Posted by: guinness222 | January 3, 2006

Things to do in 2006

Yesterday we got a panic call from one of my sisters looking for me to forward all my geneology research to my little brother who was going to have someone followup on it for a family trip to Ireland we are all making this coming August.
It’s one of my life’s goals to go to Ireland and see where my ancestors came from as well as see what happened to the “other side” of our family. Ever since I was a kid (too dumb to listen to what the “old farts” were talking about at the St. Paddy’s day parade gathering) I’ve always been curious about it. As a second generation American citizen growing up in a blue collar family with four brothers and sisters it’s always been sort of an enigma to me.
Welll it looks like I get to find out this August and I’m looking forward to it. My brother in law and I started researching the family history about fifteen years ago (primarily as an excuse to get to the Irish pubs for which Boston is so famous for), but it moved beyond that and we spent hours pouring over records and birth certificates, wedding certificates, and death cetificates and got back to our grand parents, who all came from Ireland. But that is as far as we got, the trail went cold.
My little brother has some business contacts in Ireland and he now wants to take up the gauntlet and see if he can add more to our quest. My tattered old looseleaf full of copies of all the records we could find still end in the early 1900’s as each of our grand parents seems to have come to this country alone and met and married over here. Thier names were common, there was little if any clue as to how they got here (obviously by boat, but to where and from where?) that’s what’s perplexed us for these past years. It seems like there is a huge hole in data trails from there on.
Well it’s up to him now as I have hit the wall (without dumping tons of money into these cottage industry geneologists who will do it for you)
Well now that I’m awake for the day I gueess I better take care of some other business that’s pressing on me today. See you next entry!

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