Posted by: guinness222 | January 20, 2006

ooops! wrong button!

just a side bar here. My favorite pub ran out of “beer gas” that mixture of 75% nitrogen and 25% carbon dioxode with which they pump the Guinness and imported draft beers. (It is the only gas to use on guinness, and if you use it on your other imports you reduce spillage by about 80% plus your clientel will love it becasue you are tasting the beer, not the “fizzies” of a straight CO2 pump. The result is better tasting beer, less “bloating” and more $ at the register) They ran out last thursday, so I am on day eight without a pint of guinness! I’ve been reduced to Bass Ale in the bottle, not bad, but most definately not a substitute for my “Vitamin G”. The result is I blame my budding case of Broncitis on my pub! (Seems logical to me).
I guess in the interests of health if they don’t have gas back in by this evening I will take my Guinness glass and head to Beef O’Brady’s for a pint. I have “discussed” the situation with the owner, his two sons, the GM, and every bartender on staff. Perhaps Discussed is too mild a word, ranted and raved and generally made a scene would be more like it! After all they have two tanks, one on line and a back up. Pray tell how you get to the point of BOTH being empty and noone even aware of it? The last time they ran out, about a year ago, they did the usual stupid thing, they brought in EIGHT tanks! Then they ran out six months later and had EIGHT empty tanks sitting around. You would think someone would say “Hey, we need a better system of tracking this stuff”, but alas here we are again!
Well it’s just one of lifes little aggravations I guess, but I want my Guinness!!!!!

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