Posted by: guinness222 | April 28, 2006

Recovering duffus nerd wannabe

I had last Sunday off and decided it was time to take the plunge and do a total immersion in techology shit. As I sipped my coffee, sitting in my “cave” (that’s my computer room, a laptiop station, a big old Dell desktop station, a full blown maxed out Mac station, four printers, and just about every other “do-dad” you tend to salivate about), I decided I should become proficient at everything. But how do we do it? Hhhmmm!
Well I love blogging and with one exception can count the number of comments I’ve had on one hand (Paranoid viewpoint: Gee I guess I’m really shitty at this! Concerned viewpoint: well who the hell knows I’m even writing a blog, not counting the hundred business cards I handed out with the blog addresses on them, but then again most of those folks prefer to use thier computers for ANYTHING other than reading a blog! Personal viewpoint: ahh who gives a shit it keeps me from going postal!)
Anyhow I decided to use my blog to learn how to get the digital pixs from my camera to the ‘puter, to the blog and then remember how I did it. So I slaved away for five hours , lerned how to do it all (now remember this tomorrow? We’ll see.) My blog was great. I wrote of the Hurricanes that devastated us in 2005 and 2004, did pizs of the beaches, the damage etc. even pumped in some humor and then hit the publish button. It looked Great, I was pleased, so I headed for my pub and a couple of pints of Guinness. THE NERD HAS LEARNED!!
Sunday evening when I got home I wanted to stretch my learning curve some mmore so I headed to the cave to install a program I had purchased for my Blackberry. (That was a disaster, it’s friday morning and I still don’t have it installed!) But anyway I was cruising through blogs and hit mine to see if there were any comments and a strange screen popped up with a bunch of blogs I’d written asking me if I wanted to edit them or publish them. Well I thought I had already so I saw this “button” that said “republish blog”. Yup, you guessed it. I thought that meant simply publish these pieces on my blog. WRONG! It wiped outr my beautiful artistic hurricane presentation, all my pixs (boy I hope I did’nt erase the pixs from the card!) it’s like poof and at least five blog entries were vapor. So much for my triumph over technology.
Guess I’ll re-do the peice again. Well time to go and enjoy my “short time” in the wonderful world of retail
By the way if you read this at the bottom there is a button that says “comments”, hit it and a box opens up, write a comment (please) and then hit “other” and “publish” and don’t forget the little funky letters you have to enter or the whole thing just evaporates forever.


  1. see even you can do this!

  2. Sure people are out there reading! The next thing you need is to do a “site meter” so you can see where your “hits” are coming from. It is really funny the way people find their way to your site…

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