Posted by: guinness222 | December 15, 2005

A day off!!

Today is payday for the month so I said “what the hell” and decided to take the day off and get some Christmas stuff done. My crew is more than able to run the joint without me.
Let’s see, it’s 6am, been up for an hour(as usual!) had two cups of coffee, scanned the world news and all, surfed a few of my favorite sites, and have about twenty minutes left til I go get showered shaved and dressed for my Rotary Club meeting. (I’m the President this year). Then it’s a quick Board of Directors meeting with the Rotary to finalize our Christmas caroling and stockings distribution Sunday at the local hospital, then off to see my broker. (Setting up IRA’s for my wife and I,…finally) and discussing why of the only stocks I bought last spring that grew was the one I picked (Apple Computer), not the brokers “recommendations”.
Maybe a quick cup of coffee then off to finish the Christmas shopping for my wife. She’s wanting a certain setting for her wedding ring. (After forty years of wearing it I guess I can spring for it!) Then I want to get her a mixer, you know the kind you see on all the cooking shows with the one big ass beater that works in an eliptical fashion, like the Kitchen Aid ones. (I went out and priced them last week even the re-conditioned ones start at $150, and some of the new ones are as high as $450! (I know it’s a “guy thing”, and I’ll get over it, but it better not become a doorstop for those kind of bucks!)
I’ll probably swing by the store just to check up on things and handle a crisis or two that occurs during my absence, then the post office thing to send my tax guy a check (this guys good for a number of reasons I can’t go into here, but trust me he’s really GOOOD!) A few more forays into the stores for last minute things and I should be done. Then off to “the Pub” for a couple of pints and home to relax before the final ten day push to Christmas at the store,(sigh).

I haven’t even finished writting this and I’m tired already! Guess it’s time for another cigarette, cup of coffee, and re-entry into the world from my little “blog capsule” here in the ether layers.
Have a great day and drop me a comment or two so I don’t feel like the sole inhabitant of this “vast wastland”.
The nice things about a blog are it is mind provoking, and fun to express yourself. I can’t even imagine the “game nerds” who sit for hours on end just encouraging early arthritis by blowing up aliens and all that other game stuff. Besides reaching the 14,343rd level what else do you have to show for yourself? At least I have my thoughts and words and know there are thousands of others doing the same thing which I can tap into and read.
(“Get down off the soapbox and go shower”, my alterego or conscience is yelling,….Bye!)

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