This morning There was a piece on the news, (FOX & FRIENDS, the rest of the TV is B/S, and ‘ha-ha’ crap’!), it was about a little town in Vermont called Burlington.  It seems the local High School teams are called the “REBELS”,….but that is offensive to a bunch of folks. It apparently connotates a difference with the norm or those folks,…..and they want it changed,….to which I reply “BULLS**T”. It’s probably one of thousands of High Schools whose proud enrollee over the year were PROUD to be “REBELS” from Burlington!

My own personal High School’s teams were called, “The Knights”. We. Were not Muslim-a-Phobics, nor blood thirsty  folks looking to slaughter Islamic folks.

Then of course there were the “CRUSADERS” , and they were not blood-thirsty folks either! And folks who had “Titians” in their high school lineage, I will guarantee you they weren’t gargantuan green folks who scared the hell out of small children. Not to mention other names like “THE DEFENDERS”, or “THE INDIANNS”, “THE EAGLES”, THE SPARROWS”, THE DOLPHINS, THE SHARKS, THE TURTLES, THE REDMEN, and a hundred thousand others.

Take a break and CHILL idiots! Who knows but probably by next year the words, “MEN”, and “WOMAN” and what ever else there is will be “obscene”, “gender phobic”, and a hundred other things.

So my philosophy from now on is to simply SHUT MY MOUTH, …..and for the love of God,….(oops,…that was probably offensive to the agnostic, atheist, Buddhist, Islamic, and a couple hundred other “deity centric” folks out there! SORRY!

How much could your High School, or College teams names be offensive? Drop me a reply and let me know how your Almamaters, can be “hurtful”, ignorant speech, or otherwise offensive to other folks!

Thanks and keep following me!



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What’s wrong with the world today, ( the short version!)

I have long argued that today’s biggest problem is very simple, (no mattter which one you chose to discuss!) .  It is the complete lack of COMMON SENSE in this world, at all levels. The “young ‘runs” never learned it, their parents have been so pampered they’ve forgotten it,…..and politicians have a terminal case of “whatthehellisthat”!!

As I get older it seems more pronounced in society as a whole. For example, this afternoon I was having lunch, at a local restaurant with a friend, and his wife stopped by to have lunch with him. She had been out shopping for a new mattress, and in the discussions we got around to “water Beds”. If you’ve ever had one you too have some great stories about them, I’m sure. My friend mentioned that his kid stopped by and just wanted to shower and change his clothes. A while later he said there was some clunking and banging in the bedroom upstairs and his kid comes down and says , “My socks are wet!”.

He calmly asks why are your socks wet?  “I don’t know, I just sat down on the bed and put them on and they were wet.” Seems the waterbed had sprung a leak, and it was leaking onto the floor. So my friend goes and gets a hose and goes up stairs with it. Curious son goes up and says what are you doing, “I’m going to siphon the water out of the bed and run it out the window. Curious son looks baffled! He sighed and explained a gravity siphon to the boy,….and the whole light bulb with the flashing light goes on!!

That’s just an example of ” common sense gonzo”, but trust me it is an epidemic afflicting the entire country. So here’s a few points to ponder if you are a millennial;

1) Fish swim in the same crap that is “Contaminated” per the government.

2) Contrary to popular thought “Fresh Hamburger” is not from a slaughtered cow,       at    least not one who was slaughtered in later past than  six months ago, ……it’s just “FROZEN”!

3)  Turkeys don’t fly, ask “Les Nessman” (ask your grand parents they know Les!

4) There were “corner stores” on every corner, but you went to the one your folks favored, with 50 cents to get a loaf of bread and a quart of milk, and kept a nickel as a “service charge” to boot!!

5) God’s real name is NOT “Bruce”!!

6) A snack is not a seven course meal, it’s just a “little something” to “take the edge off”  til supper,….and over $2.95 is aggregious!!

Get over it “Bucko” life is tough,  harsh, unfair, and it is not an “entitlement”, you gotta earn your way  through it! So suck it up,…..get with the program, ….and get on with the “new”  reality program,…..”This is your life, CLOWN!”

(Sorry if I hurt your feelings,….I been working since I was 9 years old, and I’m 72 now. It’s been rewarding, hard, but the best personal challenge of my life of 50 years with the same loving wife,…..and life is GOOD!)




While a lot of folks are wealthy (not me) , but several points for you to consider in TAX REFORM please.

1. If you are over 70 years old and have a GROSS income of LESS than $75,000 for a couple, or $40,000 per widow or widower. A Full and unconditional EXEMPTION from income tax and the stupid filings as long as an verification of the past five years returns indicate such income level is correct, and no assets are hidden, etc.

2. A special rule allowing for the refinance of home mortgages under $200,000 to people over 70 with a government subsidized insurance policy for the amount of the mortgage to payoff the mortgage at their death, provided all the regular monthly payments were current, and the Maximum joint income is at or below the $75,000 level in #1. (That is obviously the ONLY thing left to pass on to the heirs, or children, and the only “residence ” they have. (If their gross income declines , then the mortgage payment should decline by the same percentage per year, and adjusted annually.

3.  As a 72 year old , former U.S. Navy veteran with 6 years service, and entitled to VA benefits, the only thing I sought was proper dental care as a result of unnecessary extractions of my teeth because of a need for more experience by a Dental Officer going into private practice. The VA did the job and corrected what was done and did a couple of bridges which covered the mistakes. BUT. That is all I wanted and really needed. I am happy with that That was it’s purpose in the late 60’s! Many friends from the neighborhood, and social friends of my age were drafted and never came home! Others came home “damaged” and were grossly underserved by the VA which had turned into a “government job” for people who otherwise couldn’t even get a job, to a lifetime career AND sugar coated retirement plan. I totally support overhaul and repair of the VA, I’d be glad to help in that project. Why not form a task force of only Veterans to do it? We know and care for our own, (other veterans). And let’s get real on “government jobs” , if you get fired, for good cause you LOSE all your “retirement” and benefits from that point on, no exceptions!

4. “GOOD MUST TRAMPLE EVIL!” That is the problem as I perceive it. Our founding fathers missed the necessity of “term limits”, (because they could not conceive of career idiots deciding a government job was the best teat in the world, ….and a lifetime of comfort, not service!)  IF as some say (Nancy Pelosi for one) that it takes years to “learn” how government works,……then government is too damn complicated and it is a golden guarantee that the “crooks’ willl find a way to exploit it! WE NEED TERM LIMITS!!

5. Is there a “New America” anywhere in the world? At 72 I’m still active, willing to work but the best I can get is the traditional “would you like fries with that?” Employment!  Work skills, experience, knowledge and just getting to this age without having to take government money and food stamps should entitle us to at least have meaningful employment in our older years. Reduced work schedules can still “make America GREAT again!” But no one is offering!!!

End of rants and comments Just as we got creative to make this country great, we can do it again, but it requires  smarts, guts, and willingness to serve, NOT slop from the welfare trough!



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WTF???? Congress,….a bunch of wimps!

Why is it that Congress can slip through a “continuing resolution” to cover their ass, ALL OF THEM, and guarantee them a paycheck, yet they haven’t got the “cajoles” to let the duly elected President protect our country from multi count felons, murderers, rapists and other low life from being deported? Why is i they are so “NON-American”?

I hope you folks are watching as former “dip shit in charge “Barry Obama” picks up his $400,000 speaking fee, AND a $65 million dollar bonu advance for writing a book. (Aside, it should be titled “Confessions of a failure”!!)

Why not address the ILLEGAL immigration situation and correct things? Why not address the dismal failure of Obamacare? Why not address the various “treaties” that have screwed our businesses, forced them to look overseas, and lost millions of jobs, because of Barry’s wisdom!

And are there really any IDIOTS in this once great country that call themselves politicians who think they actually have “done the job”, and “worked had for my constituents and the American People”. PLEASE!! How stupid o you think we are?

And yet Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and the eunuchs of the Democratic failure machine still have jobs!!!

All Franke “used to be” funny, but his correspondence course in being a public idiot has given him a new level of life,…about three feet below that of a slug!

Blood Pressure rising, going to have to stop for a beer on the way home to get ready for the “Donald Trump kicks the North Korean people into total depression, starvation, and deprivation!” From the NSNBC, CBS, CNN, and other totally delusional media outlets.

Donald start your own newspaper call it the “Washington Trump”, and set things straight,…we need more TRUTH, JUSTICE, and THE AMERICAN WAY to get out of this quagmire and the Washington swamp, (or ” cesspool/septic tank” that it has become in the past fifteen years of Liberal claptrap and uneducated bullshit!

I want OBAMA’s COLLEGE RECORDS,  AND HARVARD LAW SCHOOLL GRADES RELEASED TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC, THEN you can bitch about Donald’s tax returns. Until then pray you don’t ever meet me!

Sorry I forgot you are all SELF CENTERED COMMUNNISTS! I apologize, … probably don’t understand it anyhow!

UNFORTUNATELY there is no remeadial class for “STUPID”!


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Love the thinking,….go Donald!!

Jeff Sessions today put the “Sanctuary cities, and State of California) “, on Notice that they had until JUNE 30, 2917 to submit written briefs as to why they are “supporting the laws of the United States and Constitution ” by their declaration as them being “Sanctuary Cities, (or State)!

The nuance tells me Trump and his Cabinet has quickly learned the biggest lesson in defeating the liberal, bleeding heart, liberals from decimating OUR country! And that is “DON’T TELL THEM TO ‘DEFEND’ THEIR POSITION, BUT TELL THEM TO ‘SUPPORT IT’ UNDER THE ALREADY ACCEPTED LAWS OF THIS COUNTRY!!”

And this recent “bull**it  That Paul Ryan is “Too Busy” to deal with any of the Executive Branches “work” for this week. What the hell does he have that leads him to be “too busy”!! Last time I looked he lost th VP slot in 2012, and as he has told us himself he is “working day and night” in the interests of the Party for whom he is the House Majority Leader. Does it take that long to trim your toenails, polish your desk, have coffee and useless meetings to occupy your time, and keep you from decision making Paul?

We’ve got the right Captain at the helm, but the helm of the ship of State seems to be unhooked from the engine of the Congress of the Ship. You know the one that powers the Ship to get where it needs to go! Clearly Trump got a mandate from middle class Americans to “FIX THE DAMN MESS, DO WHAT YOU PROMISED” !

I’d shut the government down this week, because with a little more attention to the bill that mandates WHAT shuts down we should modify it to include:

1. All salary, compensations and “perks” for ALL members of Congress, and 50% pay reductions for all of their staff’s.

2. Immediate transfer of all the above named members of Congress and their Staff’s to a 35% government subsidized Health Care Plan, a FULL review of any and all pension plants by a non-government panel of independent.

3. A 2% automatic reduction in individual income tax for every day the government is not funded to every taxpayer OFF THE TOP OF THEIR GROSS INCOME FOR 2017, (or any succeeding year there is a government shutdown.

4. A proportionate reduction of Congressmen, by State based on the formula the “first in, first cut” until such time as grid lock is broken and government by, for , and of the People is re established and moving forward for three successive months.

5. A ten year program for return to the Gold Standard , and the elimination of the Federal Reserve System , and a national committee of 51, (one from each state, and the President of the United States) to supervise and manage that return and it’s implementation.

Just a few thoughts, not the best, etc. but who the hell else is serious about “draining the swamp”, and “making America Great again?

Let me know your thoughts.



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“Good Friday” thoughts.

As a Roman Catholic, with 12 years old Parochial Schooling, four years of Latin, (which in retrospect is a GREAT language for knowledge and a passable reading capability of Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, French, and any of the other “romantic” languages, plus vocabulary understanding and word “roots”).

But today is about the real beginning of Christianity! As a Catholic I believe that Jesus Christ was the Lord and Savior of the World, and as the Centurian said at the foot of the cross, from the movie, “truly this man was the Son of God!”. I believe in all the tenants of Catholicism, the philosophy of Christianity,  as expressed in the New Testament, the Old Testament, and many more things, BUT….

As some probably already picked up I stated that “today is about the real beginning of Christianity”. Some would argue that Easter Sunday is the beginning, others the birth of Christ, still others various points from the Annunciation, where the Angels asked Mary to be the “Mother of God”.

I support “Good Friday” because while everyone states, He , “meaning Jesus Christ” proved he was God on Easter Sunday when he rose from the dead, and was seen by hundreds, spoke to many, and performed many miracles and other supernatural  actions for the forty days after he rose from the dead, BUT…..

When was the last time in your life that another “human” took a bullet for you willingly, pushed you out of the way of the bus, and fell behind you doing it. When you ever have the opportunity to DIRECTLY save another human, (whom you did not even know) as an extraordinary act with absolutely no remorse for giving up your own life,  truly for the strangers life?

As humans we are afflicted with all the temptations, vices, attitudes and weaknesses of being human. Yes we have “good streaks”, where we deliberately can act generously, selflessly, and kindly to anyone, some more so than others. I’m not putting a “quota” or “percentage” on the “good streak”,….but I’m just saying!

Sometimes we can stop to remember, but mostly not because of the hectic pace of life today, and it’s demands. When I was a kid, in the 1950’s and ’60’s we lived near a place in Jamaica Plain Massachusetts called “The Home for Italian Chidren”. I believe it was an orphanage/troubled children’s home run by The Catholic Church and the Archdiocese of Boston. They had a small chapel and as we were going to a parochial school always had Good Friday off.

I got in the habit of going there on Good Friday, as my Dad was working, my Mom had  three other children she had to look after, and we only had one car. That was before Vatican II and everything was still in Latin. Good Friday services in Catholicism are usually very short, as there are no Masses from 3pm on Good Friday until (back then) Easter Sunday morning. (Vatican II began what. Is called the Trideum, which allows for a Mass after Sunset on Holy Saturday, but it is a long, slow, uber ceremonial three to five hour session,…not my real cup of tea)

But after the Stations of the Cross, and a very short Communion Service, on Good Friday there was a period of “Adoration” where the Body of Christ was exposed for veneration and prayers by the Priest, and people then sat prayed, thought about the meaning of it all, and the entire mystery of the Catholic faith. I have always been a contemplative person I guess, (But did not really find out until a few years later) and even more so as I age, and found the adoration and “quiet time” for introspective thought very inspirational and calming. It allows me to center myself, my thoughts, my beliefs, and my life.

In 1958, I began at Catholic Memorial High School and in relatively short fashion we were taken on a “Retreat” to a place in Gloucester ,Massachusetts run by the Jesuit order of priests, for a Friday afternoon until Sunday evening session of  prayers and introspective thought. (Sounded interesting as an early teen) We were given sparsely furnished rooms, one person to a room, no radio, no TV, no entertainment at all. We then had sessions where there we some prayers, some discussion, and then sent back to our “room/cell” to sit and think and instructed there was to be no talking, there would be a bell to either come back to the conference room, or go to a meal in the dining hall. At first it was very weird to a 13 year old, but after a while I realized I only had me, myself, and I to work with, during those “periods of thought time”.

By Saturday morning I was really beginning to like it. The “alone” periods were occasionally referred to as “meditation periods”, and I really felt more and more comfortable as each one happened. I learned that this was time to go inward to yourself and “explore” what the few “age old questions about life, God, and ourselves” were all about.

(Recently, I learned this entire procedure and exercise is called “Ignatian Contemplation or meditation”. (About six months ago our Parish had a Jesuit Priest who offer a three evening, one hour each, little “mini-course” in the entire process. It was developed by St. Ignatious Loyola, of Spain who founded and developed the method and it was a real foundation for the Jesuits who followed him since the 1400’s,…..AND IT WORKS!!!)

This is a long way around to the point out that the silence and art of contemplation is phenomenal at the least. And as I said, a centering and guiding set of touchstones for anyone’s life.

Jesuits have always been known as the “thinking order” in the Catholic Church, in fact the current Pope, Francis the First, is a Jesuit. They are a tough hard nosed, totally committed order to theology, thought, and THIKING PROCESS,  education, and evangelization.

But I’ve even expanded my life to do a lot of “contemplative” or “meditaational” thought,….it’s great.

I also practice Transendental Meditation (TM) , a twice a day, minimum 20 minute session, for the past four or five years.

So Good Friday afternoon, between 12 and 3 pm (the time Jesus hung on the Cross dying for us all) , I refrain from alcohol and spend the three hours in contemplation and writing , about this the greatest of Sacrifices, for every human being.

So where are you on Good Friday, and What do you do to remember what he did for all of us, and YOU in particular?


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Anarchy is more than a word,…’s a real possibility!!

Perhaps that sounds a little harsh, but it is looking more realistic every day. Conditions in the world are stretched to the breaking point, and the US conditions are already both broken and looking like only a third world banana republic measure will fix it, if at all.

The Democrats have all collectively lost their minds, there is not even ONE rational democratic person, that I can think of offhand, who is willing to compromise,  or even consider bi-partisan movement! WHY THE HELL NOT?????

The “mandate” given by the electorate to the “dark horse” Donald Trump has been, as the old adage goes, “Rode hard and put away wet!”. The ironic thing is that if I could win $10,000  for naming the most reasons why this upheaval exists,….I probably couldn’t do it!

The excuses and reasons are in the tens of hundred of thousands of reasons and ilks. From the “certifiablely insane”  clowns who flat will not even acknowledge Donald Trump is the duly elected and confirmed and inaugurated, and legal President of this country. To the ones who are firmly entrenched in “The Russians did it” defense for impeachment and coronation of Queen Hillary the first as Presidentess GET OVER IT!! But the myriad of places in the middle are almost more than the individual hair on a Shampoo Model’s head!

The only unifying thing is that not one of them is part of the solution. I can honestly see hard times and, most probably,  bloodshed ahead in our near history future. You can’t even have a discourse without interruption, picketing and mayhem erupting!!

And who are all these idiots fanning the flames to the smoldering unrest, hoping for a fully engorged conflagration to happen!

I do not know how to curb it, or smother it. However  my favorite line from The Godfather is, “Keep your friends close,..keep your enemies closer!” I’m beginning to tire of all this nonsense, and I have to move on with my own life, find a job with decent income, relax a bit, and look forward to a better day tomorrow. This doesn’t mean I don’t care, it just means MY life is becoming more important than the high school food fight we are fondly calling our “Government” at this time.

My concern seems to numb me!

Perhaps more later, but I gotta move on, AND I still totally support Donald J. Trump, President of the United States of America. RESPECT, AND NO BLOWHART RHETORIC!!



In my 72 year old mind, living on the Gulf of Mexico, in Florida,….I just realized it. We are “screwing up” their dream for us,…, their sacrifices, their beliefs, their vision, and finally their entire lives after making that permanent decision to come here FOR US, and we don’t even realize it!!!

What am I talking about? Why am I apologizing to all my family, and long passed Grand Parents? It’s easy, and very simple,….most of us,…we are LETTING THEM DOWN!! We could have, should have and had more opportunity as Americans that our GRANDPARENTS earned for us,….the degree to which we mastered it is still a question.

First to my Grand Parents, (of whom I only met my Grandmothers), …who risked life and limb, made the decision, and came to America at the turn of the century, and early 1900’s, with NO GUARANTEES!!” No “Social Network” to support them, “No BLACKS OR IRISH NEED APPLY” on signs for job opportunities.

Why did they do it , ….to give their children, their grandchildren (me and my siblings) and OUR CHILDREN,….the CHANCE , which they believed we had in America,to be better than they could possibly foresee in the future of Ireland for us. The Bloody Insurrectionat the Grand Post Office in Dublin in 1916, the Balfour Agreement the Irish signed with Great Britain to bail them out of WWI , promising Ireland an independent homeland, which the Irish had to fight for over the next 50+ years and that became world news with “Bloody Sunday”, the entire era of “The Troubles”, the election of a deceased IRA “Patriot” or “terrorist” , your choice! But it was a damn long time and a damn memorable history that most current people of  “Irish Americans” heritage never learned about or paid attention to at all!

I had the privilege of meeting Gerry Adams, the President of Sein Fein, and reputed leader of the Irish Republican Army (IRA), personally, I shook his hand, and we chatted, and he saw the jacket I wore with the name of my Irish Pub in New Hampshire embroidered on it. He smiled and asked me if I was a bartender, and I told him yes, and no, I owned it and yes I took a number of shifts behind the bar each week as well. He asked me to wait on the front porch of the big home we were at and he said he’d be back to share a pint and chat with me after he did his “grip ‘n grin” of the suit and tie supporters to chat. True to his word about twenty minutes later he came back and sat down , loosened his tie ad we chatted for about a half hour. He asked if I’d ever been to Ireland and I said no, but I will before I die. He laughed and said I should and see alll the beauty and culture of OUR people, and know why my grandparents made the life decision to give us the best the world could offer, for the future by coming to America.

As we were wrapping up he asked me if I got to San Francisco often, and I told him I was going there in the Spring for a trade show and he gave me the name of a pub to be sure and stop by and say hello to a few of his friends. I thanked him and he excused himself to go and mingle inside and said a word to a “body guard” on his way in and that was my moment of fame with a “celebrity”, who was just “a bartender” turned Patriot. A few minutes later the body guard came back and told me when I get to Ireland just call and “let Gerry know I was there”, I would be protected.

Still trying to get to my grand parents homeland, out of the Pub business, and that was in the early mid-90’s before the Good Friday Accords and the quasi-peace between Ireland, Northern Ireland, ergo Great Britain ever came to be by two to three years!! And I got a picture with the man to prove it. ( I was also told the bakery van across the street was British Intelligence taking pictures of everyone “stopping by” the fund raiser to see if they knew anyone, or anyone of interest!

I did go to San Francisco about a year later,…. but that adventure is for another blog. (And trust me it was an adventure, with some escaped Patriots from Long Kesh a maximum security prison who were friends of Gerry and actually really nice guys,…plus more. But next time, got too reread, edit and publish this one and head home to chilll and relax for the evening.

The next one will also be memorable and enjoyable as well, at least for me, and I hope you enjoy it. Life is short, and some memories are virtually and actually unforgettable,….thank God for opportunity for an old Irish American grandson of a Seamstress, a mechanic and chauffeur , a REALteamster who delivered beer for Hafffenreffer Brewers in Boston and died ten years before I was born and never met,….to live a part of our history, their history, and to learn the real appreciation for what AMERICA is really all about to immigrants who want to become American Citizens!!


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The dreaded “Duh? Virus” is already here!!

Maybe we, as Americans, have exhausted the “gene pool”, or there is a new mutant mosquito out there that it has reached the point of transmitting  capacity to infect Americans with the Domestic Understanding Help”(DUH) virus, also known as the “stupido virus”, or the “Huh? Virus”. As yet it has lain undiscovered , but to the astute observer it has reached the pandemic level of infection.

There is no known cure for it other than the innate birth with an “open mind” , and subsequent education. (Similar to conditions in the Garden of Eden before,….well you know what happened there! Not to be confused with the current symptoms, such as the “mamby pamby education , and the politically correct  “common core” or  “Don’t make me feel bad,….I have rights too!”, and now being diagnosed on “Watter’s World” with an incisive and scientifically astute diagnosis technique made by asking common questions and evaluating the answers. (Usually presenting the following options, “DUH?, HUH? or the ultimate fake out answer, “You know I should know that,..right? (While, if I am sure and you are not, who needs the help,…YOU or me?)

Granted I’m a “knowledge seeker” and as such I “THIRST” for knowledge, any kind, anything, and a list of hundreds of thousand subjects……BECAUSE I love to learn. It works my mind, it makes me think and expand my limited framework. I never really claim to be a “professional” writer, although I have had upwards of 100 pieces published, as well as been writing blogs since 2005!

Back to the central point. Where are we going so wrong as we have generated a VERY small minority of BRILLIANT young people, and such a HUGE majority of young folks with terminal “DUH!’ Virus infections. It’s not even a centralized infection, It is a massive infestation,…..and the question is WHY????

The quality of education has declined badly. The new “On-Line education system totally sucks, far worse thn anyone can imagine. My oldest boy has one degree on them, and , my daughter has at least TWO and working on a third, and my son-in-law is just completing his first, after having been retired for at least three years, and over twenty years of SERIOUS Data Networking, ….not from a damn desk, but at places like Mount Washington in New Hampshire and which is snowed over from Labor Day to Memorial Day, boasts record low temperatures for the USA for past years as well as some of the highest wind gusts ever measured !!!

A friend of mine is completing her degree in “Human Resources” this summer, and over the past year I’ve had the opportunity to look at her “semester project list’ , and the projects them selves. In fact because I was a Meteorologist for six years in the U.S. NAVY, and made a promotion every one of those years to the level of E-6, had I stayed for an additional 4 year enlistment, and probably been able to make either Chief Petty Officer or a commission as an officer had I opted for the Naval. Enlisted Scientific Education Program (NESEP) which granted me a full four year college degree in Meteorology and Oceanography. (Calll it a Major Life MISTAKE, but I got out and started a family, figuring I could get my degree on the GI Bill of Rights,….one of many Life Mistakes I’ve made!!)

But I digress!     The “projects” are ridiculously difficult and individual civilian full-time jobs by themselves, JUST TO COMPLETE IT!!!!.

I really applaud the guts of today’s young folks to even try to try these on line “robo-schools”! You never see an instructor, get buried in projects, reading and watching videos! If you have a question, e-mail a question and the instructor will get back to you within two DAYS!! Two days later you may be in South Africa doing aid work before you get the e-mail reply!!

We need trade schools back as we have very few skilled tradesman, no system to bring them along and virtually no more recognition that a “good” plumber, “good” electrician, or “good”carpenter are “worth their weight in gold!” While I am not a union advocate, for most “job” descriptions , Trade Schools are the college for tradesmen with the apprentice, journeyman and “fully qualified ratings, (i.E. “Freshman, Sophmore, Junior, and Graduate” ) that only time and higher supervision can insure and provide for quality!

Young people today look at those jobs as “DEAD ENDS”, but trust me they are DEAD WRONG!! And even my electrician, and plumber knew who our governor, senators and US President was, not “HUH?” When they were  asked.

At 72 I’m still a worker, if I listed my experience, my achievements, education, etc. it should be a “piece of cake” to get a responsible job,…..but it ain’t for sure!! MY true and accurate Curriculum Vitae (CV) , a/k/a ‘Life’s” resume is over SIX pages long, (the average attention time of a “Human Resorces Professional” is 1 PAGE or LESS! I’ve Been looking for meaningful  work for OVER 24 months, seems my “expiration date” came up, even though I’m still here and have to deal with all the illiterate, self focused, gen-Xer’s and millenials everywhere I go!!

HEY BUSINESS owners, do you have any idea how much business you are losing by not hiring older,, educated, highly experienced people, who are focused workers who do not have a problem shutting off facebook, twitter, and all the other “critical things that occupy them , while you are paying them!

Sorry it’s “Garbage” Monday, (that’s where I simply do “stream of consciousness” and let my mind go where it goes, until I feel like stopping!!  Try it some time it’s GREAT THERAPY!!!


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“They’s catchin’ up boss!”

God love the American election phenomena, it’s like watching “Mash”, “The Days of our Life”, “The Nightly News” and “TeleTubbies” all in one. Sort of makes you feel like a bloody genius who never ran for office. Not because you don’t have the ability, not because you are fearful of failing, not because you shun notariety,…but because it is as close to Faust’s deal with the devil as life gets.

I’ve always been a crazy maverick, and if you say “black”, I’ll say “White, if you say “Up” damn straight I’ll say “Down”. Every once in a while you gotta put all the choices in a bag, shake it up good, pick one and see what happens. (Didn’t we do that in 2008? And as the “evil” George W Bush says, “So how’s that ‘Hope and change’ thing workin’ for y’all?”)

Anyway, the one guy who is so up front greedy, egotistical and everything else is Donald Trump, but what the hell! We need someone to look you in the eye, asssess everything, take a REAL business perspective and say,…” You’re Fired!” At least we can then “Hope” for a “Change”.

Now my worst subject in College was Statistics and as such I think they are mostly large quantities of male cow excrement! Unfortunately I’ve now come to believe they are the most subtle form of “mind control” ever invented. The world has become far too complex for more than a few thousand humanoids to comprehend , therefore we are totally open to anyone to tell us what “WE” think,… and God knows they are on top of it so it must be true. If I am one of you then this must be what I think and believe? RIGHT?
So I guess I love broccoli, hate “grunge” music, love being mediocre and don’t give a damn if I’m fat,( unless it hurts my chances to be a sex symbol at the local Little League game!
Wake up and get real!
Sure we have a full plate in life, every damn day! But what do YOU believe in? NOT what they say you believe,…but what DO YOU believe?
Tell me! That’s my challenge to you.


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