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OK,….I’m officially disgusted!!!!!

This past week, (actually Tuesday) the head chef at my usual “watering hole” had a stroke in the parking lot behind the restauant. She was only 43 years old!! She passed away yesterday, (Thursday afternoon) after being transferred from our local hospital, to the “mother ship” sixty miles away, and endured a process called “coiling” on a brain aneurysm, that apparently resulted from the stroke she suffered.

At 43 years old NO ONE should have to die that young,….but it happens!

And then if that’s not enough the DAMN Democrats have created a “enemy Rebel” mindset fostering what boards on insurrection and treason,….and it grows like a rabid dog biting everyone in the neighborhood, without any interference or controls, or the potential folks affected doing a damn thing!!

This is not either the Constitution or the Bill of Right’s, to me it is a CRIMINAL offense a merely a shallow breath less than a full act of impeachable sedition and fully at risk for any of those involved. The cry of resist, deter, and disrupt is a strategy on the strong side of INSURRECTION, subject to the highest penalty of the Country.

Despite their full and total efforts to impeach, or undermine the efforts of the President, and everything he has accomplished in a scant two years of tireless work, the dedication and appointments, (note: if I am not wrong President Trump still has almost close to 200 appointments that have just been in Limbo for almost two years. The list as President Trump says, “Promises made, promises kept” and the efforts have more than doubled and been thwarted at every turn, totally based on a “Never Trump” mindset!

I won’t waste the ink nor the time to even give assessment to the Supreme Court nominations that were fully disgusting instead of virtually embarrassed. It is “bush league to say the least Justice Kavanaugh has under gone over FIVE (5) FUll background in the last 10 years, yet “witnesses” who were so biased and disgusting that a first year law student should have been able to disgrace them, and they all were within a week or two of the actual Vote for confirmation!

How can any Democrat with only two brain cells even to this day stay “outside the evidence and reason” of their insane leaders, Schumer and Pelosi!!.

And on top of all of that President Trump still double down to reestablish America for what we ALL want it to be,….a government “By the people, for the people, and OF the people!

Read the history of the ACTUAL struggle of the few who literally rushed not only the complete Condemnation and threat to their very lives, so that WE could be the greatest country in this world today.

As Benjamin Franklin said when questioned about the form of government we were given by our forefathers he replied,,,,,,,,”it is a democratic republic, if you are lucky enough to keep it!”

Life is too short for ANY of us to lose sight of what is REALLY at stake if it is lost by ignorance, stupidity, bias, and prejudice by the few, left unchallenged by the ideals of OUR REAL FORM OF GOVERNMENT!

Just as a note, Charles Krauthammer, despite hie death a few scant few months ago has just released his “Newest” and last book titled, “Things that matter”,…WELL WORTH THE READ, on life and “Three decades of passions, Pastimes, and Politics”.


November 18, 2018

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Hey why are we able to think, but not talk?

Life has been very “rocky” the past couple years. So that statement bears the answers to two other questions. “How”, and “Why”. I have a mind that works 24 hours a day, I even wake up with either a specific question, or a thought, idea or comment, and despite numerous speakers, books and other input that say, “have a note pad by the bed so you can write these things down then go back to sleep and review them in the morning when you’re fully awake!”

RIGHT!! But I’m beginning to think it’s real quality idea. So I will look for the appropriate note pad and pen and set it all up this weekend, it’s Friday today so we will begin tomorrow.

But as a human I have questions, as well, of the previous paragraph. As a Catholic I believe in God, but I have always had questions for Him, that’s why I prefer the Protestant idea of “talking directly to Him”. (I don’t believe in having “proxies” or “surrogates” doing the job for you,) and I do that every day, at least twice a day, I call it “meditating” but more “officially” it’s praying and talking to Him. Usually first thing in the morning, even before I have “tea and toast”

So what am I “saying”, we can’t talk to each other any more due to preconceived ideas and “convictions”, primarily because we are “conditioned” ( much like Pavlov’s dogs) with key triggers, that once pulled, completely cause us to stop listening and throw up all the defenses we have against it the topic, including rhetoric and emotional suppositions !

This is obviously an “EX” rated blog, if your “ex” see’s it the first thing she’ll say is “SEE, I told you so!!”. Don’t even try and tell her “calm down” (the equivalent of trying to baptize a cat) is guaranteed to occur!) just read and heed.

Have a great week!

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The USA is undoubtedly EXCEPTIONAL!!!

No if, ands, or buts,….unless you are a lazy, “you owe ME” type! We work for a living here, AND WE WORK HARD!!

I read a quote from one of my favorite people, Voltaire, this morning. It is familiar to people the world over, it goes “I may disagree with what you say,…BUT I will defend to the death, your RIGHT to say it!”

That is America, but the problem is simply put in a discussion I had with some folks the other day,…..we can talk about ANYTHING, whether its’ true or not, nor whether it is reputable or is harmful, or even if it’s pure SPECULATION! What we don’t do well, as an entire COUNTRY is to calmly LISTEN, DISCERN, and ASK THE PERTINENT QUESTION(S) so as to fully understand and be knowledgeable in the issue in question.

Our biggest problem is that we make everything to EMOTIONAL and “discussion” can only do one of two things, escalate into closed minded arguments, or denigrate to factually baseless emotional arguments. Either way the value of discussion is gone!

Simply put the use of todays media, their obsession to be #1 in the almighty ratings, grab the largest “audience share” or in simple terms the biggest percentage of available money to insure their future jobs, and the ownership or “stockholders” and their ROI (return on investment) of the almighty DOLLAR.

Also that seems to be the prevailing philosophy and modus operandus

What an interesting premise for a TV series,….I’ll temporarily call it “The Founders and the Flounders”. And then assign the task of the “Founders” to be magically transported “legendary heroes”, like Nathan Hale, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, and other early and perhaps not that well known “Founders” of our country, and have them transported to today’s United States to work as “interns” doing assignments as “teaching assistants, or “Substitute Teachers”, in History, Government, and other subjects in today’s schools, as well as English, Literature, and “writing skills” in today’s schools.

We are so busy formulating our immediate “judgement” on issues and items in the world we no longer strive to understand them, and more importantly search for the CIVILIZED, and TRUE HUMANITY of making proper decisions , and GOD FORBID, do our own thinking and demonstrate the essence of learning both sides and DEFENDING both sides as that subtle art of “REAL LEARNING, and the REAL TRUTH”, of those matters are, but more importantly, fostering and propagating them, or being able to “defend” them, or “support” them.

That is an ages old art, the new an acronym for it is termed “Forensic eloquence,….an it is the greatest form of teaching and learning ever conceived. And when I say “ages old art” it goes back to the Greeks, the Romans, and is VERY popular at colleges and most advanced High School areas, it’s popularly named “DEBATING”.

Not to be confused with legislative “bulls**t! Sometimes it can take weeks, or months to build your position, and in forensic debating which can sometimes be done on a “luck of the draw” basis , you might have to be a Proponent on the assigned topic OR. an Opponent so either way you. MUST be prepared at all times. It is PURE and proper “debating” of the position, or you can’t ever win. The team of judges are sometimes unknown, but their comments are worth a “FREE RIDE” to Harvard. Princeton, Yale or any other great college. There is no “provoking” other than pure PROOF of your position. Would that our Senate, and Congress were to learn and understand THAT is the most effective form of communication of this earth. I was on the Debating teams in HighSchool and to this day (50+ years into the future) still build my arguments and defend them as well that way!

Research, research and more research and GREAT notes on index cards for quick reference during a debate. It fosters your learning to RESEARCH, MAKE NOTES (with citations so they may be verified) ORGANIZE, and then speak publicly with out the “um, ah, or let me check my notes.

We would be able to INCREASE the success levels of our younger folks today a THOUSAND FOLD,…..if they leaned how to debate things properly and not storm off, and be as ignorant as they have been developing,…..I’m just saying!

The entire process can be a giant leap for your life career, and understanding of almost everything.

Like them or not a lot of successful people live by this comment, take Donald Trump, Ronald Reagan, Dwight D. Eisenhower, and most of the newspaper columnists and editorialists from days gone by, “Not buxom , coiffed and well made up and dressed ‘Talking Heads” we see on TV today. Most would fail miserably if they had to argue anything without prior knowledge, pages of notes and “Directors and Producers”

A trained forensic speaker, has their own style, but their evolution has been their trademark, and why they live on in History. Doubt me? Read “THE FEDERALIST PAPERS” and their replies, “THE ANTI-FEDERALIST PAPERS”, the complete debates of BOTH SIDES, and most written by the FRAMERS of our own Constitution.

Consider their educations, where they learned, and what they learned,….and after you sit down and get to know them , how they thought, how they developed their “PRO’S and CON’s ,……then sit down and scratch your head and ask yourself,…..why were they so smart even with the time they were born and how they lived.

I suggest one book to make the point. QUESTION: What major part of the government is NOT really part of the US Government, but has MORE CONTROL over it that the Presidency, the entire Congress, Democrats and Republicans alike?

Read the book “The Creature from Jekyll Island”

Hope I got you thinking and let me know what you think!



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What a hypocritical world we live in today!!w

Sounds pretty negative and cynical, BUT keep reading and see what I mean. I am 73 years old, have a few problems, but none that disable me,….and yet there is no one I can find to offer, me a job, or hire me,…..other than the really BAD jobs! Sure I started out working in the A&P Supermarket at 14 , (with the proper “working papers” for a fourteen year old.)That was in 1961, and here we are in 2018 a scant 57 years ago,…but there are no real jobs EXCEPT pushing shopping carts back from the parking lot!!

“So do it” you say, But what about the other 50 years of my work life, what about my entrepreneurial skills, at least 5 other entrepreneurial startups, working in the Banking industry to know HOW banks work in business, learning how to takeover and run businesses including those almost bankrupt and swirling “down the drain” but resurrecting them to a $2,000,000 a year sales business with almost 15 -20 employees, managing a $200,000 inventory, and a fleet of 12 vehicles covering two states? Or the 100% start-up that was the “host of the New England Country Western Music awards, had a weekly television show broadcast on the ONLY affiliate network station in the entire state, and winning a brand new Datsun 300ZX the year they first came out , and receiving numerous national awards, and plaques, superior performance with Maine & New Hampshire, than 60% of the other “major Performance” business zones in this great country! I earned it, and I am not the least bit embarrassed admitting it!!

So what did I do with all the money I made from the “other stuff”, like noted above. To be very honest, I could say I spent it,….but the question is “on what?” It doesn’t really matter, but being an entrepreneur since I was nine years old, I learned you can always make money,….just follow ideas, think about them ,, and how could YOU do it better,…..until now!

At 72 or 73 your body starts to “breakdown”, regardless how much money you have, or in most cases “had”. While you get the social security check each month that you “paid into” for over 50 years, it doesn’t give you much. In my case $1454.80, and for my wife, $1254.00. If your mortgage is paid off you “might” have a shot at making it, if not let run the water in your sink and watch it all swirl down the drain,…..just like where you’re going.

“What about my pensions and investments”,….they might “pad” you a bit, but the cost of living is going up at a far faster rate than your incomes, unless you were a wunderkind at the market, but the long term capital gains will get you there, of course you can ” wash ” them against your write offs, or losses,….but guess what they already got you by the proverbial “butt”. Think about this, ………have you ever seen a hearse headed to the graveyard with a U-Haul it trailer attached behind? I rest my case.

My wife had a great job for the last twenty years, for a small landscaping company, and they paid her for a phone line, rental of our third bedroom as a “remote office”, etc. She handled their accounts receivable, accounts payable, payroll the vendor relations , leaving the two brothers that owned it the ability to grow their business expand etc. But they just gave her four weeks notice and she’s unemployed as well. She acted as my bookkeeper as well, and I haven’t had a client since 2015. All good things come to an end,……but with four weeks notice after 18 years?

So we BOTH need to get jobs, it’s not about what you know at this point it’s about “how much do you expect for pay?” (And you better be on the really cheap side or no jobs are there.)

I suppose the “common word” is that ‘you should have been wiser with your money, you should have made better investments, you should have saved more,….etc.,…etc.

Yes we bought our home for $128,000 in 2000, and today they “say” it’s value is over $260,000! But we have had to remortgage it twice to reduce our interest rate, pay off other debts, and all amid the decline in the “worth” of a dollar, and the insane computer generated “appreciation” of the value of the home. But that’s all B/S in that your costs are increasing at rates MORE than you can afford to keep up with!!!

Superficially it would appear that the only way you can survive and care for your loved ones is to cross-over and be a cheat, a liar, and more importantly a THIEF!!


October 23, 2018

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HEY!!! Where’s my cold Beer???

I’m an advocate of a cold beer at the end of the day, or glass of wine, in fact two, if you want them, and …….particularly after my entire home and property has been BLOWN AWAY BY A HURRICANE!!!

I can tell you , as a responsible human being, and a “GUY”, if I have been so adversely affected that my house is gone, my 52 years of growth and being a good American, a father, and husband, and being a U.S. NAVY veteran, and A MALE HUMAN BEING,…..I can still. get up at 5am, I can and will go out and spend the next 18 hours simply trying to put my ” life” and families needs and requirements before myself, and work my fingers to the bone, “working” all day for my family, not even knowing if I have a JOB, when things sort of regain a sense of “reasonableness”!

But DAMN IT, are you idiots in charge, telling me at the end of my 18-20 hour day of working recovery from total disaster and devastation.for MY family,….and I can’t get a COLD BEER? It is you who needs to be certified and “Bakerized”.

The ban on beer sales is both ludicrous AND “cruel and unusual” punishment. I knew what hard work, even at 73 years old would be,…when My wife and I moved to “sunny Florida’ in 1996. We endured the BP oil spill, all the “weather incidents” since 2000, (all 79 of them).

Granted water has literally been around forever. BUT I don’t “care for” water after working my a** off all day! Just like I don’t expect a dinner of fresh broccoli and Lima beans and baloney!!

We are all responsible for our own actions, not the GOVERNMENT, OR THE CHURCHES , WE are essentially responsible for our families and their well-being. BEER was here before everyone on earth today, in fact it goes back almost 4,000 years before today.

BUT you expect me to be consoled with “bottled” water (and warm at that!!), and MRE’s, stale sandwiches of bologna and cheese, or peanut butter and jelly?? How about I sue the crap out of you for pain and suffering, and abusive behavior?

All I want is a beer or two at the end of the day ( the PB&J, and even the baloney and cheese can be palletable, but the beer is essential so I can relax, go to sleep and do it all again tomorrow, and again every day thereafter until we are “back to normal” As “Fonzie” once said, as well as many actors and players, “You got a problem “wit dat?”

Beer is a “male tranquilizer”, accept it, we are really from the Planet “BUD”, and we are in fact going to survive, regardless of earthly stupidity and religious bias!



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Let’s be BRUTALLY honest,…..getting old SUCKS!!

If you’ve been a follower of my blog (www, welcome! If you never heard of it, start reading start reading and catch up! I started in 2005, and last look,…..this is 2018. You got some catching up to do!

I started life, with the belief I could manage it and succeed,…..DUH! Maybe it is like that on Zenon,….but not here on earth!!

If you haven’t “invested”,……Moneys,…DO it now! Or live life and hope to hell you die young!!

Life becomes a “mega -conundrum” otherwise.

So let’s start from the beginning, shall we?

Essentially I think life and marriage follows one of only TWO paths. Ready here is life as I see it.

Path One

Get married early, REALLY love your spouse, and work your ass off to succeed,…..and have children early in life!

Path Two

Wait until you’re in your early 30’s to get married, sow the “wild oats”, and initially “slide” through life, until you get lonely and start looking for a mate who will love you, put up with you, and when you wind up staring at the ceiling and realizing you’re not happy. Find someone you can love, get married or just decide jointly for a monogamous life together,……or have a child or two, but realize you have only got a “temporary relationship”, it can be “put asunder” if the coffee is not what it should be, because there is no DEEP personal conviction AND COMMITMENT to each other. And a little comment like “I’m pregnant” is the equivalent of a 50 megaton bomb. And it is a Friday evening, College Football tomorrow, out boating with your “Buds” tomorrow, and what about “her” what are we gonna do now?

So let’s take a look “down the road”, and you tell me which is the better path

PATH TWO- Down the road!

Let me explore PATH TWO first. It has more “flash”, more “party hearty”, and shared self satisfaction, fun, and obviously sex “on demand”. BUT it is fraught with “bumps in the road”,…in fact two or three “bumps” for every mile of road. Sure it’s nice to go to work do your job, (even if you hate it), because once the day is over it’s “party time”! Let the “relaxation happen”! Your boss yelling at you, because it took too long to get the job done, or any other “boss statements”, and the unbelievable expectations for what they pay you, who can live on that???

Path ONE- same road

With Path one, you get hit right between the eyes,….you made your choice ,…right? When you go to work you get the same “crap”, from the boss, but you have the realization that it HAS TO WORK, because you are married, committed, made the choice all by yourself, ….and you have to honor it, as a man and a human being!

The little comment of “I’m pregnant” is a whole different world, not just today,…but for the next 30 years of your life. The first realization that you are going to “be a Dad”, causes you to be overjoyed, at the prospects and all the things you can pass on and share with them, (even if they are a girl! Don’t mess with “Daddy’s little girl,…or I’ll bury you in the back yard!”)

I took path #1 last Fifty-two years ago, and we are both still together. Not that it’s always been “fun and games”,….but I’ll take true love every time, sure we “discuss” things, but whether I win, or she prevails, we still go to bed together every night and “Corcoran’s Rule” prevails, never go to bed angry with each other and go to sleep with a kiss, no matter how right or wrong you were, tomorrow is a new day,….

We all fail from time to time, and we all fall short from time to time,……but there is no real “handbook” nor any other book written like a “Marriage for Dummies”! But it is easier to get to the sunset holding someone’s hand , rather than just “watching it”!


October 16, 2018

I was a highly trained weather observer, forecaster and Oceanographer for over 6 years, and an expert in sound propagation in water (for anti-submarine warfare analysis, ) I was invited to speak at The Woods Hole Massachusetts Oceanographic Institute, on that topic, Woods Hole are the folks who ultimately found the Titanic in 12,000 feet of water. (In fact they offered me a job on the “Atlantis” their research vessel that works Alvin, the submersible that went to the Titanic!) But leaving my wife with two kids under four years old, just wasn’t worth it to become an “explorer”.

I accumulated over 1040 hours of subject schooling in meteorology, weather observation, and forecasting as well as dozens of leadership courses, additionally over 10,400 hours of Field Experience DOING the above, and was also the leader of a specialized six man team on the staff of The Commander of Carrier Division Twenty reporting directly to the two star Admiral who WAS the of The Carrier Division Commander, doing critical Antisubmarine work for the entire use on the Aircraft Carrier in the North Atlantic Ocean during the “Cold War”era with the Soviet Union.

Enough said for credentials, now the meat and substance of the article. Why do the Weather Channel executives either, allow, or “condone” the “antics” and mock “hysterical reporting”,(and I use that term lightly) from the field. For example, there is a scientific phenomena called the “Venturi effect”, it was discovered by Giovanni Batista Venturi (1746- 1822) of Italy, and it simply stated says that when a “fluid”, and air is a “fluid of source” goes from the wide open spaces, and is crammed into the space between a couple of tall buildings, or higher pressure areas, it still has to go through, and the velocity of the air speed MUST increase to get to the other end of the space or area it must go through,….hence standing in the wind and the rain in the wide open at the end of the reduced area (alley between the buildings) the air is absolutely going to spew out faster!

As the “director” I would tend to have the folks stand in front of the buildings where the speed is more evenly distributed rather than creating the “impression ” of a jet stream wind blowing the reporters all over the place,…..oh but that is not theatric enough for ratings,….sorry I forgot!

The result is it portrays much more severe conditions than actually are at the location. The famous “gaff” a year or so ago when the reporter was hanging on for “dear life” to prevent being blown away, and two folks were quietly walking behind him appearing to but untouched, upright and not alarmed by the wind.

Our neighbor from the Scandinavian area originally was not familiar with the term “storm surge”, and the graphic the weather channel uses of water rising around the reporter, and moving up so the 9 foot storm surge graphic showed an automobile floating away, and the reporter would be drowning under the 9 foot surge. While a nice graphic, it does not serve to do anything but scare the “bejeezus” out of folks. The neighbor asked if she could stay with us, BUT on the second floor, just in case we got hit with the storm surge!! (And brought with her, a plastic box full of “valuable Papers” to keep on the second floor with her as well!)

I had to use a pen and paper to explain to her how the height of waves are determined as well as the overview of what and why storm surges and Tsunami’s are about,…they are simply and scientifically worthy of knowing just to know the situations you may incur in any storm of magnitude. However it has more shock value if it’s a big number and implications that, it will just “bury you”. I’ve been in 40-45 foot waves in an Aircraft Carrier, and they do give you real pause that there is indeed a God up there and he’s your last and best hope to see your family again!! But a good knowledge and understanding helps avoid panic! Add to that, your faith in your ship and the Captain, …you’ll make it.)

Also they need a specific primer on Severe Weather, including cold, blizzards and other natural conditions with good instructions and examples of how to take care. Much akin to George Carlins famous monologue on the “seven word you can’t use on television”. Humor is a marvelous medium to get specific points across and educate folks of any age. With out specific evidence and authenticated pictures to describe an entire American city or town, or two, as “CRUSHED” it must really be a joy for relatives listening and wondering how their sons, daughters, grandchildren etc. are in a possible dangerous situation, and to hear over their own TV in the comfort of their own home when thinking about how their friends and relatives living in or near the “Crushed” City or town are holding up, or even surviving!

And showing pictures of “Whitecaps” forming on a swimming pool, they wouldn’t be there if the pool did not have an end on it, and the water could just keep flowing through!

Flamboyant rhetoric , “staged” optimally emphatic “staged” reporting scenes, and other theatrical movie effects NEED to be reduced for everyone’s sake, and journalistic “license” be adjusted.

Weather Channel, cut the theatrics, this isn’t some sitcom, or serial drama story, it is serious and we the people are not as STUPID as you think!

Since the year 2000, there have been 79 Sub-tropical and Tropical weather situations and events, and since 2000 there have also been 7 Major Hurricane landfalls , ie Charley, Ivan, Jeanne, Dennis, Wilma, Irma and Michael.

And Michael was ranked as the Number 4 strongest Hurricane to date in Florida’s recorded history, and the largest to ever hit “the Panhandle”.

Parting words,….study the weather, it’s impact, it’s history, and in particular the topographical features of WHERE in Florida you plan on living BEFORE you buy, rent, or consider coming to Florida. It can be the most important “homework” you ever do in your life.

Last note to ALL Florida communities, how many interested in a full presentation of all the factors and Weather components you need to consider and their potential results, and YOUR reactions and best objectives for each potential BEFORE living here in Florida. I’d be glad to spend the time putting something together as I KNOW it, that will save lives and make sure You are doing the right things because it will save lives. For example, What are riptides, and how NOT to be drowned if you get into one. What is a “sinkhole” and how do I know if there CAN be any in my area of , and what do I do then, and obviously, Hurricane planning, and execution, Vendors you need, before AND after weather events, and What are the Miami- Dade Standards all about.

Because those of us who are year round residents of our great State, and if one’s specific training, background and sphere of knowledge are an untapped data base from experience you can’t go wrong.

One other editorial comment, Floridians, by nature, are a very God fearing peoples and and a very loving people. After ALL is said and done, even if you didn’t have to use your Hurricane rations and emergency items, a great many folks through their local churches, and other groups SHARE their good fortune by missing the storms , and share it with those who simply “lost it all” , be it Hurricanes, Tornadoes, or another little killer Flash Floods that can effect hundreds of thousands in almost a matter of minutes.

Last comment in Florida is “Pay it forward, next time YOU could need the help!”

I’m not trying to “scare” anyone from coming to Florida to live, but after twenty years+ of living here, and having been a Professional Community Association Manager licensed by the State since 2004, and managing MILLIONS of dollars of property through all of the above,…..I’d be glad to help you weigh the options,after all the more folks to share the burden the better off we all are in sharing.

Till the next blog, ….be safe and live!!


October 13, 2018

Happy birthday US Navy!! 243 years old this week!!!

e-mail me at “

My grand parents all gave everything up for the “HOPE” that the United States was indeed, “The Promised Land”. I don’t know how many of them ever really read “The Declaration of Independence, The Constitution and the Bill of Rights, nor the Federalist and anti-Federalist papers, nor really STUDIED our country BEFORE, they decided to cast off from Ireland and headed for America.

But I can guarantee you with 20-1 odds they would have all lasted in America a scant 10 days before they were selling their souls to go back to Ireland, had they landed this past month!

Civility, and the “idiots” that run America now are clearly “over the edge”, particularly with the last two years worth of “BULLSHIT” (NOTE: sorry if the previous word offended you, but I’m just calling a Spade a Spade”!)

I totally doubt that Jesus Christ, St. Peter, Buddha, Mother Theresa and every other deity or Saint there has or will be, will ever get through the current political Gordian knot we call “the system”, to even become the “Secretary of Dog Catchers” for the United States of America.

And it’s not just me,….it’s MILLIONS of Americans who duly elected a President of this Great country,….WHO IS DOING THE JOB WE ELECTED HIM TO DO EXTREMELY WELL!!!

Back to History 101, when we “resisted” the then governing British government, and the King, there were hundreds of valid reasons to do so, which I don’t have time to enumerate here, (If you want to know READ about them in your history books or the documents I referenced in the first paragraph of this article.)

Here’s the basic rationale and the perversion that has been made of it over a scant 235 year period, and is the First Chapter of “The Decline and Fall” of the United States of America.

It all began with the unspoken “understanding” of the Founding Fathers that this was truly going to be a government “by, for, and OF the People”. No position was meant to be a forever position, nor a “career” position,… matter who you were!!!

That little “faux pas” has put us in this position today!!! BUT there is a single word, that’s right a single word, that would change ALL of that!! Check it out yourself it is in the Constitution of the United States of America, Article THREE Section One, it states, ” The Judges, both Supreme Court and inferior Courts, shall hold their Offices during good Behavior, and shall, at stated times, receive for their services, a compensation, which shall NOT be diminished during their continuance in Office”.

How about we simply change that little word “NOT” to “Shall diminish at a rate of twenty-five percent per year for the ext eight years , OR until they retire!!” Sort of a mandatory “term Limits” stipulation.

AND while we are at it, let’s place limitations on the terms of ALL congressmen and Senators to “ONE TERM EACH FOR THIER LIFETIME.” Simply put “move up and perform” or retire. Can you honestly tell me you NEED 40 years to reach your peak of performance, and can MAINTAIN it? Even multimillion dollar CEO’s who are great, can’t make it an “effectively”forty years! We are mere mortals, and our “shelf life” is not anymore than the average citizen!!

All of these “lions” and resistors are not there for the “betterment of the Country”, but the more “lining” of their pockets, and the less “real work” to get it!!

The Lions come from an opposition Jungle, but a knock down debate with RIGID rules and “up or down” judgement from the viewers will definitely end 45 year Senators and Congressmen!

I am a structuralist for the original Constitution, but let’s face it back then when the signer declared it, the average lifespan was , A WHOLE LOT LESS, and they had CIVILITY, and CARED for our COUNTRY.

Wish I could say the same thing about our existing “governing members today”!!

The PAC (Political Action Committee) money, and the “I’ll scratch your back if you scratch mine” are neither in the Declaration of Independence, nor The Constitution and Bill of Rights of the United States of America,……..but there they are scratching better than a back-scratcher, with virtually impossible “benefits” , AFTER you retire, or before hand with “tips” on investments and “post- position ‘Consulting Contracts”. It sucks and it is flat out WRONG!!



As an old New Englander forever 50 years, I can both support,endorse and TRUST New England Fishermen,and all they catch! From Scallops, Clams, Lobsters, Haddock, Cod and anything else. It is what it REALLY is, can you say that about what you are eating in aany other local “Seafood Restaurant”?

As a New Englander for over 60 years before moving to Florida, to worship warmth year round, I have a tale to tell that links BOTH New England and Florida, and the travesty being fostered on both, and the “unseen” loss to both states and their tourism and visitor revenues, not to mention the outright “BULLSHIT” fostered by the United States Government on both the States, AS WELL as YOURSELF!!!

This is a personal testament based on exactly what you are reading, and what is easily documented and can and is the EFFECT both your pocketbook and more importantly your health!! And not just New England and Florida, but the entire United States!

Pay attention here as I am prepared to defend every word of this with personal experience and evidence which you too can document!

Background: As a kid growing up in Boston and it’s environs, I found the two biggest loves of my life, aside from my wife of course, but first the pure life and magnetism of a big city, to cover all of it’s almost three and a half centuries of cultural, artistic, and HISTORIC forces, and secondly the impact of “the Ocean”!!! I don’t have time for all the cultural, artistic, and historic forces in detail, but BOSTON IS BOSTON., but there are thousands of papers, books, and college courses out there on that. (It’s History and importance being the most interesting for younger folks). But I have to cover “the Ocean” so that you understand the rest of this article.

The “Ocean” is much harder to explain to anyone believe me. I don’t know if it’s the salt air, it’s 24/7 dependability of being there, regardless of you seeing it, or it’s sheer enormous “thrill and addictiveness”. For me it was always the addictiveness and the “relaxed calm” I always felt from it. Key word being “always”.

I am 73 years of age and last year I sat down in peace and quiet to “meditate” about that very question. I went back as far as I could remember, and could even recall a single minute of my 73 years on this earth that where I lived, that was more than a few miles from the Ocean, The Gulf of Mexico, …and that was why I joined the U.S. Navy at 18,….there were no shoreside “options” I could find more “enticing” than the Ocean!

Here’s a simple test for you to know apply how much you really love the Ocean!

Go to a beach, or bluff, or anywhere you can have a view of 180 degrees of the Ocean. Stand there and just look out over it for ten minutes and remember the words that flow through your mind. That is what GOD has created! Note the orderliness, the beauty, the fact that it’s always there for you like a big old dog or a cute “kitty cat” who loves you 24/7, regardless, and is always there for you, in good-times,…..or in your deepest, darkest times of doubt or trouble,… turn around and look behind you.

That’s what WE did! The chaos, the ‘hodgepodge”, the non-inspiring collage to our humanity, egos, and greed! Now you tell me, which way is best to look?

The problem is pretty equally a problem for a lot of people,….but NEVER for me! I look to the Sea every time, and I’ve never been disappointed!

With that in mind let’s go back to reality!

Our Ocean, and fisheries, are being artificially “manipulated” by the Government, but because they are not as “vote carrying” bunch of folks who DEPEND o that Ocean well,…..elsewhere, it just doesn’t matter!

WHY NOT? I never ate a “tilapia” until I moved to Florida, (but it ain’t from here!) it is a “farmed fish” from the Far East, not a “wild caught” fish! And it is never labeled as a “Foreign fish”, or has disclaimers about how, or what it is feed, let alone WHERE!!

Great idea to “Make America Great Again” Donald,….but follow through on it and help the damn fishermen who the government has “regulated” to death. Think about the Pilgrims who had to wade ashore amidst a lobster littered water to land on Plymouth Rock.

It’s more than like “farming”, it is a family longevity and life occupation!

I was asked to “help out” by a friend on his new venture as a New England Lobsterman to earn a living for himself, his wife and children. My friend George was making a major life Change from the Oil Industry as a “Petroleum Inspector” to opt for the life of a “Lobsterman”. I said “sure” that’s what we “New Englanders” did for a friend!

I remember , VERY distinctively , Memorial Day weekend of 1970, he asked if I could go out with him and help “set” the traps. George, and his wife Maryann, had spent the winter making lobster traps at home after the kids (2) had gone to bed! She knitted “heads” which George installed in the traps he fabricated himself in the basement of their house. By spring they had about 75 of them made. We loaded up enough on his little 13′ long Boston Whaler that the gunwale was a scant 3″ above the water of the Atlantic Ocean!! George asked myself and my other buddy Steve to help him as well. our wives , and then his wife, my buddy Steve, and my wife to take the kids and meet us at the local park, on the Harbor in Beverly, Massachusetts, for a picnic, while we “set” the traps for George. (You want a little “thrill” try 25 lobster traps (4 feet long, 15 inches high and over 2feet wide with a few bricks inn them to “weigh’em down”, aboard a 13′ Boston Whaler , with buckets of “bait bags”, and a half a boat of rope,……(and only 3″ between you and the Atlantic Ocean), oh yeah and going out about 2 miles into the Atlantic Ocean, to “Set” the traps!)

We made about four trips, survived, had a fun afternoon, the wife and kids enjoyed a day at the beach,….and a friend launched a new career for his family to “grow into”.

A year later he asked me to give him a hand one Saturday as his “stern man” who could not make it that day Of course I said “Absolutely” (even though it was a 7am to 5pm deal and all I would get was “some free lobster” at the end of the day.)

Trust “me” I learned a BUNCH about lobstering, lobsters, how it was done and “bait bags” and “chum”! Oh yeah and how to take lobsters out of the “trap”, yank the “bait bag” out and replace it with a new one full of bait and close it, all of this while sliding it along for 14′ down the starboard (right side of the boat), around the stern and across the 14′ stern, and back up the other 14″Port(left) side of the boat. Oh yeah and dragging about 60′ of coiled line between lobster traps, with your foot, so the trawl could be re-set!! (LIFE LESSON : ALWAYS have a 5 or 6″ knife with a sharp blade strapped to your calf and ready to go. If the first trap goes over into the water it is a 90# dead weight, with 40′ -50′ of dead weight line, then the second one goes over the side as do the rest of the trawl squally 6 traps as well! IF you let your foot, (remember the one you were moving the rope with as you pulled the “Pots” down the rail, got the “Bugs”or lobster out, pulled the old bit bag and installed a new one, if that goes over the side, “YOU’RE GOING WITH IT! Add up the amount of weight at the 90# per lobster trap (usually) and you have about two minutes to “cut” the line twisted around your leg, or you are going under with everything else. (Even if they stop the boat and try and recover you with that much weight you’re going down to about a 50″ depth,….well you make the guess, ….how long can you hold your breath underwater under pressure?”

A little scary, but a hell of a workout,….oops forgot going back to the “catch well” an open box of the lobster we just caught, and you have to pick each of them out of there and with a little “tool” that looks like pliers, put a rubber band on it by spreading it and getting around the lobsters claws then releasing it. Did I mention lobsters are “garbage eaters”, and cannibals? Well they are, so it’s a real quick job as well (Can’t have the catch eating it’s other “buddies” in the catch box.!)

I found I loved helping him, in addition to my full time job as Accounting Manager for Marshalls Department Stores, I was really an entrepreneur at heart. From that point on that’s what I was,….an entrepreneur, ….for better or for worse!!

Just like my friend George,….I struck out on my own. A few weeks later my boss called me in to tell me that essentially I resolved all the “crisis” with the little un-managed departments which were “dumped” on me and there was no further need for me, as they could be parceled out to other “managers” to manage. I preempted him and asked for a 90 day separation period to decide what I did next he mulled it for about a minute and approved it. I also asked for good references, and positive responses for recommendations, he approved that as well.

Anyway I continued to help George to bring some money in to cover my “Nut”, and put out some “feelers”. Long story short, I was looking around for businesses to buy, (for virtually nothing, since I had “virtually nothing”. But in the mean time George’s “Sternman”, the job I was doing on weekends”, (so he could give him a couple of days off each week, and understand Lobsters, or “bugs” haven’t a clue between a Monday or a Saturday!

So I signed on to cover the position for him, but a little more than “lobster” as the fiduciary exchange medium, since I had bills to pay! He agreed, and I embarked on a journey of learning, …and the economics of being a “Lobsterman”, in Northeastern Massachusetts.

I went on with life, got my bills paid, and kept learning. Ultimately I got a call from a friend telling me there was a distributorship open in Maine and New Hampshire in a medical supply firm,……so I sold our house and bought it. I don’t want to go further in that, but we sold our home and moved and ultimately it all sort of “worked out”.

Now the ” meat” of this,…..the entire fishing industry of New England (as well of the rest of the country) was literally “Comandeered” by the Magnusen-Cook act passed by our willing congress in 1971 (?0)!

Check my next blog to see how and what the government does to “help” you defend into poverty and obstruct your efforts to be a “pioneer” under our Constitution!!


September 4, 2018


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The Healthcare Conundrum Part 2 – Insurance Companies!!

Please bear in mind, I am a writer,( or at least I try to be!) In the first segment of this article I dealt with “the DOCTOR”, the, sometimes unwitting collaborator rings us to the second collaborator, The Insurance Companies.

The Insurance company, with it’s hundreds and thousands, in some cases, employees, actuarials, and most importantly LAWYERS, have the resources, the “two sided” rationale and , and most importantly, the MONEY, to sustain it’s existence longer than any Doctor, or Patient, except for the likes of Warren Buffet and Bill Gates.

Insurance companies exist to, as every company in this country, make a profit for it’s shareholders. Sure they have developed “sharing” relationships with BIGGER and more NOTED insurance companies to “lay-off their risk” in “sharing”.

What does that mean to us? Simply put Insurance Companies are the Corporate form of “local bookies”!! You don’t believe me? They “layoff” their bets, or risks, on what they insure with the bigger “fish”. The bigger bookie can afford it,or has people above his humble business than can afford to “cover the “loss” on a 50 to 1 bet on the New England Patriots to win the Super Bowl, almost three months before the season even begins. That is what gambling and betting is all about,…the “risk/reward ration.

For example if the Patriots are facing off against the Green Bay Packers in the SuperBowl, it is logical for Patriot fans to bet on them, and Green Bay fans to bet on the Packers,….that’s a fact! BOTH CAN NOT WIN!! Therefore some folks will win big, others lose big. That’s where the odds come in to play, and the farther out from the actual gain the more can be made, if you win the bet!

Bookmaking SHOULD be LEGAL just to level the playing field. While the “bookies” are illegal, they play an important role. They actually insure a more level playing field so the Boston Fans don’t put their local bookie out of business, because he will “layoff”, or sell some of his bets on Boston off to out of state bookies for a lesser amount which allow him to come up with the payout money without going broke! And because the “bookie” to whom he “laid the bet off on”, can now cash in a winner on his own if he had not laid off a portion of his own bets on the Patriots. Confusing, but it is a situation that’s been around for centuries, and truthfully you will never meet a poor bookie, because if they are not paying attention to their business, they go broke really quickly.

Insurance companies are the “bookies” of the Medical profession. The “backfill” the costs or losses a hospital may incur by passing the loss off on it’s premiums to it’s policyholder. Sound “noble, right, and a fair system, but no enter the Healthcare Administrators at the hospital. How so you ask? By inflating the hell out of the “costs” of providing the actual services they provide!

The little box of Kleenex, and handy disposable pitcher of water and the other, “extras” that are tacked on your bill, not to mention the costs of cleaning the hospital, it’s equipment, and what the hospital purchases to operate. Is the cable services in your room for the TV or the Internet access you get, who pays for that? Just think about it and with all the “Volunteers” working at a hospital that reduces the “paying jobs” yet they are not providing the services for remuneration, but IF THEY WEREN’T the Hospital would have to hire someone to do the job, yet where does the profit made from these things go??

Besides that, have you ever seen a Hospital file bankruptcy? And if you don’t pay them because you have no “insurance” the bill simply becomes a “Tax write-off” for them. It balances the overcharged prices that they bill the Insurance Companies, who by the way have already colluded to accept lower amounts and padded them up so that their losses are HUGE, (on paper). Do you really think they lose sleep over it?

About a year ago I had a Hip issue, my Primary Physician refers me to an orthopedic Doctor, he does two X-rays and tells me it is pain in my “Lumbar area”, and further refers me to his “colleague”, two more X-rays, and he’s wanting to send me for an MRI (Magnetic Resonance Image) so he can determine EXACTLY where to inject Cortisone Steroids into my spine???? Hello, SPINE? Granted he may be a “good” doctor, but I’m not willing to gamble “paralysis”, and loss of movement from my waist down as a side effect of a misjudgment, or a “oops!”! I don’t look good in a wheel chair or walker!

So I ask about an alternative, the answer is that we can try a “Brace” which will help, but not cure the problem. I opt for the brace, (after all they tell me Medicare will pay for it!) I get my “Girdle”, or brace, try it according to directions (20 minutes a day, every day) it really doesn’t help BUT at the end of the month I get my Medicare Part “B” statement, and guess what? They refused to pay the Doctor’s for the Brace, BUT also told me I wasn’t liable to pay for it because the Doctor’s office was not authorized to sell it and be reimbursed by Medicare!

At my follow up appointment I mentioned this to the Dr., gave him copies of the notice that I was not liable for it! Guess what, I never heard from them again, the Brace is in it’s original plastic bag by my bed on the floor. (By the way they billed Medicare over $795, for this “girdle device”.

I am concluding that based on my third or fourth Chevrolet vehicle, it’s the fact that the driver’s seat is slightly “offset” from the steering wheel so when you get behind the wheel, you are offsetting your upper and lower body to accommodate and let you drive over time.

Until I find some ambulance chasers willing to do a “class action suit” against GM and verify it,……here I am!!

Part three is simply a “rant”as to why we are overall screwed up when it comes to health care. Do not misunderstand me, I would go to work tomorrow for the Insurance Industry to TRY and control costs and fraudulent practices and basic reasons the costs all are moving “faster than a speeding bullet”, to put everyone at risk! There has to be a solution or we and our government all go down together


August 26, 2018

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