Posted by: guinness222 | January 21, 2006

Light at the end of the tunnel!

Yesterday was a better day, they finally got gas for my guinness at the pub, for that I’m thankful, The bad news is that once you tap a keg of Guinness it begins to “sour”. Don’t laugh it’s a fact. In fact I pride myself on being able to tell a bartender, within two days, exactly howmany days a keg of Guinness has been “on-line”, and I’ve never been wrong! But now the currrent Keg is pumping, but it’s been eight days with no pressure, at least another seven or eight before thay ran out of gas, and it sure is evident from the taste. (sigh) I guess I’ll have to work on getting them to mount a new keg before I turn sour from the current keg contents.
Big Superbowl party at Buster’s again this year, FREE draft beers, FREE house wine, Free Apps from kickoff to half time, FREE buffet (Ribs, Roast beef, Chicken tenders, and tons more) starting at half time, the usual tons of give away drawings for beer stuff the suppliers have been dumping in all year, and all for only $30 a head! If you’re in the neighborhood drop by it’s always a blast.
It just dawned on me that January is pretty much shot already, seems like I’m ripping those monthly calendar pages off at a much faster rate this past few years. The long awaited “Beach Re-nourishment” stuff is supposed to start arriving this next week, with the actual process beginning about the first of February. This is an engineering feat I’m really anxious to watch. If you think about it it’s really mind boggling, rebuilding an entire seven mile stretch of beach by pumping sand from the Gulf of Mexico onto the beach and making the entire thing 75 to 1oo feet bigger! It is supposed to be all done by Spring Break, but we’ll see. And then there are the pessimists who are saying “fine, ok, you got beach agin, but only til the next storm, and then we’ve pissed away a few million dollars again!” Who cares we’ll at least start looking like we used to for as long as it lasts.
Got to get new tires for my little pick-em-up, so I called around and the best price was Walmart (almost $100 less than anyone else in town!) but no matter when I bring the truck down, 7a.m., 7 p.m., it doesn’t mattter they say its a 3 1/2 to 4 hour wait! Maybe because the Snowbirds are here and have nothing else to do but sit and wait for new tires, I don’t know! I guess I can wait a few more weeks before I do it.
well got to run, have a great day

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