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Back to WordPress!!!

Help!!! For a number of years, (actually 15+) I wrote on WordPress FREE site, then I scored a “domain” and began writing on it, “tommyirish” if you’re interested,….but I also have almost a dozen other blogs that I would like to utilize and combine, ….BUT that said at 72 years old, I ‘m not the ” brightest ” nerd in the chandelier, and I need help!

I want to kill off some of my old dead blogs, and re-organize all my blogs back to a two or three button easy access site, be it WordPress or a separate “domain”, but I want to do it so I can just simply write the blogs, not worry about the “tech” side of doing it!!

Anybody got any ideas? Oh one other thing I would prefer one “site” or domain and let folks select which of about 6 different blogs that. They would like to read and/or follow and make it easy for them to get there over and over again!


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Boy,…it’s really heating up…worldwide!

While Great Britain yesterday voted by referendum to withdraw from the European Union, the whole cadre of idiot politicians and money managers were swearing ‘doom and gloom’, and today they are making it happen, Dow Jones down over 600 points NASDAQ dropping like a rock,…well, as Gomer Pyle used to. Say,”. ..Shazaam!. But have no doubt, they are achieving their goal of scary Joe Average, investor, retiree, and and “churning” the market! Tomorrow they will be back like a food frenzy of sharks and buy up every stock worth a buck that’s trading below value because of today’s sell Off!!

Anyway, the tone is changing and now June 23, 2016 is fast becoming “Great Britain’s Independance Day’,…..and there is something to that whole process. for example they are now free of domination from Brussels, no longer on the hook for assessments to  bail out Greece, Spain, and others,…free to control their  own monetary system, free to make their own political and economic decisions,…..gee, almost sounds like the poor “Colonists” in 1776,….hmmm!!

More later,…gotta go!





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Moving back to WordPress!!!!

New site(actually the old blog) is ‘The Emerald Rose’.

I’m testing it with this message, if you get it, e-mail me at “” thanks!!!



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    Check my new domain “”.

   Miss having “pints” and breakfast in Downtown Rochester at 5:30 am with you and solving all the worlds problems.

Tom Corcoran

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tommyirish test blog

testing access

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If you are my “friend” DON’T ask me to play games!!!!

I don’t mean to hurt anyones feelings, nor do I fault anyone for playing the “internet games”, i.e Candy Crush, Spelling bee or any others,….BUT please do not invite me. I’m old fashioned person,….I do NOT play games, except Chess, Backgammon, and that’s  because I really like to look my opponent in the eye and study them, and their play style, etc. Call me old fashioned my wife loves Suduko,……me NOT.

I use computers to extend my learning and knowledge, to communicate and to otherwise expand my “base of being” here. Besides I falll on the floor, LMAO everytime that old commercial showing the applicant for the job sitting in front of a VERY stern looking “suit” looking at his resume, and he finally lifts his heaad and fixes the applicant with a hrd gaze and says, “I see here you achieved 850,000 points in “Donkey Kong”,…but aside from that what have you done with your life?”.

If you have spent that much time “Crushing Candy”, and that other stuff, then you must be “wicked smart”, so just for giggles, answer a few questions for me;

1. Name two of the “Founding Fathers” who never signed the Declaration of Independance?

2. When, what year, did the people of the United States first have to pay “income Taxes””?

3. How many 12 oz. “Buds” are there in a keg of beer?

4. Basically aside from seasoning your foot, what was the primary purpose of salt 100 years ago?

5. How many elements are there in the periodic table?

6. Who are the most famous people to have died on the Fourth of July?

7. What are “nappies”?

8. When was the “television” actually invented?

9. Who was the first Host of “The tonight show”?

10. Who was the female singer with “Jefferson Airplane” that sang “White Rabbit” at Woodstock?

Have a nice day crushing Candy, and check in Wednesday for the answers to the above.

BONUS QUESTION!!!!   AS some may have noticed in my blogs, at the end, I always use “-30-” at the end, what does it mean and where did it come from?

You’re still a friend, but knowledge is gained from research, reading, and an inquisative nature.


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Bring back the draft!!!

While I am definately in the minority, we, as a country, absolutely need to bring back the draft for todays young folks. Why? so they can learn to have respect for others, to dress like human beings should, learn how to make theur bed, wash theeir clothes, and the quintessential reason work is good!
As I am out and about a lot, I am never ceasing to be amazed when, after I think I saw it all yesterday,…and poof! There is something newer and more outrageous today to marvel at! They have figured out how to defy the laws of gravity when it comes to wearing pants in the male domain,…while in the female domain while I’m no prude, and love to see a gorgeous woman in a bikini,….the number of “butterballs” that should be given a ticket for littering the beaches, by just being there, and creating nausea attacks when they cross the road and tie up traffic are no better.
But on the serious side of things, while I can’t tell you exactly how many military bases we have closed around the “hot spots” we’ve had this past year, like Baltimore, Ferguson , New York and Chicago, but what do we do with them, give back to the communities where they are, they fight over who gets what part of it and how much for the next ten years then argue about how to creat an optimal “re-newal plan” and then watch it stagnate for years! All the ” military housing” for our married servicemembers, for the most part will not meet the building codes, (which the military on a military base can be exempt from if they choose), and we wind up bulldozing all of it into the ground, then try and “re-hab” the other facilities and lease them up to start up businesses for next to nothing and squeeze them until they have to pull out and leave.
So where is the “connect” between bring back the draft, and the previous paragraph?
We have the Army, The Navy, The Air Force, and the Marine Corps, as well as the Coast Guard. They have a pretty high bar to evn get accepted into the service, but look at what we waste!!! All those retireing after twenty years in the military are trained, educated, skilled, and know how to take direction, and lead. So they retire and we dump them into society to “figure it out” and with the realization they have at least another twenty to thirty years until they retire. (Not to mention that their military retirement is just augmeenting them until they are 65, not supporting them, so they have to do “something” to support their family.
BRAINSTORM!!!! Why don’t we for another “service” and call it the US Trade and vocational Services. Let’s take these retired military and have them train the rest of our “draftable folks”, teach them discipline, manners, even yes sir, no sir, and basic etiquette.
So we re-open a few of those bases, do a few studies and find out what the best trades, vocations, and opportunities will be for the next thirty years, (and re-do the study every twenty years so it stay s current with the conditions). For example, lets take a very basic simple skill,…cooking. Could we not have recent retiree’ fro mt hmilitary strt training young folks how to cook, for themselves, then as part of the culinary community, for catering, and even a career track to opening your own restaunt. With the government in charge of the Small Business Administration it represents a great potential marriage. An applicant could be enrolled in a two or three year program, six months of classes and then six month “OJT” (On The Job) apprenticeship period at local restaurants, hospitals, schools, etc. By rotating those six month periods better career decisions as well as a better quality worker would be graduated. One who knows responsibility, how to handle finances, ond who knows where they are headed, AND how to get there.
Employers agreeing to hire them for apprenticeships would get a tax break, and the workrs woulld get real life credit and reccomendations “on the front line” of their chosen field.
Just a thought,…..let’s see what trips my trigger to write on tomorrow.

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You live by the sword,….you die by the sword!!!

Not that I am a conspiricy theorist, nor a wacko,…..But consider the three things below and talk to me, or at least comment on my piece.

1. The Chinese stock markets chock big time and start shedding value while we are till sleeping here in Florida,….let’s say about 1 A.M. (Last quote I got waas it shed over THREE TRILLION dollars or more than 8% of it’s value!)
2. United Airlines had a “computeer glitch” which resulted in a temporary, BUT 100% “grund stop” of it’s entire fleet. (“Ground Stop means nothing can move, not a single plane. thus blocking ALL the gate in all the United Terminals,…”where you are is where you is gonna stay”…pretty soon the “coffee, tea , or an adult beverage” will consume the entire supply of the aircraft, and then who knows wht they do.) There is a reason to drink at 8am Dorothy,….thank you Lord,…after all it’s “not so happy hour in China”.
3. Then about 11:32a.m. Eastern time ( New York, Washington and Miami time) the New York Stock Exchange announces that “Due to a ‘technical ‘glitch’, they are suspending the trading of all stocks until they can correct the “glitch”. Coincidentally (Gee, but twenty minutes later they issue a bulletin that it is “….Not a Cyber attack. As I write this it is going on three hours later and a “new alert” says the “it plans to open the market back up between 2:45 and 3:00 pm this afternoon. (It has also passed ovr the wires that the Exchange started “cancelling” almost 700,000 orders that had been placed prior to the closure and were unfilled.) Oh and a footnote the wires also indicated the FBI, SEC, CIA, and even President “Obummer” were watching the “glitch.
4. And as a “so what?” the New York Times web site also went down for a while this morning as well.
Not that I am a conspiracy theorist as I said,… but the proper ettiquette for today is ,….” Hhmmmmm!”.
Stay tuned tomorrow for MY opinion on the “facts” that we are given as to what happened and why we are all totally safe and secure.
Pardon my cynicism!!

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So many books,…so little time!

My wife and I have always been “readers” initially me, then her. As I became more involved in business and all the other “clutter” in life, including business the need to learn various computer ystems and programs to avoid “obsolescence” I slowed down on the “reading for fun” scale.
Honestly how excited can you be about DOS, Windows, Excel, Word, etc. …but it was necessary. After my triple By-pass surgery and the need to “exercise” in 2009, I figured out why exercising was pure boredom! Unplug mind, engage muscles, was the mantra of working out! Can you spell death by being eaten alive by a single ant? Yuck,…slow and boring!
My wife had not said anything, but what ith a touch of arthritis, holding a book, and turning pages was getting really old. So for Christmas I bought her a Barnes and Noble Nook, electronic reader. She loved it would be an understatement, she started devouring books and authors, (a real T-Rex for reading). So I bought myself a Nook to take to the gym and see if it offset the being devoured by an ant syndrome. It worked. I was reading again, time on the treadmill passed quicker, (and I got healthier!!)
Now it has become as addictive as cocaine, (I guess,…having never tried it personally, but based on what I read about it.) Pretty soon my bookshelves began to fill up as did my Nook, early cloud technology. Then we both upgraded to a newer “Nook”, but I found out that I was really enjoying it!! Years ago the biggest authors I read were Robert Ludlam and Tom Clancy. Mostly because I was going to college nights, buried in reading for “work”, etc. But as I read more even newer vistas began to open up, new authors (with multiple books in a series with the same characters), and even some old authors whom I enjoyed like Leon Uris, Clive Cussler, and classics like Ayn Rand, and even Hemingway.
But as I started to work on a plan to “wind down” my worklife, I started reading more and experimenting with additional authors. One day I found out that there was another world of books available through Amazon’s new Kindle but one reader was enough,….until they came out with “apps” for kindle as well as Nook,…so I began to explore a few new avenues.
Unfortunately as an admitted “tech junkie” I got caught up in this “electrnic” reading phenomena. Pretty soon I had a couple of hundred books” in my library, but then it turned into the commercial addiction! Barnes and Noble, Amazon, a few other newcomers, etc. start targeting you. At first it was “ok”,…but pretty soon it was “Joe Blow has a new book coming out in 7 months,….reserve your copy today,…’click here’!”
“Oh yeah, I love his books, ….”click”, then next week it’s another of my favorite authors,….and then the week after that! So now I own 12 “brand new” books, by Authors I like and enjoy, that are sitting in my electronic “library”, ready to read!!
Time to turn off my e-mail device(s), and sit down and read. (I think part of my “excess” library” is the subconcious message that “You can’t take me back now God I still got 15 books I bought that I have to read first!”)
Anyone got a “Gone Fishin'”sign I can hang on the front door and a masseuse who can “exercise me” while I just catch up on the reading?? Oh yeah, and a dietician who can “feed me properly” so I don’t look like Jabba the Hut next year.
So who do you read and why do you like them? Please no literary psycho-babble,…who “trips your trigger” and keeps you up til 2 am reading?

Both my wife and I love to read, and I still have my Boston Library Card which I’ve had for well over 60 years, even though I live in Florida!
However despite my love of reading, those articles, columns, and “stuff” the internet offers, including “white Papers”, and other GREAT mind fertilizer,….well it’s almost an overkill.
Years ago you needed to either go to, or request information from “the “real” stacks”. It always conjured up a vision of little “Library Trolls” living in a dingy, dark, dusty, mildewed cellar like environment, who would scurry around and knew exactly where to find the requested book or text you asked the “real” Librarian to have retrieved. And I always believed in supporting the little Trolls, (they probably had families to support aas well). Plus those little critters were literally “faster than a speeding bullet.” Point being that you had to “wait”, albeit not long to get your hands on the desired book or text, while the Troll searched for it.
But today I am blown away at how fast I can translate a thought and a few key strokes into reality with the internet and the plethora of services available.
(Sorry Trolls,….you guys got to be getting near retirement anyway, …and no doubt you told your “little trolls” to go into IT and make a million setting up database search parameters for dating serices,and don’t hang out in “the stacks” and waste their lives like you thought you did. (Not true,…but that’s only one man’s opinion.)
Anyway, the internet and the “electronic readers”, now mean I don’t even have to go to the bookstore, (except to languish and enjoy the ‘smell’ of books like in the library). Now I just punch up something on my iPad, my iPhone, or my desktopp and I’m there. Brad Thor just released a book today,…TODAY, and I already have it, same thing with Danial Silva, (another author I enjoy reading), now they are on my “to be read” shelf in my electronic reader…)
So as the title says, my “To be read” shelf is growing, as I am on book two of a trilogy called “The Irish Endgames” (not Hemingway, but a decent premise and ‘passable’writing, as well as causing one to think a bit more than whatever is on TV tonight?)
Anyway the internet is working BIG-TIME for ‘the reader’ we get everyting almost instantly and now we face the age old problem of an addicted reader,…..”too many books, not enoough time to read them all,…..unless I retire and decide to become “one with the recliner”.
Sure hope more people agree reading today is far better and easier than it used too be,…but libraries don’t get used anymore so it’s hard to tell! (Sure hope the Trolls got Social Security and Medicare,…..they really contributed to this world for years.

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