Posted by: guinness222 | January 9, 2006

Waitng for the other shoe to drop!

Great game Saturday for the Patriots, they sure looked like the SuperBowl Champs they are, and I think they still have’nt peaked yet for this year. Guess they’ll be playing Denver this coming weekend, and I must say Denver makes me a little nervous, but I have faith in the Pats!
My brother in law and sister in law are down, he’s only staying a couple days as work calls, you all know how that is, but my sister in law is staying for a week or two, should be fun.
Me? I’m just “hangin’ out” waiting to see what my genius boss has planned for 2006. (I’m sure it’s going to piss me off regardless of what it is because he is just that kind of an idiot! The “snowbirds” are here in full force and that’s a good thing for the economy, but a bad thing for business. I feel like I’m running a day care center for senior seniors all day. They roam in packs, come in and wander around, have to see feel and pick at everything in the store, comment on every single thing they see (“boy they sure don’t make these like they used to look how flimsy it is, bet it won’t hold up six months!) They are the only people I know who are always asking for non-existent things which have such specialized applications it would take ten years to get back the cost on making 50 of them, and then they are pissed because we don’t have them. And by the way the Canadiens apparently have the market cornered on these Robertson screws. They look like a regular screw except the head has a small square inset hole to put it in, and of course it requires a square headed screw driver tip. In the states you see a few, and just about any package of accessories and bits you buy has one or two, but the entire country of Canada must be assembled with these things and the Canadiens are always bugging me for special sizes. When you tell them they only come in packages with an assortment of other bits, (i.e. 75 accessories for $4.98) the answer is universal. “Oh, all I need is that one bit, do you have them seperately?” Of course not, they are probalbly about half a penny to make, and would retail for maybe on the high side for a nickel, but would cost who the hell knows how much to package, handle distribute, etc. I guess since Canada is semi-socialized they have lost the grasp of the concept that the purpose of business is to make a profit, …or be out of business.
But the good news is Canadien men are quasi useless, the wives keep them on very short leashes, make damn sure they have no money on them, and I don’t even want to think oof the fate they would incur if they spent a penny without spousal approval. Sometimes a guy will get very excited to find exactly what he has been looking for for thepast ten years, it’s on a severe mark down to get rid of them, they are priced at half thier cost, and the then you watch them get crushed to dust, because the wife simply says, “You don’t need it!” End of case end of story, end of the whimper of masculine independance. “Yes dear.”
Well off to face the throngs today! Have a good one!

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