Posted by: guinness222 | January 8, 2006

One down three to go!

Well “We’re baaaaack!!”, The Patriots that is. Today is Sunday and I’ve got to follow that Steelers, Bengals game to see where we go next week. If the Steelers win, the Pats go to Denver, if the “Bungles” win we go to Indy! Either way we are most definately on the road to the Superbowl again.
Other related, well not really, items. My brother in law and asister in law are both down. He can only stay a couple days then back to Atlanta, but I guess my sister in law is staying for a week or two (I guess it’s on a need to know basis!)
I’m drawing a bit of a blank this morning so it looks like this will be a pretty brief post. The local Pub just put in the Racing channel (RTN?) for several of our regulars who are into horse and trotter racing. While it’s “ok”, I just can’t get overly excited about it, I’d have much rathered they keep the NTN Trivia stuff, but the costs are supposedly outrageous.
There are several other pubs dishing up the NTN, and a couple even have Guinness on draught, but I guess I’m like the old time patriot, “My pub right or wrong”, it’s not worth the hassle of moving my butt to a new “neighborhood”. You know how hard it is to move into a new neighborhood? There are already regulars, so you are the “newbie”, there is a “pecking order” of seniority, respect, “personal service” and of course “my stool”. Everyone knows I sit at the far end of the bar, usually the first or second stool down, “Mikie” owns the corner with the full view of the front door, Jim & Linda the two either side of Mikie and I, and of course a few others have their regular spots as well. Regulars get thier “Channel priveleges”, despite the ominous sign posted that proclaim “All TV’s are preset and the channels can’t be changed, so don’t ask”, and we even get “volume” if we want it so we can hear over whatever the management decided to put on the “house” speakers.
Then of course there is the whole “family thing”. As a regualr you get all the straight skinny on the place, everyone there (called gossip by some), and really feel like part of a family, albeit aclassic dysfunctional one, but there is a “familiararity” that is both re-assuring as well as comforting. For example if you just frequent a number of different places with no real “home” you miss all the “good stuff”, like now there are at least four waitresses tha have dumped at least $4,000 into “boob jobs”. (Incidentally they don’t look any different to me, but one of my “buds” tells me if I dropped by the Whale’s Tail (local beach and hangout for all waitstaff off duty) I would most definately notice the differeence in bikini tops. Guess I’m getting old, it’s a “so what, looks good but I’m married, doesn’t help me”.
Well got to go get another cup of coffee, finish up a few nit picks, and head out for the morning, so it’s “post time”

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