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“Retrospect Pt II”

Little more than a week, but hey!,…..I’m retired,….not. Dead, …but that is the 2017 synonym for  “still unemployed”!!

Well so much for a legacy of a “career”,….it’s really B/S anyway! Unless you are willing to wallow in the mud with the rest of the hogs, (oooops! It is 2017,…and the pigs!) I remembered business and jobs as being competitive and open to all. Ever try and read some of these job descriptions? I have a hard time believing Adonis, The mighty Zeus, or even the “BIG GUY” himself, Jesus Christ, could ever fill one of them out to a 50% level, or even explain to a Harvard “B” school grad what tha “ad” was saying!

About fifty some odd years ago I was having a drink with a friend after work in a stuffy old Boston, Massachusetts Pub one day in the “Financial area” at a local hangout and excellent meeting place, (today called a “networking opportunity”). We were lamenting how hard it was to find a good position as the Classified ads ( The base and highly read, circled and responded to, source of jobs ( before “Zip Recruiters” and the like were even on the radar, let alone “on computer, were getting “source” for job seekers, …. and ,the questions and interviewers, (let alone this new category of “Human Resources” experts and that entire “herd” had entered the employment path arena!) Back to a rainy afternoon in a Pub,….

“Hey, ” he asked, “ever hear of a buzzword generator?”

“No,” I replied, “what the hell is that, one of those new ‘computer things’?

“No,.but it’s easy,”, he answered, ” I’ll show you how to make one”, and he grabbed a bar napkin.

“First you draw two lines down a page, and it creates three columns, then label them “1,  2, and 3″.  Then, say it’s an bank, or other financial type job you are interested in, write ten words used in that industry under each column. ”

“,….and then what?” I asked, getting a little confused as to how I could get a job from this “buzzword” thingy!

“Then pick one word from each column, put them together as a phrase and use them in a sentence. Watch , I’ll show you.” And he circled the word “relative”, in the first column, “determination” in the second column, and finally “rationale” from the third column.

“See?, now put them together, as the phrase, ‘relative determination rationale”, in a sentence, using a positive tone. As an example like, ‘Obviously it will depend on the RELATIVE DETERMINATION RATIONALE, you are searching to obtain!,…’ Get it?”

He looked at me like I. Was an idiot,…..and that is what I felt like I was! “What the hell does it mean?” I replied to him.

“That’s the point the person you’re interviewing with, particularly if they are one of those ‘Human Resources folks’, because they have no damn ideas what you’re talking about or what it means either, and if they ask you just look like you’ve just been asked to spell “DOG”, and create your own answer, but keep it totally vague. They already told you they don’t know what it is, and if you stay vague BUT APPEAR to know like it’s the easiest concept on earth, they willl eventually smile and say, “You really seem to know your trade, actually I’m in Human Resurces, so I don’t know, but I like your attitude, we could really use more folks that know the terms and are that comfortable with them,….it is obviously that type of a detailed job.”

DING, DING, DING! You just moved on to the next round up the ladder to employment. And even if she tells the next guy up about the RELATIVE DETERMINATION RATIONALE”, he’s not the guy with the authority to hire, but another “knock out” robot, and he is only 40% higher in grey matter than the Human Resources person, but will realize, whoever you are you are pretty sharp, so even out of curiosity, he’ll ask you for an interview, (he also knows the HR Robots are simply supposed to check if you’re a child molester, a paroled killer, a “dead-beat Dad” or a “bum”,….that’s it!

In interview number two if you sense his skepticism make a comment like, “Well you and I both know the HR folks are nice,…BUT,…” leave it hanging and smile like you and he understand the knockout round, and you are sharper than that … him.

If he brings up the definition of the “RELATIVE DETERMINATION RATIONALE”, you should be able to talk your way out of the specifics and provide a simplified answer of general knowledge in the field so he can somewhat understand you simply worded a simple thing differently, just explains each word,…..let him link them and you have a 60-75% chance of moving on to the third and final round with ” A DECISIONMAKER”.

We have really become way to complex and carried away with our self importance, simply get this point across with the decisionmaker, …”tell me what you want done, tell me if you have a formula or “methodology” to make that information work, and how do I play into that as a new employee, and I can do it!!”

You want a job,…ASK FOR IT,….positively,….not like jello that quivers, like most job seekers have a penchant to do!

My son used to be an SEO specialist, (How’s that for a ‘handle’, and definition of the job title of a “SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMALIZATION” expert! What is that? Talk about a buzzword generator! As  he explained it to me , he got paid to play on the internet and see if a “client” had exposure and how much exposure, ad comments, he had been getting on the internet. Then the guru’s would reccommend ways to increase his exposure and ergo his income,…..FOR A FEE!!

So why am I unemployed? I play on the internet, most of these places have “self designed” ad programs, and they look it, that are as impressive as a two mile walk to the men’s room, (or ladies room), and has a take a number system. Or the other side of the coin they are so “slick”, so professionally done, with phenomenal art word, ” voice overs”, and really smooth closes, they cost a fortune, they are proven, they win awards, ( from the advertising trade groups the vendor belongs too!). They obviously tripped someone’s “trigger” and walked away with a big score and probably a promotion for them selves, and a “bunch o’ bucks” for their own company.

Stop overthinking things and simplify your life!!! Trust me none

Just a thought!!




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Time for a new word, “retrospect”,…. (PART 1)

At 72 , just celebrated a fiftieth wedding anniversary, three grand children, and a REALLY great family who all love each other,….well, …it’s time for some retrospect comments.

Aside from the ‘good times’, i.e. Three fantastic grandchildren, fifty years of love and understanding from my fantastic wife, and owning (minus the mortgage) a great town home in a great Community Association,in Florida,….there are always the “OTHER” things that have also transpired. However they bring with them not only sadness, but an overwhelming sense of THANKFULNESS, thankfulness for the blessings of the Lord to have been here to witness them, learn from them, and see the bigger plan for all of us, for what we euphemistically call “life”.

While having been born and brought up a Roman Cathoilic, by my parents, there have always been “what if’s”, “how can that be fair”, and other crossroads as our meager lives progressed to “happen” around us! Those are the things I look back, in RETROSPECT”, and think about every day God gives me to be here, on this earth, among these people and more importantly, amidst the added time of my life’s expanse.

First off all let me say, at this point I’m not  planning on going anywhere soon,…BUT I also realize it’s not really “my call”, or as the great comment from Robin Williams who once said,…”death is simply  God saying,…”Your table’s ready now!”

But that said, what are the memories I treasure, and the failings I’ll admit to , now, (and those I won’t) and the joys and  the tears I never shed, because I had to be “strong” when NOW introduced other things to me, over the years. That’s what I want. To write about in this article, the “for better or for worse”!

Why is it the negative things “pop” into your mind’s forest while the “good things”, kind of “lurk” behind?

Anyway,…th biggest thought in “RETROSPECT” is that our youngest son, “Jay” passed away this year at 40 years old and the same week he just bought a new home in the Seattle are and moved his family , Maria, (his wife) , Ana age 8 and “Jay Jr” a/k/a “Jimmy” age 11 months to their decision to move to a place they dreamed about and a place where they could all grow, bond and enter their adult life together.

Also in retrospect was the realization that I was not the “business mogul” i always thought I was, but the “other guy” who keeps trying and for one reason or another misses the target, and has to start over, And at 72 years old it is very hard to summon up the energy, the mind set, and the physical and mental aspects of starting over, that were “a piece of cake” when you’re thirty or forty, ….and at 70 not so “capable” of doing it!

It has been a good life, and I basically have no regrets. We’ve raised a good family, but the only real regret I have is that our youngest child, Jay, passed away before us, this past February, just a week after his fortieth birthday, and leaving a super wife, and best friend, and two of the most gorgeous grandchildren any Grandparents, like my wife Barbara and I could ever hope to have.  But our time here is not within our control, it is the God above, whom some believe in fervently and others prefer to “wonder about” and “wait for further instructions.” Both my wife and I are firmly believers,……our children “not so much”! But we wish them a long and happy life, and hope that at sometime in the future they understand the reality of God and his guidance and love for all of us.

I wish I were more active politically, I wish I was more open to change in my more “active” younger years, BUT IT AIN’T  OVER YET!!!

Stay tuned for “Chapter Two –  What to do when a career is not your goal,….but a legacy”, for your past and present family !!


PART 2 -coming this week!!


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Why are most “Americans” so stupid?

The answer is very simple, they don’t know a damn thing!! “Broad brush accusation”, you say. “No Way “, says I !

I can’t believe the way this country is behaving!! All ISIS, or any other enemy has to do is find a comfortable bar stool, start a tab, …….and wait! Apparently they don’t teach history, ethical behavior, or Civics anymore or , lest we even think about “COMMON SENSE”!

Our great country was founded and governed by a totally unique set of documents, never seen before in the world. A Constitution written by, and for , and consummated by “THE PEOPLE”, to that we added another set of documents called the “BILL OF RIGHTS”. While the Constitution was the written document under which we were consenting , as a people, to be governed, with the structure stated and duties of  those elected spelled out both with it’s responsibilities, duration, overall methods of election aas well as the authority invested in them by the founding documents.

It wasn’t a “Willy-hilly” framework, but set forth ALL the requirements necessary to become an elected official and the duration of the responsibilities upon you as the office holder. These were all signed by the representatives to the first Convention of States, (2 per State), also known as “THE FIRST CONSTITUTIONAL CONVENTION”. And after THEY worked it all out to their satisfaction it was hand copied and distributed to each of the existing participating States to ratify, before becoming our official governing document. (And it took Decades until ALL the States agreed) During that period it was appparent that certain other things needed to be added, but NOT within the “core” Constitution, as they were more “regionally relaxant”.

They then created the “Bill of Rights as an “adjunct’ to the Constitution, their intent being a relatively rigid, yet simple method of governance with “opportunity” to ultimately be amended if that was EVER necessary. Those were basically the “guidelines of the Bill of Rights”. So a State could propose a “but” or “no way” or an exception beyond the basic document, or an intelligent alternative as time went on, customs or morals changed, etc.

That said we knew that was the key to establishing a long term governance document, rather than the “pencil version” which would be constantly amended until it ultimately had no meaning and anarchy was upon us.

Despite that brilliance of over 250 years ago, before airplanes, electricity, automobiles, anti-biotics, chemotherepy, and the surgical advancements of the twentieth century. ALL WITHOUT DISRUPTING THE GOVERANCE METHODOLOGY OF THE USA!!

Rather than tick off the individual “Rights” within the “Bill of Rights” in this particular “blog” entry, I invite You my “anonymous readers” to ask me about your questions or thoughts on all or any particular items in the Bill of Rights OR the Constitution. Understand I am not an “expert” or a “scholar” of them, BUT I have a love for my country, it’s heritage and it’s hardships and accomplishments that I consider myself a PATRIOT, and “better than the average bear” in being cognizant of my background, heritage and the REASON we are in being as a country, and have come so far in three hundred years without the governance of a Monarch, a Dictator , or a “regime”.

While I am approaching the “twi-light” of my years here, I value them enough to want to INSURE no one forgets why and how we earned and received them, and how hard it is to defend them in an environment of “I ” ism, and not a WE THE PEOPLE understanding of our country, the world , and the necessity for us to remain the stalwart source and defender of ALL humanity,…..and THEIR RIGHTS!!!.


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Instruction list: writing a “Bucket List”,……

We’ll keep this one very simple and as concise as I can, (don’t choke on your silly laughing please!).


1.  At thirty a bucket list is sort of a joke. Like “a hot date with ______”, or a”a winning lottery. Ticket for three Million Dollars!”, or some other similar silly thing, that will only happen in an “Oh shit!” Moment, and even then statistically you’ll blow it all in less than five years.

2.  At Forty, you think a little clearer, so it’s a “new Corvette”, or the like,….or if you’ve been working out and keeping in shape, “………a hot date with _______!” Then you forget the “living large dream ” and begin to hope for enough money to cover the kids college educations , or the appropriate insurance coverage to pay them all off before “Check out” time.

3.  At  Fifty, well it all gets a little clearer, the kids willl make it through college fine, the insurance will cover most of the debt you took on to get to this point, AND the damn hip is kicking up so we can forget the Corvette, Maserati, Porche, etc. With te kids college all done, the pain of getting in and out of a sports car taking that off the list, and just getting to 25years off so of Mariage “forgetting” to. go to the gym the past two years, and realizing you buy “loafers every time you get new shoes ,.”…hmmmm, I wonder why I do that?). There’s alway the hot date, but then you realize that  “sex symbol” you were lusting after is in her 50’s as well , and probably a facial cream and skin care regimen that costs more per week than you’re bar bill was in your 30’s!

N.B. (Latin for “Nota Bene” or Pay attention here.)  Reality is beginning to creep in on you right?  “All nighters are usually ending by 9:30pm, and exhaustion is setting in already. (Don’t forget to take your Aleve before you go to sleep,…. or you’ll be crawling like a child at 6:30 am when the alarm goes off!)

4. At Sixty it’s all about covering your health insurance so it won’t lapse on you, crossing off the days to retirement, or social security, and shifting you’re reading favorites to AARP, articles on the 49th upcoming Congressional Committee investigation into the price of pharmaceuticals. From the Box scores in the paper, to the final number the damn “broken scale” in the bathroom keeps going up too every day. And even the sub let’s of the mail begin to hit you! The junk mail used to come addressed to “Owner”, now it’s just “Occupant”!!! What the hell does that mean?. You start to add to you’re list, you get “….Hot date with” and then cross it off and write, “dinner with the wife at Applebee’s,….and please God no heartburn of acid reflux this time!”

5. At Seventy you become very aware of the amount of Governmet control in your life! The Social Security Check, won’t even cover groceries, Car Insurance and gasoline, ( which car will we sell the Ford Focus, or the Toyota “box”?)  And That damn scale in the bathroom gets “wonkier and wonkier every damn week, there’s no way I’m that heavy , wish we could afford a new scale! 9sigh).

6. At Eighty it is not worth remembering where I put the dam Bucket List, let alone updating it, can’t read my own writing anyway! But life is good it’s still me and my ride of fifty years a warm home, don’t need a car, can’t pass the vision test anyhow. Grand kids and their kids (great grand kids come by some times, and I should have taken up “napping” years ago! Plus if you turn in at 6 at night you”d be amazed how much you save in the electric bill each month, except for the times you have to go pee on the hour every hour. Is tomorrow Sunday? ,…..gotta remember to go to church!!

7. At Ninety,….”What the hell is a bucket list, got two in the cellar,….help yourself  I don’t need’em any more! Thanks for dropping by,………what was your name again,

“Note to self, “What did I ever use them buckets for anyhow?,,,,,,,,Oh yeah some kind of a List or something.”

Time for my nap,….see. You later!

(Excuse me,…This is God, and as Robin Williams once said,…..”You table for one is ready,….follow me, this way.)


Maybe a bit melodramatic for a title, But,….allow me to continue, This was a scheduled trip, for a basic surgical procedure, called a Right Carotid enderectomy., What the hell is that you ask? Basically it means my right carotid artery, located in your neck, had become 99% obstructed with plaque. It’s a sort of white gummy substance which you usually get from high fat and any junk food you eat,……OR as I was told as a “hereditary condition”

. Since I gave up the “Golden Arches”and all the other Fast Foods Iused to eat, tried too eat a South Beach type “meditereanean diet” for several months after trying it subsequent to my open heart triple  bypass in 2010, which was triggered after the discovery of a similar condition in my left carotid artery (thank you God for the little heads up notice from one of those “Life line screenings” offered by most Churches, Elks, Eagles, etc which screens you for “$139” for several different potentials major heart situations.

Being the oldest living member of the Corcoran/Doherty clans I am hereby judging it as hereditary,…..because I got the title of Patriarch about 10 years ago at the tender age of 62 and here I am 72 today, waiting for my 50ieth Wedding Anniversary to the same beautiful woman, the love o[ my life on June 10th 2017.

As the old expression goes “never been sick a day in my life”, her as well, other than childbirth of our three children and one “female operation” about 25 years ago.

I tend to wander from the title a bit now back to our story.

As I said the “open heart triple bypass heart surgery”, (euphemistically known as a “CABG” or Coranary Artery Bypass Graft) , times three in my case, with the “oh shit I could drop dead in a heartbeat” realization I entered the arena of the battle to live on to haunt you with more blogs! No details here but write if you want to know them.

Three months later I  was just about healed from that when the original little problem found, of a “98-99% clogged and otherwise, obstructed LEFT carotid artery” so we took care of that. Subsequent Ultrasound follow ups on both surgeries yielded several blocked arteries in my legs,…….so I became the poster boy for additional day surgeries to a total of seven of them! I guess you could sarcastically, call it my “hobby” . So, as usual here I am,….again. Most o[f my leg surgeries were like dry cleaners, “in by 8am and  out by 5pm”.  And only about one full day of recovery at home before back to a normal life.

But all joking aside every little one of my dozen “little operations” was a potentially life ending situation, even the little “in by 8 and out by 5″ had risks” so I’ve had a lot of time to think, reflect and consider my humble life thus far! The technical term for my little “situation” is called “artheriosclerosis”, in the old days it had a common term of “hardening  of the arteries” and was sometimes referred to also as a “drinkers disease”. But as medical science pro[gressed we learned more about it including the fact that it was the evil little thing called “plaque” that caused a pretty damning death sentence for those who had it! But lo, and behold science developed better ways for Doctors to recognize it, and better ways to “manage or control” it to provide longer life to patients, AND , as I am the poster child for better education, on point, earlier catching it, and numerous ways to provide surgical solutions for it. BUT make no mistake every time it pops up again there is only one way to handle it,……surgery!

Tonight as I lay here on my first day of “complete bed rest” for the third or so time. But the telltale little aspects of this trip were all around me. Having a “basic blood test” no earlier than four days before the surgery, (and on the week before the three day Memorial /Day weekend this ear)! There were five vials taken , where usually it was three. A bright red  bracelet fixed to you with instructions that if it were tampered with or removed the surgery would be cancelled and the test the scheduling the prerequisite “risk Signoffs” would have to done again as well.

Then came Tuesday, the day appointedThe sign in and registration paperwork took a little’ longer , instead of the surgery in the “Cath Lab” or cardiac surgical wing operation area. It was scheduled in the main “Surgical” area. Instead of a single “IV” line they.time they placed two, one in each arm, the young anesthesiologist Doctor stopped by. Reviewed al the paperwork, Them told the nurse doing the IV lines that she would be doing a third line called a.n “Atrterial Line” which provides a direct line to be able to inject directly, and quickly, into the heart itself, and in some cases the individual four chambers of the heart separately! (Only had that done one other time when they did my Triple Bypass Open Heart Surgery!

There was a whole team of Doctors, Nurses, assistants etc. Ready to go! MY Doctor showed up all ready to go in fresh ‘scrubs’ said he reviewed and sign-off On every page in the hundred  “Surgery Signoff and verificat’ion book”necessary to make it happen. He gave ,e a big smile and told me this should only take about twenty minutes to arrange and prepare me in the operating room,  and a 20 minutes to check all the equipment and  to arrange me, for the surgery, and check out all the equipment again. About an hour for the operation itself, and then a half hour closing me up and cleaning up all the paperwork, an changing into clean scrubs for the next operation for the day.. They would take me back to the “recovery room” for “a while” they take me to a private room for a full day and one night of  “complete bed rest, dinner and a night of rest” and hold me until the next day!

So now it’s 1am, 12 hours after the “procedure”, here I am, wide awake writing this report for all of you. By the way why am I awake?  When they operated  they put about a three inch incision behind your ear where the mastoid process, (Kind so a soft bone) is, down into your neck where the carotid artery resides. There is a split in the artery at that point which is typically where the blood flow splits, one side goes straight into the brain itself, while the other half goes to the face. The face side is one of the indicators as to which Carotid artery is effected, left or right  in the stroke. If you have a stroke  it can manifest itself in muscles of the face not working such as  only one side of the mouth can smile, muscles controlling speech, etc. The one that goes into the brain can create paralysis, loss to speech. As well as cause immediate, or shortly subsequent DEATH. The most likely time for it to manifest itself that way is within a very smalll window of time (3 to 24 hours) immediately after the operation, hence complete bedrest for a day and a half , IN the hospital under close observation,… here I am!

Wide awake and writing to you folks, because strokes are instant, virtually no warnong, can be instantly fatal and happen every day.

My. Advicee learn the warning signs for yourself,  and someone else near and dear, or just a perfect strange in the grocery store on a bus, or walking in front of you on the way to or from work tomorrow, drops. They are simple signs non-technical and the BIGGEST TAKE-AWAY is you can SAVE a life, but the window; is very small. Make the effort to ‘find out abou;t them, learn them, and remember t.hem.

My selfish reason is that I could be the guy walking in front of you on the way to work, one of your own relatives over for a holiday meal or celebration,………you can make the difference and save someone ,…….in less time than it takes to eat a Double Cheeseburger1

THANK YOU in advance!


This morning There was a piece on the news, (FOX & FRIENDS, the rest of the TV is B/S, and ‘ha-ha’ crap’!), it was about a little town in Vermont called Burlington.  It seems the local High School teams are called the “REBELS”,….but that is offensive to a bunch of folks. It apparently connotates a difference with the norm or those folks,…..and they want it changed,….to which I reply “BULLS**T”. It’s probably one of thousands of High Schools whose proud enrollee over the year were PROUD to be “REBELS” from Burlington!

My own personal High School’s teams were called, “The Knights”. We. Were not Muslim-a-Phobics, nor blood thirsty  folks looking to slaughter Islamic folks.

Then of course there were the “CRUSADERS” , and they were not blood-thirsty folks either! And folks who had “Titians” in their high school lineage, I will guarantee you they weren’t gargantuan green folks who scared the hell out of small children. Not to mention other names like “THE DEFENDERS”, or “THE INDIANNS”, “THE EAGLES”, THE SPARROWS”, THE DOLPHINS, THE SHARKS, THE TURTLES, THE REDMEN, and a hundred thousand others.

Take a break and CHILL idiots! Who knows but probably by next year the words, “MEN”, and “WOMAN” and what ever else there is will be “obscene”, “gender phobic”, and a hundred other things.

So my philosophy from now on is to simply SHUT MY MOUTH, …..and for the love of God,….(oops,…that was probably offensive to the agnostic, atheist, Buddhist, Islamic, and a couple hundred other “deity centric” folks out there! SORRY!

How much could your High School, or College teams names be offensive? Drop me a reply and let me know how your Almamaters, can be “hurtful”, ignorant speech, or otherwise offensive to other folks!

Thanks and keep following me!



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What’s wrong with the world today, ( the short version!)

I have long argued that today’s biggest problem is very simple, (no mattter which one you chose to discuss!) .  It is the complete lack of COMMON SENSE in this world, at all levels. The “young ‘runs” never learned it, their parents have been so pampered they’ve forgotten it,…..and politicians have a terminal case of “whatthehellisthat”!!

As I get older it seems more pronounced in society as a whole. For example, this afternoon I was having lunch, at a local restaurant with a friend, and his wife stopped by to have lunch with him. She had been out shopping for a new mattress, and in the discussions we got around to “water Beds”. If you’ve ever had one you too have some great stories about them, I’m sure. My friend mentioned that his kid stopped by and just wanted to shower and change his clothes. A while later he said there was some clunking and banging in the bedroom upstairs and his kid comes down and says , “My socks are wet!”.

He calmly asks why are your socks wet?  “I don’t know, I just sat down on the bed and put them on and they were wet.” Seems the waterbed had sprung a leak, and it was leaking onto the floor. So my friend goes and gets a hose and goes up stairs with it. Curious son goes up and says what are you doing, “I’m going to siphon the water out of the bed and run it out the window. Curious son looks baffled! He sighed and explained a gravity siphon to the boy,….and the whole light bulb with the flashing light goes on!!

That’s just an example of ” common sense gonzo”, but trust me it is an epidemic afflicting the entire country. So here’s a few points to ponder if you are a millennial;

1) Fish swim in the same crap that is “Contaminated” per the government.

2) Contrary to popular thought “Fresh Hamburger” is not from a slaughtered cow,       at    least not one who was slaughtered in later past than  six months ago, ……it’s just “FROZEN”!

3)  Turkeys don’t fly, ask “Les Nessman” (ask your grand parents they know Les!

4) There were “corner stores” on every corner, but you went to the one your folks favored, with 50 cents to get a loaf of bread and a quart of milk, and kept a nickel as a “service charge” to boot!!

5) God’s real name is NOT “Bruce”!!

6) A snack is not a seven course meal, it’s just a “little something” to “take the edge off”  til supper,….and over $2.95 is aggregious!!

Get over it “Bucko” life is tough,  harsh, unfair, and it is not an “entitlement”, you gotta earn your way  through it! So suck it up,…..get with the program, ….and get on with the “new”  reality program,…..”This is your life, CLOWN!”

(Sorry if I hurt your feelings,….I been working since I was 9 years old, and I’m 72 now. It’s been rewarding, hard, but the best personal challenge of my life of 50 years with the same loving wife,…..and life is GOOD!)




While a lot of folks are wealthy (not me) , but several points for you to consider in TAX REFORM please.

1. If you are over 70 years old and have a GROSS income of LESS than $75,000 for a couple, or $40,000 per widow or widower. A Full and unconditional EXEMPTION from income tax and the stupid filings as long as an verification of the past five years returns indicate such income level is correct, and no assets are hidden, etc.

2. A special rule allowing for the refinance of home mortgages under $200,000 to people over 70 with a government subsidized insurance policy for the amount of the mortgage to payoff the mortgage at their death, provided all the regular monthly payments were current, and the Maximum joint income is at or below the $75,000 level in #1. (That is obviously the ONLY thing left to pass on to the heirs, or children, and the only “residence ” they have. (If their gross income declines , then the mortgage payment should decline by the same percentage per year, and adjusted annually.

3.  As a 72 year old , former U.S. Navy veteran with 6 years service, and entitled to VA benefits, the only thing I sought was proper dental care as a result of unnecessary extractions of my teeth because of a need for more experience by a Dental Officer going into private practice. The VA did the job and corrected what was done and did a couple of bridges which covered the mistakes. BUT. That is all I wanted and really needed. I am happy with that That was it’s purpose in the late 60’s! Many friends from the neighborhood, and social friends of my age were drafted and never came home! Others came home “damaged” and were grossly underserved by the VA which had turned into a “government job” for people who otherwise couldn’t even get a job, to a lifetime career AND sugar coated retirement plan. I totally support overhaul and repair of the VA, I’d be glad to help in that project. Why not form a task force of only Veterans to do it? We know and care for our own, (other veterans). And let’s get real on “government jobs” , if you get fired, for good cause you LOSE all your “retirement” and benefits from that point on, no exceptions!

4. “GOOD MUST TRAMPLE EVIL!” That is the problem as I perceive it. Our founding fathers missed the necessity of “term limits”, (because they could not conceive of career idiots deciding a government job was the best teat in the world, ….and a lifetime of comfort, not service!)  IF as some say (Nancy Pelosi for one) that it takes years to “learn” how government works,……then government is too damn complicated and it is a golden guarantee that the “crooks’ willl find a way to exploit it! WE NEED TERM LIMITS!!

5. Is there a “New America” anywhere in the world? At 72 I’m still active, willing to work but the best I can get is the traditional “would you like fries with that?” Employment!  Work skills, experience, knowledge and just getting to this age without having to take government money and food stamps should entitle us to at least have meaningful employment in our older years. Reduced work schedules can still “make America GREAT again!” But no one is offering!!!

End of rants and comments Just as we got creative to make this country great, we can do it again, but it requires  smarts, guts, and willingness to serve, NOT slop from the welfare trough!



Posted by: guinness222 | April 29, 2017

WTF???? Congress,….a bunch of wimps!

Why is it that Congress can slip through a “continuing resolution” to cover their ass, ALL OF THEM, and guarantee them a paycheck, yet they haven’t got the “cajoles” to let the duly elected President protect our country from multi count felons, murderers, rapists and other low life from being deported? Why is i they are so “NON-American”?

I hope you folks are watching as former “dip shit in charge “Barry Obama” picks up his $400,000 speaking fee, AND a $65 million dollar bonu advance for writing a book. (Aside, it should be titled “Confessions of a failure”!!)

Why not address the ILLEGAL immigration situation and correct things? Why not address the dismal failure of Obamacare? Why not address the various “treaties” that have screwed our businesses, forced them to look overseas, and lost millions of jobs, because of Barry’s wisdom!

And are there really any IDIOTS in this once great country that call themselves politicians who think they actually have “done the job”, and “worked had for my constituents and the American People”. PLEASE!! How stupid o you think we are?

And yet Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and the eunuchs of the Democratic failure machine still have jobs!!!

All Franke “used to be” funny, but his correspondence course in being a public idiot has given him a new level of life,…about three feet below that of a slug!

Blood Pressure rising, going to have to stop for a beer on the way home to get ready for the “Donald Trump kicks the North Korean people into total depression, starvation, and deprivation!” From the NSNBC, CBS, CNN, and other totally delusional media outlets.

Donald start your own newspaper call it the “Washington Trump”, and set things straight,…we need more TRUTH, JUSTICE, and THE AMERICAN WAY to get out of this quagmire and the Washington swamp, (or ” cesspool/septic tank” that it has become in the past fifteen years of Liberal claptrap and uneducated bullshit!

I want OBAMA’s COLLEGE RECORDS,  AND HARVARD LAW SCHOOLL GRADES RELEASED TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC, THEN you can bitch about Donald’s tax returns. Until then pray you don’t ever meet me!

Sorry I forgot you are all SELF CENTERED COMMUNNISTS! I apologize, … probably don’t understand it anyhow!

UNFORTUNATELY there is no remeadial class for “STUPID”!


Posted by: guinness222 | April 23, 2017

Love the thinking,….go Donald!!

Jeff Sessions today put the “Sanctuary cities, and State of California) “, on Notice that they had until JUNE 30, 2917 to submit written briefs as to why they are “supporting the laws of the United States and Constitution ” by their declaration as them being “Sanctuary Cities, (or State)!

The nuance tells me Trump and his Cabinet has quickly learned the biggest lesson in defeating the liberal, bleeding heart, liberals from decimating OUR country! And that is “DON’T TELL THEM TO ‘DEFEND’ THEIR POSITION, BUT TELL THEM TO ‘SUPPORT IT’ UNDER THE ALREADY ACCEPTED LAWS OF THIS COUNTRY!!”

And this recent “bull**it  That Paul Ryan is “Too Busy” to deal with any of the Executive Branches “work” for this week. What the hell does he have that leads him to be “too busy”!! Last time I looked he lost th VP slot in 2012, and as he has told us himself he is “working day and night” in the interests of the Party for whom he is the House Majority Leader. Does it take that long to trim your toenails, polish your desk, have coffee and useless meetings to occupy your time, and keep you from decision making Paul?

We’ve got the right Captain at the helm, but the helm of the ship of State seems to be unhooked from the engine of the Congress of the Ship. You know the one that powers the Ship to get where it needs to go! Clearly Trump got a mandate from middle class Americans to “FIX THE DAMN MESS, DO WHAT YOU PROMISED” !

I’d shut the government down this week, because with a little more attention to the bill that mandates WHAT shuts down we should modify it to include:

1. All salary, compensations and “perks” for ALL members of Congress, and 50% pay reductions for all of their staff’s.

2. Immediate transfer of all the above named members of Congress and their Staff’s to a 35% government subsidized Health Care Plan, a FULL review of any and all pension plants by a non-government panel of independent.

3. A 2% automatic reduction in individual income tax for every day the government is not funded to every taxpayer OFF THE TOP OF THEIR GROSS INCOME FOR 2017, (or any succeeding year there is a government shutdown.

4. A proportionate reduction of Congressmen, by State based on the formula the “first in, first cut” until such time as grid lock is broken and government by, for , and of the People is re established and moving forward for three successive months.

5. A ten year program for return to the Gold Standard , and the elimination of the Federal Reserve System , and a national committee of 51, (one from each state, and the President of the United States) to supervise and manage that return and it’s implementation.

Just a few thoughts, not the best, etc. but who the hell else is serious about “draining the swamp”, and “making America Great again?

Let me know your thoughts.



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