Posted by: guinness222 | April 29, 2006

I’m not surprised we’re slipping.

“The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire” is being re-written by contemporary historians and re-titled, “The Decline and Fall of the American Republic”. We are going to kill off the Middle Class and the American Dream, which will in turn devastate our country!
The European “Guild” system was a prime mover in the creation of the European Middle Class, and despite all it’s inherant “evils” it lives today in a more moderate form. Our derivative of it was the modern American Labor Movement, or Unionism. Being Americans we had to do it bigger, better, more powerful, and more dominant. Why? Because that’s what we do, that’s why! And in the process we revelled in the creation of the largest middle class growth and ascendancy to power in the history of any civilization. But like our European counterpart it created a small but significantly more effective counter culture known as American Capitalism. Capitalism is the most seductive of all the dangers in the world, for it supposes anyone can reach the Nirvana of Capitalism,…more wealth than imaginable. It is the basis of what we call the “American Dream”, the “start with nothing and work hard and it will all be yours” philosphy. But is it really true? More recently I have come to believe this “American Dream” is really the famed “forbidden fruit” of the Garden of Eden.
The true Capitalists are the greatest salemen of the dream because they know it’s secret lies in manipulating the “less gifted” to thier ends and disguising it with tokens of “throw-away capitalism”. Simply stated the odds on you becoming a better Capitalist than your “mentor” is impossible because that would truly make you the “superior”. These are the elite cadre who saw the impact that unionism was having, and the unbelievable, and awesome expansion of the entire economy to the point that it would dismantle thier control of the masses, and demand the redistribution of wealth,…and it had to be stopped! The groundwork was laid during the WWII era, while the true rising Capitalists were defending this country with thier blood in Europe and the Pacific. It was thinly veiled as the “Taft-Hartly Act” and passed into law in 1947. It was sold as the protection of this country from labor disturbances affecting the government, which would have left us on the very short end of the stick agaist the German and Japans of the world. Painted as the cureall for it ever possibly happening again, it was passed. Deep within it was a section called the “right to work law”, the real core of the melt-down of our society. Designed to take twenty to fifty years to fully work,…which it has. It scripted the language for every single state to use that would be impervious to legal upset. It surgically removed the very core of unionism and re-established the true Capitalists with absolute power. It was woven so tightly that it would never be over-turned or changed, thus assuring them of future power and control of wealth and it’s distribution.
So much for part I of this,….more to come.

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