Posted by: guinness222 | April 17, 2006

The Crossroads and life

Well I guess it’s time to fess up,…I’m a little afraid of the next few weeks, it’s new territory for me.
Let me go back a few years. When you’re young and “bullet-proof” you do what you want to do, I’m talking about jobs, careers, you know, the “big decisions” of life. I never had a problem with that stuff. I guess philosophically my thought is that you are either right, or you are wrong, and only time will tell and if you are wrong, then make the necessary corrections and keep moving forward because it will all come out right in the end.
Well it seems the older I get the less time remains to make it “come out right in the end”. I’m feeling more presssure and stress in decision-making, something I can never remember as being there before. It’s bothering the shit out of me to be frank about it.
Getting specific, it’s about working. I’ve traded the last seven and a half years of my inner self for the “paycheck”, and now I’m beginning to feel totally burned out. The thought of just reaching over the counter and bitch slapping a few customers is really becoming a viable option. It’s like don’t try and be funny,…you’re not, and don’t spend two hours roaming around in my store playing feely touch with every little thing in there and then come up to me and ask me for some space 1999 bizarrre thing you think we should have that for the most part doesn’t even exist, or worst yet spend an hour wasting my time telling me how you would never buy one of my products becasue they are shit and you always buy “X” because that’s quality. (Listen to yourself and see how stupid you sound!)
Well I’m about ready to bail out. I have one offer to do something I’m just not sure what, and that’s whats bothering me. But I need to get out of retail , it’s shortening my life span for sure.
just a rant test
Got a second offer yesterday so I’m meeting with them this afternoon and trust me I WILL take one of them in the next 24 hours!!! Either that or start “bitch-slappin” some of these old fart assholes who seem to like to aggrevate me with stupid questions and dumb thinking. For example this clown comes in today with 2 drills he bought “less than a year ago”, but n o receipt for them. Both drills are beat to hell, literally. I’ve seen professional carpenters whose twenty year old stuff looks better than this guys, “less than a year” old stuff. He wants new chargers, which we don’t have, then he wants whole new drills, which we are sold out of, so I cut him a deal and offer him a 66% trade in price against a bigger stronger and lot more expensive drill, then it comes out this is his second time bringing these back to us! Then I explain to this guy that the warranty is on the ORIGINAL purchase only for two years from the ORIGINAL date of purchase! Well DUH? He figures he buys a drill, and as long as he brings it back and bitches within the two years he can get another one and the clock starts ticking for another two years!! How dumb can you get? Life is good as long as you get a forever warrantee on everything you buy. Please save me from this stupidity!!!


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