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How damn stupid can we get now????

At 75, (yup! getting much older, who turned the time curve up to max!!) But seriously, even at 74 I think that women are great, I’ve got one who is only two years younger than I am, and I told her about this “Women’s March”! Her response was “Yeah,….so what?)

We both have some bad habits, BUT the most important things in life are not that we have been married 61 years, and despite “squabbles” we both love each other and have never “strayed”!

But as I get older I start to think about things like “what do I do if she ‘goes first”? Damned, I know I never bought enough life insurance, all my investments went further south than Florida, and like the old line says,”all good things come to an end”. Name anything I did wrong,….and it goes downhill from there!

But I certainly hope she goes before me,…..but not for the usual reasons!! I don’t want her to have to clean up after me,….and I know it will be a hard boat to row for me. But the “for better or worse, til death do you part I take seriously. (The first thing she will do is cut up my credit cards!! I won’t need them any more!) I call them my politician insurance. One way or the other I ain’t cutting them up, because then I am at their mercy, a “statistic” on the welfare rolls, the unemployment rolls, the tax rolls, and ultimately “dust in the wind”, as I don’t want, nor can I afford to piss my wife into any further debt, for vanity, and to enrich a bunch of folks who are ghouls!

Sorry, but I told you in the last blog “Some folks say I’m old and cranky,…so what?” Maybe more of us should become old and “cranky”, deliberately!!!

I am a rabid Trump Supporter, but I need to see more. His moves and accomplishments since he was inaugurated in 2017 have been SUPERB, but I want a few more to “shore up” my country, read on and see if you agree with me.

The only “pinch” Nancy Pelosi has ever felt is the one from the old blind guy on the bus! “IF” if she ever had a half a brain , a medical faux pas occurred, but that is only a “Memory” now, not even a thought.

Anyone married knows when the wife say’s “Nothing more a dollar”, there ain’t no negotiation, it does not yield to logic, facts, testimony, or anything else, (too many brain circuits” are “set like concrete”!)

But I deviate. We need that “ground fault circuit breaker” the founders put inn the Constitution, Article V , of the Constitution, which allows for a “Constitutional Convention” to make changes to the Constitution.

Consider these points that DEMAND invoking this “Constitutional Right” by the People, NOT their Reps and Senators!!!

#1 Term limits be changed only allow for 2, 6 year terms for Congress People, NO EXCEPTIONS!”, and 1 , six year term. For Senators, NO EXCEPTIONS, and the current two four year terms for a President!!

#2 IF the Federal Government FAILS to agree, or gratify a BALANCED Budget, then the government, in any year, shall be “SHUT DOWN”, and ALL duly elected members of Congress and the Senate shall have any and all PAYROLL withheld immediately and until the situation is reconciled. Furthermore all SENATORS AND CONGRESS PEOPLE SHALL NOT BE REIMBURSED FOR A PERIOD OF ONE YEAR AFTER SUCH situation is imposed. Also during such a “Shut Down” absolutely NO travel buy any such Representatives and Senators shall be allowed, without SPECIFIC WRITTEN APPROVAL of THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES and ratification of THE SITTING SUPREME COURT.

Let me know your thoughts!!

God Bless America!!


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Some folks say I’m old and “cranky”,,… bet!

And why not?

There once was a time when it MATTERED to be patriotic, there once was a time when it was an HONOR to run for office, and there once was a time, but,……….. “THAT WAS THEN, THIS IS NOW!!!”

And as they say, It just doesn’t matter any more!!!!! And “that which we have” is the fruit that “fell off the vine and rotted on the ground! Many folks challenge me and say, “You think you could do any better?”. My answer is simple as a country we are all staggering around in the dark, pretending to “know it all” from the “talking heads”, and TV “dunderheads whose REAL claim to fame is they simply “look good” on TV and make an obscene income from that ability, or “think because they do they have a degree in “Journalism” or other related items,…..thus the term “talking heads” entered our lexicon!

The fact is only YOU can learn from what you digest mentally, and judge for yourself! NOT what someone else “tells you” you know or think as a result of what “THEY” have told you. “That’s a fact Jack!!”

Number one, I don’t really care what YOU think! Give me the facts, the data, and let ME break it down, gather the truth, assess the options and establish MY opinion, end of discussion. Sure additional data, “bullshit” and other more colorful stuff may come along, and guess what, I am capable of making my own decision after separating it all to reach the conclusion. Will I always be right? No, but neither will I necessarily be wrong. But today that is the underlying direction and opinion of “WE the People”, simply followers, and “lemmings”

The new dictum is extremely simple, “Can we sell this crap as gospel, or not!”


January14, 2019

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A Good Irish Pub is always a winner!!!!

Long ago in a far off galaxy I used to own an Irish Pub. IT WAS GREAT!!

But as a profitable business it was not the best ,…BUT it had the heaviest, and most awkward “Albatross” around it’s neck from day one! Let me explain, and please give me your comments , let me know your opinions when you finish, please.

The primary business I owned was a 15,000 sq. foot Country Western Dance Club, designed and built to look like a full old Western Town with the 1500 sq ft dance floor that was the Main Street of the mystical town, varied levels of seating, all adjacent to the dance floor and a stage with a stage front made to look like an authentic old Western Town “opera hall”.

Anyway the egregious “rent” on the Country Western Dance Club was $5000, a month, BUT it was only allowed one (1) liquor license per premise, or business, and it could not be split or otherwise “adapted”.

We also had a small area that we converted into a “Steak House” that sat about 120 people at full capacity. And that’s where the “rub” came. Simple math, $5,000 a month for rent, plus payroll and other usual and customary costs, entertainment management, bartenders, doorman, cleaning, salaries and labor, payrolls, insurances, taxes permits, and food costs, even scaled down to an Irish Pub size,the break even per customer was huge, and I didn’t want to create a “Gin Mill”, lest we wind up being targeted by the police the Alcoholic Beverages Commission, the health inspectors, Undercover narcotics inspectors and other “you name it” factors, etc.

And I certainly did not want to spend my late nights breaking up “bar fights” and all the other Behavioral problems that occur. (Quick aside, I never experienced being served with as many “Restraining Orders in the first six months of running a business in my entire life, and I’d been an entrepreneur since I was 24 years old!!)

I tried every idea I could dream up in marketing and making the Pub succeed. I found a lot of the old working families that had worked in the City that were the original descendants of the influx of Irish immigrants who worked the 125 year old factory that the building had been before I started my re-models to become the Country Western Dance Club, and subsequently Irish pub, and the University of New Hampshire was only 7 or 8 miles down the road.

It did work,…but not the way I really felt it should. Then I found out a lot of the descendants of the Irish working families regarded my intent and attitudes as being that of “PLASTIC IRISH”, Just out to make a buck!!!

Couldn’t be farther from the truth!! But who ever listens. My vision for it was that of the old Irish Pub which served as the “Neighborhood Social Club” with something for everyone, hence a Pool Table, three Dart Courts, a full bar and ALWAYS Guinness on Draft, and seven other draft beers, mostly imported or crowd pleasers like the Sam Adams Line, always featured local “Micro Breweries” and their unique offerings plus the most authentic Irish food menu we could beg, borrow or steal, Plus variations on standards, like “Irish Nacho’s”, Guinness Beef Stew served in a Boule Bread bowl which was also edible, (and super delicious by itself with beef stew juices absorbed in the bread and the “French Bread type crusty basis”.

I had a daily special for dinner for the UNH College kids of a Guinness Beef Stew in the Boule Roll bowl, and a full Pour of a “Guinness Pint”, for $5.95!!! I always remember the week of UNH graduation I was slammed, The parents insisted on their students who spent their dinner money on my Pub’s “Student Special” and each and everyone of them thanked me personally for taking care of their kids. (My claim to fame then became that of “The guy who put the kids through UNH and feed them right!” .

My daughter called me and asked if she could have her wedding at the Pub, “it was officially titled, “The Emerald Rose Pub”. I said sure (at least I would get to meet all of her friends, And throw a real Wedding and Reception no one would ever forget. Then I started getting calls for After Baptism Parties, First Holy Communion Parties, Weddings, Anniversaries, even had after burial “funeral Parties”, Reunions of Irish Tour groups, (we had several genuine Irish Tour guide leaders, worldwide acclaimed Irish musicians, and other celebrities.

It was a pleasure to run, and really a payback from the entire community the way the old Pubs of Ireland were for social ability, and “just friends”, the Epitome of the “Cheers” mentality I was hoping for as a result.

But no matter where I go I haven’t found anything, or place to rival it.

It was, a life wish completed,….and my wife ran the entire kitchen, my Brother-in-law Tom as my Doorman , and did a fantastic job, my daughter was a waitress, and we held our share of “benefits” for all the major causes, and even a Country Western Lunch and Dance day at no cost for the then Presidential Candidate Ross Perot! We have had Jim Haller, world renown Chef, author and owner of “The Blue Strawberry” of Portsmouth New Hampshire, who was selected to write a cookbook for the Terminally Ill by the government of Canada, as a guest chef for a benefit for AIDS and we never charged or asked for a dime, ….that’s where giving back to your community is your obligation, and duty, and the “Thank you”for their support!

We all have dreams and I wish everyone could achieve at least a couple of them that they really wish for within their lifetime!

But all good things must come to an end. The Landlord had an opportunity to rent out all of my leased space to the Contractor who grades all the College Board Essays, so as I said it all came to an end,…..I was forced to close it, file Bankruptcy for the businesses, and upon advise of my Attorneys file Personal Bankruptcy as well. We lost our home, our possessions, and at 55 years old had no choice but to pull up stakes and move. So here I am in Florida since 1997.

Would I do it all again,…..short answer,..”in a heartbeat”. But financially, at 74 now, both money, investors and “future management viability is Questionable.

But you can make dreams come true, just persevere, and follow the dream, as they say in the Marines, “adapt, overcome, and advance!”

If not, you then become one of those folks who NEVER truly achieve something you’ve really wanted to do, 100% on your own, with all the skills you’ve ever learned and had in your gut, ….”or inner child”.

A great though for Christmas. I wish all of you the courage to pursue your dreams, and succeed or fail on your own merit and terms!


December 15, 2018

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Maybe it’s. Time for a NEW reincarnation of Woodstock weekend!

I love the 60’s music, the lyrics and the entire philosophy of the “Woodstock Experience”. Unfortunately despite being “in the zone” of the times, I had already enlisted in the U.S. Navy in ’65, married in ’67, and was beginning my “other life”, but even to this day I have an old two CD set of the music of Woodstock, a number of “extra’s” and just the entire flavor of it.

But like I said that was then, this is now, I’m going on 74, but still love what it actually stood for, a “peaceful” well behaved protest of where the country was going t the time. That said are we not in the same place now?

Is our President, Donald Trump, trying with all his might, education and belief and then trying his damndest, to put our country back on track for the future. I believe he is, regardless of what anyone is saying or “alleging”,….he is in fact the “Atlas” we see in the statute, holding the entire world Globe on his back!

And as Ayn Rand wrote in her massively foresightful written novel, and asked the simple question, “What if Atlas shrugged”, with the entire world on his back)

Maybe that’s why I was a “closet Wood-stocker”. There is always a vibrancy, a life, and an emotion in it’s music. Which was the “Call to Arms”, to tell us the Vietnam war was wrong, the way we were treating each other was wrong, the direction we were moving was wrong.

BUT, the total change in the entire approved “objectives” of being “a person, or citizen”, a citizen of the greatest country in the world, and the acknowledged reality that we were going the wrong way on a one way street, to try and adjust “right to , liberty, the pursuit of happiness”, and the freedom of all mankind was being ignored, primarily because of the philosophical shifts going on , from being AMERICA, THE UNITED STATES and thereof, the folks with the power to do it right and stop all the insanity,….That was the objective of Woodstock, to quietly, orderly, and subtlety CHANGE THE WORLD!

Some of us bought into it back then, and unfortunately were seduced to “the dark side” to steal the Star Wars image, and join the dark side to succeed, care for our young families, feed them, educate them and insure the entire party line, regardless of political affiliation, all was well, ….and just trust! Just Trust what?

That was the entire bottom line of Wood stock! It wasn’t alright, and it was only propagating the direction in which we were going to have to move to get it right!


December3,, 2018

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“Leadership” is NOT cowardice!!

I just heard a “talking head” make the above title statement, on NATIONAL TV, Wednesday October 24th at approximately 6:15 pm CST on Fox News.

So what is Leadership,….cowering under your desk,…..ignoring the problem due to “previous commitments”, it”s all making the DECISION to actually NOT BE A LEADER”!

Are you really sick of difficult deadlines, pie in the sky goals, seemingly impossible financial restraints, woefully incompetent staff, and overall that black hole in your gut telling you to go hide under your bed with a “blanket” of your choice forever.

But reality tells you to get a “Job”, settle for a weekly paycheck, and just adjust to being a “worker bee”,….not the “Leader of the Pack”!

But it is easier to be a leader,….trust me! As the old axiom goes, “sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, and sometimes you never get to play !” But anyway you cut it, say it or make excuses for it,….that’s ALL on you. Not any of the items I noted above.

Now yes, there are times there are legitimate reasons why it doesn’t work, BUT it was your “job code” to ANTICIPATE, and PREVENT those reasons,….any way you could,…..because that was YOUR responsibility to do that, in performing YOUR responsibility, to your best possible ability you are being the leader. And if it doesn’t succeed, it’s not a matter of laying right or wrong,….there was an “angle” you did not effectively view all the outcomes from,….that’s all. But you only have that luxury ONCE in your lifetime! There is a old axiom I learned as a small child, if you touch the radiator, and get burned,… “got learned” the next time you were stupid and got no sympathy or understanding,…..any questions now!

That is leadership.

I used to be a Weather Observer/Forecaster, and Oceanographic conditions Forecaster for Submarine Detection during the 60’s “Cold War” era. THAT was a scary period, even during practice exercises, we played for “a half a step” to ultimate obliteration on both sides of the “games”, and “temptations”, and the “I’m better than you!”type of Playground gamesmanship.

Taking that “second to last” ultimate step,….but not doing it, took guts, and the real knowledge of what LEADERSHIP was all about,….even though it was a drill.

End of comments on leadership. Now back to your normally scheduled REAL leadership game for real. It’s called “LIFE”.

Be a leader and no one will ever have to tell you you are, it’s an inherent mark on your soul that you are the only one that needs know!


December 2, 2018

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Re : More on GOD???

Please read the below “Laws, and Penalties” based on Islamic teachings and documents.

Do I need say anymore? Obviously the concept of a “benevolent and forgiving God” has left the room!

Please tell me where the “inside” motivation comes from in this religion, the really strange acceptance by the rest of the world and the “enlightened”, and the willingness of the rest of the “Globalists” based on facts so far in the world about them “Living together in harmony” with the rest of the world?


November 30, 2018

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Can we talk about GOD,….briefly?

As you get older your mind is forced to turn to some more mundane things, like what happens when I die!

Last night I woke out of a sound sleep and had a little brain storm for a radio station. It led from an actual station designator (WAGC – W’All God’s Children) I want it to be a combination learning and talk show format , and I want it divided into four Prime Time segments (Daytime 8am – Christianity, 12Noon – 4pm Judeaism, 4pm – 8 pm Islamism and 8pm-12pm The Asian religions and their influence. Mid-night to 8am could be an open talk show with guests and panels, or just simply religious music of all faiths, randomly.

During most of the day it would be educational and attempting to answer the similarities and differences of each religion, it’s history in time and it’s relevance to the others.each of the four segments would have a “host” or “moderator”, segments for -sermons, Q&A call in or write in options, to avoid the world of “crazies ad zealots” who are only interested in proselytizing or denying there is a God

But, as the world turns, back to my. Forte, opinion and comment!

It really would be nice if I lived in America, the place where the winner of elections is worthy of the victory , and the loser, sorry millennial Libtards, is defeated, but is gracious enough to accept their defeat, and let everyone move on with their lives. I mean really. Take our recent Florida Federal Senate race, it’s now a full TWO WEEKS, after the election and the vote will be “FINAL” after the Secretary of State signs off on it this Thursday, Democrats 0, Republic 1, then there is the State election for the Governor, after a tense 10 days of all kinds of speculation, the winner by over 15,000 votes wind and the Democrat finally “sort of” concedes!

No other State had this much trouble,……AGAIN!! All with the same commissioner of elections in both races, (You might remember her from the infamous “hanging chad” case of the Bush/Gore days) From ballots, forgotten in a car trunk to those in the kitchen of a school that was a “lost”!!!

Why are we such cynical a**holes? For me it’s easy,…….lameless, blameless, and shameless people who need to take lessons in History, Civility, and “Love of Country”,…..NOT blind allegiance to Party, AND certainly no information to discuss any of it other than the challenge with ,……”You are a (choose one) Sexist, egotist, ….racist bigot,…..masogonist , “or “just plain idiot” (OR the ultimate slam”,….I can’t discuss anything with you because you can’t even be rational about a discussion!!

And home to the basement, or rented apartment, or their “future investment” (a/k/a House) they live in,sort of.

I study the issues,I listen to both the proponents, and the opposition for of all of them, then I, and I counsel with my own mind and there you have it ,…..a decision is made, and by the way I enjoy a good debate,….based on facts and figures not the “well that doesn’t matter, I feel,……” crap, crap, crap””.

Enough venom for today,…..but a poll of anyone who reads this, what is the difference between a “soup”, and a “stew”. Serious question,….my answer in the next blog!


November 19, 2018

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OK,….I’m officially disgusted!!!!!

This past week, (actually Tuesday) the head chef at my usual “watering hole” had a stroke in the parking lot behind the restauant. She was only 43 years old!! She passed away yesterday, (Thursday afternoon) after being transferred from our local hospital, to the “mother ship” sixty miles away, and endured a process called “coiling” on a brain aneurysm, that apparently resulted from the stroke she suffered.

At 43 years old NO ONE should have to die that young,….but it happens!

And then if that’s not enough the DAMN Democrats have created a “enemy Rebel” mindset fostering what boards on insurrection and treason,….and it grows like a rabid dog biting everyone in the neighborhood, without any interference or controls, or the potential folks affected doing a damn thing!!

This is not either the Constitution or the Bill of Right’s, to me it is a CRIMINAL offense a merely a shallow breath less than a full act of impeachable sedition and fully at risk for any of those involved. The cry of resist, deter, and disrupt is a strategy on the strong side of INSURRECTION, subject to the highest penalty of the Country.

Despite their full and total efforts to impeach, or undermine the efforts of the President, and everything he has accomplished in a scant two years of tireless work, the dedication and appointments, (note: if I am not wrong President Trump still has almost close to 200 appointments that have just been in Limbo for almost two years. The list as President Trump says, “Promises made, promises kept” and the efforts have more than doubled and been thwarted at every turn, totally based on a “Never Trump” mindset!

I won’t waste the ink nor the time to even give assessment to the Supreme Court nominations that were fully disgusting instead of virtually embarrassed. It is “bush league to say the least Justice Kavanaugh has under gone over FIVE (5) FUll background in the last 10 years, yet “witnesses” who were so biased and disgusting that a first year law student should have been able to disgrace them, and they all were within a week or two of the actual Vote for confirmation!

How can any Democrat with only two brain cells even to this day stay “outside the evidence and reason” of their insane leaders, Schumer and Pelosi!!.

And on top of all of that President Trump still double down to reestablish America for what we ALL want it to be,….a government “By the people, for the people, and OF the people!

Read the history of the ACTUAL struggle of the few who literally rushed not only the complete Condemnation and threat to their very lives, so that WE could be the greatest country in this world today.

As Benjamin Franklin said when questioned about the form of government we were given by our forefathers he replied,,,,,,,,”it is a democratic republic, if you are lucky enough to keep it!”

Life is too short for ANY of us to lose sight of what is REALLY at stake if it is lost by ignorance, stupidity, bias, and prejudice by the few, left unchallenged by the ideals of OUR REAL FORM OF GOVERNMENT!

Just as a note, Charles Krauthammer, despite hie death a few scant few months ago has just released his “Newest” and last book titled, “Things that matter”,…WELL WORTH THE READ, on life and “Three decades of passions, Pastimes, and Politics”.


November 18, 2018

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Hey why are we able to think, but not talk?

Life has been very “rocky” the past couple years. So that statement bears the answers to two other questions. “How”, and “Why”. I have a mind that works 24 hours a day, I even wake up with either a specific question, or a thought, idea or comment, and despite numerous speakers, books and other input that say, “have a note pad by the bed so you can write these things down then go back to sleep and review them in the morning when you’re fully awake!”

RIGHT!! But I’m beginning to think it’s real quality idea. So I will look for the appropriate note pad and pen and set it all up this weekend, it’s Friday today so we will begin tomorrow.

But as a human I have questions, as well, of the previous paragraph. As a Catholic I believe in God, but I have always had questions for Him, that’s why I prefer the Protestant idea of “talking directly to Him”. (I don’t believe in having “proxies” or “surrogates” doing the job for you,) and I do that every day, at least twice a day, I call it “meditating” but more “officially” it’s praying and talking to Him. Usually first thing in the morning, even before I have “tea and toast”

So what am I “saying”, we can’t talk to each other any more due to preconceived ideas and “convictions”, primarily because we are “conditioned” ( much like Pavlov’s dogs) with key triggers, that once pulled, completely cause us to stop listening and throw up all the defenses we have against it the topic, including rhetoric and emotional suppositions !

This is obviously an “EX” rated blog, if your “ex” see’s it the first thing she’ll say is “SEE, I told you so!!”. Don’t even try and tell her “calm down” (the equivalent of trying to baptize a cat) is guaranteed to occur!) just read and heed.

Have a great week!

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The USA is undoubtedly EXCEPTIONAL!!!

No if, ands, or buts,….unless you are a lazy, “you owe ME” type! We work for a living here, AND WE WORK HARD!!

I read a quote from one of my favorite people, Voltaire, this morning. It is familiar to people the world over, it goes “I may disagree with what you say,…BUT I will defend to the death, your RIGHT to say it!”

That is America, but the problem is simply put in a discussion I had with some folks the other day,…..we can talk about ANYTHING, whether its’ true or not, nor whether it is reputable or is harmful, or even if it’s pure SPECULATION! What we don’t do well, as an entire COUNTRY is to calmly LISTEN, DISCERN, and ASK THE PERTINENT QUESTION(S) so as to fully understand and be knowledgeable in the issue in question.

Our biggest problem is that we make everything to EMOTIONAL and “discussion” can only do one of two things, escalate into closed minded arguments, or denigrate to factually baseless emotional arguments. Either way the value of discussion is gone!

Simply put the use of todays media, their obsession to be #1 in the almighty ratings, grab the largest “audience share” or in simple terms the biggest percentage of available money to insure their future jobs, and the ownership or “stockholders” and their ROI (return on investment) of the almighty DOLLAR.

Also that seems to be the prevailing philosophy and modus operandus

What an interesting premise for a TV series,….I’ll temporarily call it “The Founders and the Flounders”. And then assign the task of the “Founders” to be magically transported “legendary heroes”, like Nathan Hale, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, and other early and perhaps not that well known “Founders” of our country, and have them transported to today’s United States to work as “interns” doing assignments as “teaching assistants, or “Substitute Teachers”, in History, Government, and other subjects in today’s schools, as well as English, Literature, and “writing skills” in today’s schools.

We are so busy formulating our immediate “judgement” on issues and items in the world we no longer strive to understand them, and more importantly search for the CIVILIZED, and TRUE HUMANITY of making proper decisions , and GOD FORBID, do our own thinking and demonstrate the essence of learning both sides and DEFENDING both sides as that subtle art of “REAL LEARNING, and the REAL TRUTH”, of those matters are, but more importantly, fostering and propagating them, or being able to “defend” them, or “support” them.

That is an ages old art, the new an acronym for it is termed “Forensic eloquence,….an it is the greatest form of teaching and learning ever conceived. And when I say “ages old art” it goes back to the Greeks, the Romans, and is VERY popular at colleges and most advanced High School areas, it’s popularly named “DEBATING”.

Not to be confused with legislative “bulls**t! Sometimes it can take weeks, or months to build your position, and in forensic debating which can sometimes be done on a “luck of the draw” basis , you might have to be a Proponent on the assigned topic OR. an Opponent so either way you. MUST be prepared at all times. It is PURE and proper “debating” of the position, or you can’t ever win. The team of judges are sometimes unknown, but their comments are worth a “FREE RIDE” to Harvard. Princeton, Yale or any other great college. There is no “provoking” other than pure PROOF of your position. Would that our Senate, and Congress were to learn and understand THAT is the most effective form of communication of this earth. I was on the Debating teams in HighSchool and to this day (50+ years into the future) still build my arguments and defend them as well that way!

Research, research and more research and GREAT notes on index cards for quick reference during a debate. It fosters your learning to RESEARCH, MAKE NOTES (with citations so they may be verified) ORGANIZE, and then speak publicly with out the “um, ah, or let me check my notes.

We would be able to INCREASE the success levels of our younger folks today a THOUSAND FOLD,…..if they leaned how to debate things properly and not storm off, and be as ignorant as they have been developing,…..I’m just saying!

The entire process can be a giant leap for your life career, and understanding of almost everything.

Like them or not a lot of successful people live by this comment, take Donald Trump, Ronald Reagan, Dwight D. Eisenhower, and most of the newspaper columnists and editorialists from days gone by, “Not buxom , coiffed and well made up and dressed ‘Talking Heads” we see on TV today. Most would fail miserably if they had to argue anything without prior knowledge, pages of notes and “Directors and Producers”

A trained forensic speaker, has their own style, but their evolution has been their trademark, and why they live on in History. Doubt me? Read “THE FEDERALIST PAPERS” and their replies, “THE ANTI-FEDERALIST PAPERS”, the complete debates of BOTH SIDES, and most written by the FRAMERS of our own Constitution.

Consider their educations, where they learned, and what they learned,….and after you sit down and get to know them , how they thought, how they developed their “PRO’S and CON’s ,……then sit down and scratch your head and ask yourself,…..why were they so smart even with the time they were born and how they lived.

I suggest one book to make the point. QUESTION: What major part of the government is NOT really part of the US Government, but has MORE CONTROL over it that the Presidency, the entire Congress, Democrats and Republicans alike?

Read the book “The Creature from Jekyll Island”

Hope I got you thinking and let me know what you think!



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