Posted by: guinness222 | May 6, 2006

"…and they begin to ride off, into the sunset."

So where are we? Well, officially I am no longer the fulltime Manager of this store. But I did agree to work about three evenings a week from 5pm to 9pm and Saturday from 8am to 3pm at an outrageous rate per hour, plus keep all my benefits, and make all the managment decisions for at least the next 90 days,….SWEET!
I convinced them to raise the overall starting pay by $1.50, give all my people raises equivilant to that starting increase from where they are now, and got my youngest employee (35) a full time position as number 2 and serious consideration for number one plus a $2 per hour raise and full benefits. Not something I havn’t been yapping about for the past two years, but when thier back is to the wall it seems to be easier to get things done.
But even with that my guys are startinhg to bail out. I take that as a tribute in that they don’t want to stay unless I’m the full time boss, either that or they figure a new dude will actually start making “work” for them to do. (I never believed in making work just for the sake of work,…that’s a pitiful way to be!)
Start my new job Monday morning at 8am and am eager to begin. As I told my old boss if I can’t take the two job thing, then he gets two days notice and I’m done. Life is far too short to put myself in hospital from overwork or anxiety.
Some bad news on the horizon though. Got a call from my Daughter (34) and it seems like my Granddaughter (14) has been discovered by the school nurse “cutting herself”! Sorry if I’m a stuffy old fart but what the hell is that shit all about? I don’t get it. Would someone explain it to me?
I have been researching it on the ‘net but told my daughter to #1 don’t tell my wife at this point, and #2 get some serious help from the family doctor or a shrink real quickly. So I guess we’ll see what develops out of that next.
Well got to go run the store for the last full day. Been debating whether to be “Mr. Nice” or simply let it all hang out and let the “monster” deal with the flaky consumers today. (Not even open for twenty-minutes yet and three DUMB questions already, good thing I left my shotgun in the garage today.


  1. Well, Mr G., cutting herself? I was a 14 year old girl once and I would say that she’s doing it for a weird type of attention. She might show her friends to be “cool” or she might do it to “express” herself. Teenagers do stupid stuff like that! I remember friends of mine burning themselves with lighters, pulling out hair…. And it was mostly just expression – sort of like a tattoo. Remember that teenagers feel that sort-of angst where “no one” understands and they want to be grown but aren’t. They want all of the privilages but none of the responsibility – and don’t understand why it can’t be like that. I’d say to get her to a counselor and see if she’s doing it superficially or if she might be getting serious….

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