Posted by: guinness222 | April 27, 2006

"The die is cast" – Julius Ceasar

Well, it’s done! I recieved an offer to become a Community Association Manager, with one of the best firms in the area and accepted it. Sent my notice of retirement to my old boss’s boss (long story for later) and set the date as May 6, 2006. Got a reply this morning that says “Congratulations! I will call you tomorrow to discuss”. So as my title suggests, “The die is cast”.
My wife’s first comment (she’s used to me making a new life every seven years after thirty-nine years of hanging out with me!), “Well I guess this means you’ll finally upgrade your wardrobe.” (Never really been a “clothes horse”, shorts, Birkies, golf shirt, I’m cool!)
It’s a load off my mind, now I can get back to being a businessman and not a retailnerd.

The older you get the more traumatic a change really becomes. I never really thought about health insurance before I was 45, now with the former “monthly” payroll being direct deposited into my checking I’m going to have to re-compute to the “weekly” amount and reschedule some payments. (thought I’d hate the monthly, but poof!, everything gets paid at once, I get to see my money for twenty-four hours , then back to work for 30 more days! I hope I can re-adjust to weekly!) And no more inane retail schedule, no more working nights til the mall closes at 9pm despite no one comes in after six p.m., and Saturday and Sunday off, together, every week-end? Man, I’m livin’ in high cotton! (probably drive my wife nuts being around for 48 straight hours!)

Well I’m supposed to be “working” but a little goof time is permissible.

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