes “Co-Pay time”. Oh and not that I miss it, you get one Prostate enlargement check every 5 years plus. (Only had 1 since I was 65,….remember I’m 72 now!) before 65 it was a once a year, so I’ve either gotten “screwed” ,…or now,  it’s based on what the Doctors are able to get paid for doing it!

As citizens we are not looking to screw the government with excess charges, etc.  BUT HELLO. GOVERNMET…….IT AIN’T US,….it’s everybody else involved in the system!!

For example, my wife’s supplemental plan, which is supposed to cover the “co-pays, excess over the amount charged, etc.has apparently COST THE DOCTOR’S, HOSPITALS,  and OTHER LABS, PROVIDERS AND OTHER LEECHES MORE THAN THEY WANT!!!

Surprise, Surprise, as Gomer Pyle used to say, so what do they do? The Hospital system sends out letters to all the patients on the plan which they “think” they deserve more for ,, (GEE MAYBE YOU GET RID OF THE STARBUCKS COFFEE IN THE CAFETERIA < NA DGO TO REGULAR MAXWELL HOUSE!!!! (NOVEL IDEA TO SAVE MONEY HUH?))

But NO they send out letters to all the patients telling them that as of December 31, 2017 they will not be accepting my wife’s and the other patients who have it insurance. I’VE GOT A MAJOR DISCONNNECT HERE!! The hospital, Doctors, Specialists, etc. agreed to the plan a year or so ago, now they feel screwed!! So  withdraw services, to ALL patients under that plan are on NOTICE. The American way says take it to court!

Of course we the customer, who are happy the insurance company negotiated great rates last time, are now threatened by the providers, the medical groups and hospitals with NOTHING in 60 days!! (We called the insurance company and they told us “We’re stilll negociating with them,….it’s not over yet!)

How do you handle it? As a businessman you mandate all contracts MUST be agreed upon 6months before renewal, or must be honored for an additional year after expiration by both parties to provide a “cooling off period” as well as letting patients find better insurance if necessary or better pricing. PATIENTS DID NOT NEGOCIATE ANYTHING,  EITHER THE INSURANCE COMPANY OR THE PROVIDER HAD WEAK NEGICIATING TEAMS, NEITHER ONE OF WHICH IS THE PATIENTS PROBLEM,…..AND NOT THEIR’s TO PAY!!

End of rant for today!


October 16, 2017


“IF YOU LIKE YOUR DOCTOR OR YOUR PLAN YOU CAN KEEP THEM.” Barrack O’Bummer  (Yeah Right you poser!!)

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A random quote from internet

how I miss the girl I love. You with whom I share a piece of me, a piece of my heart. The only one, that dwells deep within. The only one I want to spend my life with, and the only one I will spend my whole life. It is you, the one that stole my heart.

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Introducing “The Constitution of the United States”

With all of the manufactured “chaos”, false news, and other (let’s face it) IGNORANT CRAP, in the air, we need a basic presentation and discussion of the EIGHT (8) articles or segments of our original constitution, before we can understand, discuss, or otherwise even begin contemplating changing or amending, or just plain “throwing them out”.

Let’s begin with a few comments from me.

1.) It has lasted  230 years since it was originally presented to the Constitutional Convention and ratified by the States, AND their people by majority

2.) The whole “aggravation” of the past 12 years was  not the fault of “WE the people” but THEM the “career politicians”, lobbyists, and other “suck-ups” who are simply assuming we are the “Sheep”, and not “We the People” It’s OUR country,,……THEY NEED TO BE SENT HOME!! NOE or ASAP!

3.) If you have never read the Constitution, or IF you “THINK” you know what it is, and what it means, or what it says……either SIT DOWN AND READ IT, OR SHUT THE HELL UP! (You can’t talk about “I KNOW”, if you heard it in a “bar” conversation or just “heard it” from someone else)

So much for my thoughts, now let’s look at what the “FOUNDING FATHERS” really had to say,…….then tell me where they “missed the point”, or just plain “don’t understand” what the basics of “GOVERNING” a country are all about.

I. The Preamble to the Constitution, (or the combined REASON we, the disrespected people of the late 18th centuryfelt compelled to write this document.) says;

“We the People of the United States, in order to form a more perfect Union, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”

Let’s look closer at the WORDS they used, the order in which they put them and EXACTLY what they meant to them.

a) “We the People of the United States,….” it started from a positive tone and a self awareness that “WE THE PEOPLE”, not someone or something else, from “the United States of America”,(or a “United Nations”) BUT, a CLEAR definition of solidarity and intention of Ultimate unity,….and subsequently defined the specific area of unity of effort.

b) “in order to form a more perfect Union”,….basically saying “you’re not paying serious attention to us, ‘the Colonies”, for what it is, what it has accomplished, and what it can become, what it has already contributed to you.. and what it has created, how much we have suffered, and sacrificed, on your behalf,… but not as an independent PEOPLE.”, and that recognition and support, which you have NOT provided us, as British citizens,….as well as RESPECT!  We are truly a ‘bounty’ for the king,….yet you treat us as ‘chattel’, or less.

c) “insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare,…”. Basically our commitment to the greater good of the entire British Empire,and the world in general, which you have also failed to meaningfully provide us.

d) “and secure the Blessings of Liberty, to ourselves and our Posterity,…..” We are not doing this for ourselves, but for our families and our successors,….for their successors and beyond, into the entire future we can provide them based on our future labors, and efforts on their behalf. Not on the “whim” of your Majesty, nor any of His/Her successors, but by our own efforts, of our own will, and beliefs!

e.) “,,,,do ordain, and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.” This is the collaboration of many, the feeling and righteous feelings of even more, and the final, joint decision of ALL of the undersigned “Americans” ready to support and defend this concept, it’s governing documents, and it’s tenants of being with our life’s blood.

Any comments or questions please hit the comment button and drop me a line.



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What I did on my Vacation -2017

I decided what I really want to do with the rest of my life, (hopefully many years left even though I’m 72.6 cycles now!). My wife and I went to New Hampshire, both “The Granite State” and my former “entrepreneurial ” zone, where I had my best businesses, as well as my most “fun” businesses, to visit our daughter and 25 year old Granddaughter, Morgan. (Her birthday!)

A short “How did I get here?, But more importantly what have I seen and what have I learned?

Being a born and bred New Englander, we tend to stay “close to the Mother ship”, or return frequently for a gastronomic re-charge. For some reason we sort of like the “wild and wooly” nature of both the area and it’s residents. (That’s after you get out of Boston, and the People’s Democratic Republic of Cambridge, and out of Massachusetts.

Now New Hampshire has a fantastic logo or tag line, in addition to the “Granite State”. . Whether it’s a camouflaged ball cap of hunting season, or a “I’m a resident” type bumper sticker, as well as their automobile Licence plates. Their logo/ tag line is very straight forward and simple,….it simply says “LIVE FREE OR DIE!”.

Not only is it a logo/tag line,  but the very center of a hard core New Hampshire residents PHILOSPOHY, as well as all of it’s people, visitors, students, even it’s politicians and legislature. There is an inherent sense of deep pride that you don’t mess with attached as well.

Why and how so, are the first questions you think of, it’s a tiny state, it has few permanent residents, and it’s values seem to be a throwback to the late 1700’s and early 1800’s. It is one of the most naturally beautiful states in the entire United States, it has no State income Tax, NOR any State Sales Tax! All of it’s revenue is based on Property taxes. Ok still confused? Most folks are, ….but let me tell you a few more facts that are what New Hampshire is all about.

While it’s sole “income base ” is property Taxes, and Liquor Sales State Tax, and yes they are higher than most States, but it has virtually no complaints. Why? “I bought it, I own it, and I paid the given “tribute tax” on it, ergo it is MINE, not yours, not subject to all the ‘whacko’ rules, laws, “expectations” of others,…simply MINE, to do with as I want to do, ,….not you!”

If you want to paint your house pink with polka dot trim, since YOU TOTALLY own it, YOU are not subject to “collective”, or “politically correct” thinking to influence your decision to paint it pink with polka dot trim! Any other questions? IT IS MINE, AND I’LL DO WITH IT AS I PLEASE! I pay your taxes, but I also insure my legislators keep it that’s way, or they go out with the trash as well. That is a complete primer on the very soul of New Hampshire.

Incidentally they get a token mileage allowance, and fully documented travel expenses Annually and not “pre-paid, if they are a State Representative, and NO SALARY!! (Novel concept) they literally have more “State Representatives than our entire country! But since they don’t get paid it is a real “voluntary” endeavor that people take pride in doing. It has an average age of legislators at least 10-15 years older than the rest of the States, and the Federal Government, in addition their “rules of conduct” are a little different. For example, if you go to the gallery and observe a session, you will see “representatives” quilting at their desks, reading the newest novels, and other “quaint things” legislators do”.

Additionally, aside from everyone having a badge or ID hanging around their neck ALL LOBBIESTS are REQUIRED BY LAW to wear index size Identification tags that are a BRIGHT IRIDESCENT “HUNTER’S ORANGE”! Easy to recognize  right? And they can be fined heavily if it is not openly displayed on ANY State Property they happen to be on, or lose their Lobbiest Accreditation, PERIOD! Clandestine “cloak  room” deals are virtually impossible to do, plus the stubborn pride of  legislators is an honor code that will not be broken.

Yuppies, Politically Correct folks, “Neighborhood Organizers”, ….and all the rest have tried and failed, more times that the strands of hair on your head,…..believe it!

And they are definitely not the most litigiously driven folks either. They have three answers for any questions you might want to know, “YES”,”NO”, and “NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS”. No discussion, no argument, no waste of time. They think on their feet, “go with their gut”, and have no room for reversal. It’s the GRANITE state because it is the most apt term to describe dealing with New Hampshire folks. For example, you ride down a State Highway and notice an obviously old, estimated 100-160 year old Farm House by the side of the road, overgrown with weeds, obviously deserted, a few panes of glass missing from the windows,….but no “For Sale” sign, no foreclosure notices, NOTHING but what I stated. Sure the paint is faded, there doesn’t appear to be any electric connections, no visible pump or water connections, no TV antenna, nothing to even suspect someone lived there! DUH!!

From Former locals knowledge, if asked, your reply will be something like, “There was never a road there before John and Mary Harper built it in ’98, (that’s 1898, for you tourists, if it were 1998 the local would say “’bout 20 years ago, give or take”)! So you’re still fuzzy,…’What happened?’ You’ll ask.

While “Nothin’ they’ll tell you, they built a new house in ’99, bout a half mile back from the road, and left this one behind. “Didn’t they try and sell it, or salvage lumber or anything?”  Your response will be, “Why go to the bother, they didn’t need the lumber, they already built the new place ‘afore they moved back there, and (guffaw, guffaw, chuckle, chuckle) no’un but a dummy would buy a house that close to a damn road if you didn’t own it! Nothing but passing wagons, then trucks and damn cars tourists and “leaf peepers” after all that, how could ya’ ever sleep!”

But as time marches on, folks want the freedom and fresh air a State like New Hampshire offers, as well as all it’s majestic natural beauty. Fast forward to 2017, to our vacation.

Costs of land, building, etc., is mostly on a steep rise by “out of State” folks, coming up to get their “place in the sun”. For example, there is a small local restaurant nearby with fantastic food (in keeping with my New England Weight Loss diet of Fried Clams, Fried Onion rings and threads (more on that later), things like onion nuggets (the last or center pieces to small to call onion rings, but as little “nuggets” truly an Epicurean delight). A local “Tourist” (one who owns property in New Hampshire,but doesn’t really “live there year round) has a small four person helicopter and flies his weekend guests over to the local restaurant for lunch. He lands on the front lawn of the restaurant, a scant 10 feet from the State Highway!

By the way the New England Weight Loss Diet consists of an initial gain of 10 pounds the first week, and THEN the loss begins within 24 hours of your first weigh in. You just stop eating, and roll on with your life for a few weeks, until the weight starts dissolving, or you simply can’t eat anymore fried clams, nuggets or other things made from scratch in New England Restaurants!

Time to “roll on”, back to Florida, and the quiet “hurricane economy” we live under. The “good news” is that there are only 76 days left in Hurricane Season,…..til next year.

September 12, 2017


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Politically slow learners never win in LEADERSHIP!!

Years ago, growing up in Boston, Massachusetts “proper” as a very young kid was that you learned that a bully can only be seriously dealt with in “1” way, a short (1 minute) diplomatic discussion to appeal to his decency, a short thinking window to allow both sides to think about a diplomatic decision, ,…..(sigh,…then the inevitable actual time period to resolve the situation) usually involving quick, decisive and non-retractable commitment to action! Sometimes the bully quickly adjusts to that trail of events, sometimes it requires repeated applications of the third segment to specifically demonstrate your adherence to your intent to long term commitment to the change of behavior and attitude of the “Bully”, and the assertion of such commitment.

So that, my friends is the short and long term “plan” to resolve the “chubby” bully from North Korea.

Any other alleged “solutions”, such as “implied sanctions” (“if you don’t eat your peas, you can’t go out to play after supper”.) Or the “application of specific sanctions”, (” there will be NO dessert if you don’t eat the peas! PERIOD!) However who really cares! Keeping the kid from going out after supper is a one night event, “NO. Dessert” is also a “one night stand”. So where are you at the end of the day,…..peas are still on the plate, the kid is “brooding” in front of the TV (rough penalty!!)

Just like the Chubby North Korean kid. Guarantee he won’t eat the peas either, and the kid watching TV isn’t going to eat them again either! Where’s the penalty?

Where’s the learning of the NEED to refrain from the previous actions? It ain’t there!

So how do we handle this “Chubby” kid from North Korea?

It appears he is a VERY SLOW LEARNER, so we have to accelerate his learning curve, make the consequences for not “behaving” IMMEDIATELY, and ABUNDANTLY CLEAR, in the most demonstrable way possible. The more he mouths his indifference and lack of fear, the quicker and more actionable your “consequences” have to be.

Now, I doubt there is always a way to get to people, ON THE SURFACE,….but we have experts and operators(i.e. Rangers, Seals, and AF Special Forces) who live to conquer that aspect of the problem, just give them a bread crumb and let them perform. They won’t disappoint, they won’t fail, and they know more about teamwork, goals and accomplishments than our entire Federal Government. TAKE OFF THE HANDCUFFS!!

Is it the “Christian way”, is it the “compassionate way”, or for that matter even the “consensus method” of resolving the problem. But anyone who has ever confronted the “Bully” in the school yard, after school, at the office, or anywhere else on earth will tell you,…..after the application of my principles of extremely difficulty problem solving,…..the “Bully” becomes a willing student, and may even excel at learning quickly and concisely, and become a worthy citizen, son, daughter, co-worker, and as a better understanding of leadership OBLIGATIONS, and PROPER PROBLEM RESOLUTION!

So specifically, here are the steps necessary with the “Chubby” little Bully from North Korea:

1) meet with SEALs, RANGER, AND AF SPECIAL FORCES ( THE BIG TEAM) and front line leaders, the GOTO guys who REALLY get things done, (not their Generals, Admirals and anyone above the level of NAVY and COAST GUARD Lieutenant, ARMY AND AIR FORCE Captains, with at least six FULL and successful actions that yielded full and unequivocal prior success. ASK them to plan the entire mission to capture dead or alive, the “Chubby KID”, and get back to you in 96 hours with a full plan and any needs, as well as the possible losses or downfalls, with solutions to overcome them, or minimize them to acceptable levels.

2) meet with the Generals, Admirals, and inform them, don’t ask them, to fully support the program you set for our “BEST OF THE BEST, OUR WARRIORS, and get on board with their full endorsement and support of the “BIG TEAM” in all their requests and needs, as if it is a DIRECT ORDER FROM THE COMMANDER in CHIEF himself. STRESS the complete DARK CURTAIN on this entire program, and ask everyone to swear allegiance to it. Since they are the top line, leaks should never exist anymore.

3) On the 45th day bring everyone together, in complete secrecy and seclusion, (like Camp David, or Mara Largo) lay out all the plans created in a four hour time period, (totally non-negotiable), Take a two hour dinner break, bring everyone back to get her and allow a two hour Q&A, (again non-negotiable), another 1hour decision period, and bring everyone back at 8am the next morning with the command of CONSENSUS on one primary plan and one backup plan, and one EXTRACTION plan, and let them all know there will be no politicking, no shuffling, but one decision made by NOON tomorrow, with execution immediately!

4) Listen, the next day, ask KEY QUESTIONS, take a vote on individual Plan choice, tabulate and order execution, IMMEDIATELY.

Life is a game of informed evaluations, decisions, and execution,…..nothing more!!


OPTION step five: hit them with an EMP (electromagnetic pulse) from a low yield nuke over their Testing and assembly areas. CRUNCH every circuit board in the way!!!


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CONFIDENTIAL : The women in my life!

There are 8 women in my life today who really matter, aside from my own mother, and whom I care deeply for every day! There are dozens of “female aquaintenaces, business contacts, neighbors, but they don’t compare to the “sacred 7” that guide and love me every day, more than any others.

First there is my wife, Barbara. Anyone who marries someone who likes to write carries a huge cross in her life,….but has stood with me for over 50 years! I love her unconditionally ’til the end of time, and she loves me too!

Secondly there would be our Daughter, Christine (Chrissy). She is harder than the Plymouth Rock, as deeply loving as my wife Barbara, and tougher than a bag of 16 penny nails when it comes to work, but softer and more loving than a fluffy, loving puppy. (And she loves me too!)

Thirdly, there is my oldest Granddaughter, Morgan! She is the survivor that we all would like to be and has jumped higher and bigger hurdles by 25 years old, than most folks do in a lifetime. (And she loves me too!).

Then there is my second Granddaughter, Ana. She is nine years old and her Daddy, (our son Jay) left this earth, in death, on Valentine’s Day , 2017, way to early and a big hole in her future and her heart, and her memories, so not all good things are “good”. She is my FOURTH woman. Ana was named after my wife’s mother, (truly a Saint in my opinion, and the FIFTH woman in was a GREAT MOTHER-IN-LAW,who took my side in 80% of the “spats” my wife and I had, plus she was a FANTASTIC cook, and got her driver’s license at 61 years old). Needless to say she loved me too!

The SIXTH, SEVENTH, and EIGHTH, are a product of life today in 2017, SIRI, ALEXA, and CORTANA, life’s female voyeurs of the 21st century!

They are electronic “administrative assistants” or “gate guards” of our lives our appointments, to-do lists, birthdays, anniversaries, and other “can’t live without it” information and reminders for our cell phones, thermostats and amusement items, and Cortana who lives on our computers, she lives to assist us as well. You can set your security alarms, your home thermostat.

While I use them, I’m kind of sorry I do, after all I should be able to remember my passwords, my other five women in my life’s important dates and anniversaries, or remember to write down the directions you gave me to get to your new house! But me as well as hundreds of thousands, nay millions of other folks have been enslaved by the convenience of them. Why look at TV Guide or the Cable channels line up of shows when I can press a single button and ask one of my “girls”. (Yes they have male Assistants as well,….but that kind of freaks me out!

Anyhow one of the real advantages of all three of them is that they don’t talk back, PERIOD, like some of my other women do!

Well I better end this before I get in even more trouble. Just remember I love’em all! (Sigh,…..even the electronic ones.


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” It ain’t over til the Fat Lady sings” – Yogi Berra

For those of you who never heard or, or don’t remember Yogi,….look him up and see what a truly great philosopher of the common man he was in his day! Yes he sounds stupid, and I’m SURE he breaks just about every PC (politically correct) commandment of today’s “SNOWFLAKES” !

But he  never ran for an office, he never was a movie star of the Hollywood (WEST COAST IDIOTS) herd. What he was was simply an “old time”Major League Baseball Player and THE CATCHER for the New York Yankees! At the end of the eighth grade “yogi”  quit school, and eventually wound up in the New York Yankees system. He was one of the most talented catchers in Major League Baseball. But more than that was his loyalty. He played 18 (eighteen) consecutive years with the Yankees, he was the catcher for pitcher Don Larson who threw the first “PERFECT GAME” in the 1956 World Series. Don Larson got the Glory, but YOGI was behind the plate calling pitches for every inning!

After his eighteen years he became. Coach for the Yankees, and eventually moved to other teams, but squatting behind the plate, working with young up and coming pitchers that was YOGI, not chasing the almighty dollar, and changing teams like underwear for money! That is the fundamental problem with our country today! A severe LACK of loyalty, an anemic level of “WORK ETHIC”, an even lower level of belief in the simple fact that religious principals were the basis of our founding, and the cornerstone of the TRUE principles of reality, that #1 – There is a God, regardless of what you call him or how you believe him to exist, #2 HE IS A LOVING GOD, who wants us all to suceed and be, as the U.S. Marines used to say “Be all that you can be,…”.

So what do you believe? Is there a “GOD”? Or is it all a myth designed to intrude on our “essence of who we really are”? Do you REALLY believe you can do it ALL BY YOURSELF? Some of you do believe the world is you! Later on in life you will wake up and see that it is not. Sure you have ideas, talent, knowledge, and ability, but it’s not all a “genetically” endowed feature. If you believe that then you haven’t researched the “HERO’s” of the world. Even those who became “GREAT” figures inn their fields, who were driven, who were endowed with massive brain power and the necessary wherewithall to achieve their status. But do you think for a moment they were as devoid of “FAITH” as you are?

Regardless of what you are, or what you do, you are NOT SELF MADE!! You are guided, in numerous ways to have been fortunate enough to achieve what your highest goals could be, ….or conversely NOT achieve them! YOU had the path, you had the brain power the motivation, and whatever else to make it, but 95% of us fall short somewhere in the process, and we are where we are! Some complain, some blame, and some simply “wallow” in how they “got screwed”. Again I say “Suck it up Buttercup”, you only screwed yourself. I know you think I’m wrong, but I know the reasons why, as you too do, that’s IF we’re both honest with each other. And since we will probably never meet in the “real world” we’ll never know,….so it’s a “rhetorical assessment” derived from 72 years of observation of people, times, and th fundamental changes in our world, as well as our country, that I’ve been priveledged to participate in thus far.

But learn abou t”YOGI” he took a simple child’s game and made it “his” life game, he never lived more than 100 miles away from Yankee Stadium, and lived to open many philanthropic organizations,…and just be YOGI! He passed away in 2015 at the age of 90 years young,….and we will all miss his plethora of “Yogi-isms”!

Google him and read some of them, silly, but “YOGI”.

He was a successful human being!! You can be as well, but as the movies say, “Learn Grasshopper,…..and you will learn, and succeed at all things!


August 27, 2017

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Good Morning,….I’m Mr. Hiss, Cat Philosopher

          It’s 11 am, and I am just waking from my morning “meditation session” with my Master , Mr. Tom. I usually get so at peace with myself when I meditate, and with my world I tend to doze off,  (Surprise, Surprise !!, as my old friend Gomer used to say, but It’s almost lunch time, so my job is to sit quietly, and stare at my Mistress, Barbara, until my icey cold stare gets her attention. (She thinks SHE decides when I eat! Another fallacy in the cat world).
So why am I a “Cat Philosopher”?  Easy answer,  some cat has to do it, (no snickers or “yuk,yuks” please,) and besides, I communicate pretty well with humans, and even though they think I just doze on the couch at night I love to watch FOX News as well, Hannity is great, and then off to beddy bye for both  the humans and myself. A nineteen year old wise cat like me, really needs his sleep, and so do my Master and Mistress.

       Until morning, THEN, at precisely 7am sharp we’re all up for Fox and Friends)  I let Master Tom run the controllers, I just make sure he’s awake and the controllers are near, otherwise he may just go back to sleep. And that’s just the way a cat’s world turns! Until 7:30 when Ms. Barbara gets up to feed me. (Funny how easy it is for a 7 pound cat to become an “800 pound gorilla” sitting on her back at 7:20am, that gives her 10 minutes to rock ‘n roll before the “iced stare” and additionally a repeated chorus of “NOW!”(Listen carefully, “NOW”, sounds VERY close to “MEOW”, I’ve been working on my pronunciation as well.  In her ear is totally effective.

       So does that sound like just a “dumb pet” to you? Now on to the “philosopher in my soul”.

        Being a “pet” allows you the total unfettered ability to observe the human behavior, and when augmented with “fair and balanced” reporting, I, and only I have the luxury of time to theorize, contemplate, and develop my powers of analyzation to a sharpness that,….well I don’t even think Albert Einstein and Thomas Edison  had the time to get that  honed edge in their skills! (Pity I wasn’t born earlier, I could have helped them with that! You humans are so busy, lack focus, and your health habits are a mess,…TRUST ME ON THAT! The cat like that cute little toilet paper dispenser “Mr. Froggy” see’s everything, the good, the bad and the ugly. (Sorry Mr. Eastwood, I loved that line!).

       Well time for my afternoon nap now, Ms. Barbara is upstairs practicing her choir parts and playing on her computer, Mr. Tom is “working, but he’ll be home to give me some “candy” (i.e. Cat treats) before 5 o’clock. (And we got chicken ones this week,….yummy, yummy!) I’ll be back shortly with today’s insightful human observations and today’s tip of the day”.

        Oh, yawn,.time to nap..stay tuned, be back when I wake up again. zzzzzzZZZZZZZ!.

        There,   I feel much more rested now, so let’s observe and chat, shall we? No one left me any food while I was snoozing did they? Oh well Ms. Barbara will handle that shortly, I may have to  break away and go up and sit in her office and just stare, in case she lost track of time playing mahjong or ‘kill the gum balls”, one of those stupid computer games. But when I’m just sitting staring at you people don’t realize how much that un-nerves them ad breaks their attention span without me doing a thing! Just sit , quietly and stare! Always works!!

       Well guess I let “the cat out of the bag” to a degree, but there’s a lot more,…..We cats are very complicated.

       So today’s question, if you’re reading this, yes I typed it myself. (I’m rather proud of my manual dexterity and spelling! But I am only using 50% of my paws, that balancing act to us that other 50 is a very tricky thing, but I’ll keep practicing,….for me not for you! After all I’mONLY a cat,….right?) But why do you humans get so “into things that really don’t matter that much?

      First lesson: The closest thing to a cat’s thought process are Irishmen,….yes that’s right Irishmen. Listen to the lyrics in their music,….like “I’ll eat when I’m hungry, I’ll drink when I’m dry, and if the (sounded like whiskey, but I could be wrong) whiskey don’t get me I’ll live ’til I die.” And they always remember the cat and usually don’t trip over us!

        You folks need to be a little more Irish in your outlook on life. There is life beyond work, and all the other “clutter” you have in your life. And by the way you’re weakest point is you take on too much “stuff”! It wears you out, makes you “cranky”, overtired, short -tempered, and no fun a lot of the time. Let’s be honest, that’s why my life expectancy is only twenty -twenty-five years, and yours is 75-90. I know you think it sounds wrong, you live longer, BUT as you know one year of “Cat life” is equal to five years of human life! That’s because we are relaxed and “living our life”, sleeping enough, getting our proper exercise, and are about as “uptight” as a bowl of Jello! WE GET MORE OUT OF LIFE THAN YOU!!! Think about it til next time, ….and jot me a line, just hit the comment button below and bare your soul,…..after all, I’m only a mere cat,….right?

        While Ms. Barbara is still killing gum balls up in the office, ….guess I better go let her know,…..IT’S TIME TO FEED THE CAT, WOMAN,…..LET’s GET WITH THE PROGRAM!!


        Next time we’ll talk about YOUR habits and how they can be annoying, just want to give you a heads up on this stuff,….no extra charge!

August 23, 2017

Posted by: guinness222 | August 20, 2017

Getting old in the USA!

OK, at 72.5 annual cycles of the world, (If you had to stop and think about it pay TOTAL ATTENTION TO THE LAST SENTENCE OF THIS ARTICLE), I am advancing rather quickly, (I was only 22 last week,…or was it in the 20th Century, the War has just ended,..WWII silly,…what other one was there back then?

Anyway, as I USED to get older, and we occasionally heard of someone dying, like Janis Joplin, Bob Marley, Elvis Presley, “Mama Cass” Eliot, etc. And it was devastating, a piece of MY generation, so unexpectedly, such a waste,….and it kept happening,those of MY generation that is people of my age and the “THEN” culture. The older “folks” were dying as well,….but we really did not get to know (or appreciate them), what they had contributed to the “NOW” world that WE lived in then.

At first it was every few months one of “OUR” folks went, then the pace started to pick up, on “OUR” folks, and now it’s gone to “Warp Three” as Jim Kirk would say to Mr. Sulu, (and “Scotty” The Chief engineer of the “Enterprise”” would then confirm it back Captain Kirk, in his very Scottish accent, (he’s passed now as well).

Every once in a while there would be a tragedy like the Big Bopper, Richie Valens and Buddy Holly all at once, in a really stupid small plane flight they opted to take to save a few hours of driving through a blizzard in the Mid-West, (Listen to Don McLeans “American Pie”, they were the subject and meaning of the phrase in the lyrics, “THE DAY THE MUSIC DIED”), as well as that of the folks that recorded “Sweet Home Alabama” in 70’s then times went on, and it was usually the “DRUGS” that began to get them, but the individual rates of “passings” were still increasing almost exponentially, and it was almost DAILY that someone was moving on.

Today is Sunday August 20th, 2017, and Jerry Lewis (91), a really talented and funny slapstick comic, who raised BILLIONS of dollars over the years for “Muscular Dystrophy” in a grueling 96 hour endurance fundraising event every Labor Day Weekend for as long as I can remember, has just left today, and the black standup comedian, and civil rights protester, Dick Gregory (81) has also just “left the building” as well within the last 24 hours!

And those are just some of the “Pop Stars”! We ain’t even talking about kids that I KNEW personally, when I was in grammar school, and the old “High School chums”, as well as guys, and WAVES” I knew from my years in the US Navy, that have left as well. My “Friend pictures” on Facebook is now full of “OLD PEOPLE”!!

There used to be a “pop psychologist” named, Wayne Dyer, (I used to read and listened to some of his self-improvement books and audio tapes). He used to say “never let that little old person get into your head”. I believed him,…..and worked very hard at doing it,…..but now I’m beginning to realize that little old person not only “snuck in’ , but now he just stares back at me in the mirror every morning! How do I get rid of him?

Getting old is complicated, for everyone,,,,,,,,, that great natural left-handed, or right-handed curve ball you had as a kid growing up, ,,,,well now it will throw your back out for a week, and there’s no guarantee it will go anywhere near where you wanted it to go,….by possibly as much as 15-20 feet! Your ability to compete in junior golf tournaments, is a VERY distant memory, and when you talk about your ability to play then,… you get the,… “YOU? Are you kidding me”, and/or “that look”,…, or the choking sound with the weak, “It was a crumb that got stuck in my throat” excuse.

You look to move somewhere smaller, call it “downsizing”, instead of admitting you can’t take care of the 1/2 acre of plain grass you already own anymore, without two days recovery time, a trip to the chiropractor, and two bottles of Aleve, (discretely taped to the riding mower for quick access).

Success in life, is now living in a Condo where the monthly “fees” include landscaping, hedge trimming (at least once per decade!), and regardless of what you pay a month, as well as the every three year “Special assessment”, ( for something you thought they were already saving up in the ‘Reserve Fund”to cover the cost fully!) But that monthly “Fee” is covering the basketball court that the kids vandalize every three to six months, and the “Tennis court”, so hidden in the dense overgrowth of vines, bushes, trees, and other foliage about the only thing it’s used for is “making out” and hiding from the cops! (“No one will ever find us there!).

It’s either that or realize you’ll never see past 70 years old trying to do it all yourself, or you “downsize” to an apartment, and realize that it’s impossible to get a plumber to fix a leak, (Landlords are aging as well, and they know you’re stuck with it!)

Banks have a whole damn department now that works full time, trying to smile like bad used car salesmen, while dreaming up new fee’s (Excuse me, WHAT THE HELL IS AN “EXCESS WITHDRAWAL FEE” on MY SAVINGS ACCOUNT, WHICH IS ALL OF MY MONEY WHICH I ENTRUSTED TO YOU, FOR WHICH YOU ARE ONLY PAYING ME THREE TENTHS OF A PERCENT A YEAR ON FOR A YEAR! And you are the clowns that charge me an extra FEE for an “image copy” of my check(which you billed me more than it cost to Print the CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, and that’s why I’m questioning, AND “YOU” have already destroyed my original cancelled check from last week, which you refuse to send back to me anyway and tell me that “MY BANK” is saving me money. It’s $3.00 for an “image copy” even if I pull it up on MY COMPUTER, and hit “PRINT” (duh!!! MY paper, My ink, My electricity, and by the way I bought the damn printer AND COMPUTER as well!

Banks are a “pet peeve” of mine! But,……so is everything else in life as you age.

The “perceived” value of something which is “sold to us” with no real attention to the “ACTUAL” product or service, or the REASONABLE cost of things, ……..yet that is the REASON for the “price increases” by the “MANUFACTURER to us. For example, I love good beer, and have since I was in the U.S. Navy.

One of my early jobs, even before joining the Navy even. was driving and delivering for both Seven Up (don’t even know if they make it any more) and Coca-Cola, to BARS, (who charged $.15 CENTS f or a 12 oz glass of draft beer ), explain to me, why beer was less than ten percent the cost of a Coca-Cola or a 7-UP!! THEN!!!

As the largest “delivery market” for soft and malted brewed drinks, I was always in Supermarkets, and Bars. After lugging full cases of Coca-Cola down the rickety old rotten stairs to the dark, dingy and earth floor “cellars”, oops “Storage areas”, and then juggling empty cases of bottles, being returned for the 50 CENTS a case credit for the returns, to be washed and re-filled at the “plant”! (Once I had a real “SICKO” supermarket manager who had been saving TWO years worth of returns in the back of his basement so he could “juggle his books” and show reduced costs to guarantee he got his “profitability bonus” at the end of the year! There was o way two years worth would fit on my truck, but he refused to sign for what he ordered until I gave him a FULL credit for his “Empties” before I left! We would have owed him several thousand dollars in cash! (Which I’m sure would have disappeared, if I gave him the “CREDIT”!)

In summary, take your family seriously, take learning (I didn’t say “school”, did I ? I said LEARNING! )seriously, and love both ” to the moon and back”, as my daughter would say!!


August 20, 2017

Since I’m none of the above, BUT some of you are,….and even more of you may be “Trump haters”,………GET OVER IT, and quickly please! We are sitting on a “hotbed” of “Planet Earth Snowflakes!”

You got a guy in North Korea who is better served by being on a nutrisystem commercials, holding his belt out two feet and smiling over his vast “weight loss” using Nutrisystem! And in the Middle East is a veritable herd of “nomads” who have no real clue what to do, except what they have been doing for 3,000 years and really don’t know what else is out there,…..and don’t care, as long as no one else has “ownership” of it. And the coven of witches in Iran who have prostituded life to a game of Little League Baseball, with nuclear weapons. Let’s not forget all the other “circus clowns” who want their piece, deserved or not, intelligently WORKED for, or little kid jealousy because they didn’t get a trophy, or Nobel Peace Prize for just breathing!


I’ve lived with every nationality on this earth, every religious persuasion on this earth, and essentially every race, creed, color, and nationality!! THEY AREN’T THE PROBLEM,…….YOU FOLKS ARE!!! I’m talking to all the “protesters, counter protesters, , up tight reactionaries, and particularly you “COMPARTMENTALIZED” snow flakes who are too sedative about hoe your “coffee” tastes. Starbucks has made a bundle on it, (at your expense” cause it’s sure not the taste of the coffee!)

Get a grip!! Do you even know what a “MELTING POT” of society is about, and what the “quid pro pro” for it is all about? I think not,…. because if you did you would simply open your eyes, look around, and make some “reasonable, logical, and common sense” factors and then make a measured, quantitative, and intelligently constructed decision, and then let’s talk. IF YOU ARE SERIOUSLY A HUMAN BEING AND AN AMERICAN!!.

I condemn any individual conclusion, devoid of CONCRETE EVIDENCE. In other words, feelings don’t count. (FREE advice PAY ATTENTION, feelings are neither right nor wrong, they simply are,….until you act on them,…then they are “ON YOU”.

Enough for today!


August 14, 2017

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