Posted by: guinness222 | December 11, 2005

By Jove, I think I’m getting it!!!

After playing around with this blog format I thought I would just rip off an article before I head for the pub.
I noticed recently that good old indecisive France had a spot of “troubles”( I guess that’s what they think a few weeks of rioting and burning every car in sight is defined as). Well what impressed me is after the situations all quieted down and the government “reviewed” things they made a few decisions of their own. One in particular struck me as one of those “who da’ thunk it!” things. In particular the fact that all immigrants MUST learn and speak and read the French Language. I’m impressed, why didn’t our government come up with that one?
While my grandparentts all came from Ireland and aside from a rather quaint “accent” they spoke English, I had friends of Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and Latvian back grounds and they found out that if you didn’t read, write and speak English you couldn’t get work. What a motivator hey?
So where do we get off groveling to everyone who comes here and apologizing becasue we don’t know their language, but we’ll make all the signs, forms and everything else in their languages to keep them happy!
Rumor has it that the State of Massachusetts has welfare forms printed in sixteen different languages! Hello? What’s wrong with this picture. Now don’t misunderstand me, I ‘m not saying so immigrants need our welfare to survive and get on thier feet, but let’s face it, aren’t we making things just too damn accomodating and encouraging folks to “get comfortable” and the State will take care of you!
Then again when I look at things there was essentially no welfare back then and look at the number of immigrants who came to this country years ago and have now risen to the millionaire ranks of our society. You think they developed thier money while they sat home waiting for the welfare check to arrive?
Would I hire immigrants to work in my business, legal or illegal? You bet your sweet bippy! I hire people to work and if they do they become valued employees, I don’t care if they are green blue red or purple. What I do care about is if they want to work, that’s the more important factor. I’ll give anyone a chance, but the problem today is that you can’t get rid of the slaggards and losers because of “the law”. Sure Florida is a right to work state, but just try and fire someone! You’ll find your butt in a chair across from an attorney wanting half your retirement funds to defend you because the little lazy, shiftless worker you canned went crying to one of the “equal rights” clowns. (Oops! Sorry shouldn’t call attorneys clowns. Maybe scum sucking bottom dwellers is a more pat expression)
Well, Ithink I’ll stop here and post it and then figure out how to get some pictures posted and add a little “jazz” to the sight.
In the words of my favorite bartender,…”you outta here?”
“Yup, see you tomorrow.”

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