Posted by: guinness222 | March 8, 2006

Changing times

It’s time again, time for the “snowbirds” to leave the area, and go back to whereever it is they came from. Time to stop messing up our roads, providing more than two hundred examples of absolute cheapness,.. excuse me, frugality, per day. (“Oh my, your steak is so big here I guess we’ll just have one and a sharp knife and extra plate and we’ll share it!”)
If I ever get that bad ,…shoot me!
The good news is that with the snowbirds headed back North we are about to get the opposite extreme, the spring breaker. They are far from cheap, they spend freely, the problem is that they don’t have that much to spend, so they come collectively in groups, or herds if you like. They are an interesting people study. They break down sort of like this;
Type 1. gorgeous, beautiful, young lady- knows it, makes sure everyone else knows it, and shudders at the idea of using her money for anything that’s why she maintains this “groupie” herd of goofy college guys around her. They all think she “likes” them. DUH? You are the bankroll Bubba, think about it, when was the last time she paid for anything? But you ARE being allowed to be seen with her.
Type 2. Homely, or plain female with “a great personality” who has some money and is willing to spend it on beer, frozen margarita’s, breakfast at Whata Burgers, can afford the hotel room the “crew” rented, and the gasoline to get here and back. Is having fun, but wonders if this “fun” is all there really is.
Well this one’s old so I’ll publish and move on

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