Posted by: guinness222 | May 9, 2006

"I’m back in the saddle again"

A great old cowboy tune from Gene Autry (yup, the guy that used to own the Angels baseball team. That’s where he made his money as a singing cowboy in early, circa 1930’s and ’40’s cowboy movies. I even remember watching them as early “feature length movies” on the old black and white 9″ television of the late ’40’s early ’50’s.)
Well just a quick note to let those of you coming aboard from my first blog, “joeaverage”, to the new one (this one), Welcome aboard! This blog has a great number of super interesting people and I enjoy surfing the blogoshpere here. This one allows me more latitude with pictures, they are coming soon, and other neat features.
The next couple of weeks will be a bit shaky as I am working the new job (basically 8-5), then doing three nights a week at the old job, parttime, plus all day Saturday to help them get through the next few weeks and get some help hired in. So I don’t think I’ll be writing too much in the blog. But no, I’m not quitting it and all that. Just trying to save a bunch of money. I get to keep my old company benefits at employee rates (about 60% less than footing them myself), during the 90 day period it takes to get on the new job’s health insurance program, plus I pick up about $250 a week extra which will go well toward making me look a little better dressed and paying off a couple of nagging things in the next month or two. At least that’s the plan, and as the book says you gotta have a plan!
I’ll do what I can and by the end of summer I should have things back to a “routine” again and life can settle in for me.
Feel free to drop an e-mail as I always get them (how did we ever live without the Blackberry?) e-mail address is

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