Posted by: guinness222 | May 13, 2006

"God I love the smell of Napalm in the morning!"

One of the classic lines from Apocolypse Now uttered by the crazy old 1st Air Cavalry Colonel (Robert Duval) but I can relate to it this week.
I’m going to try and do up my “hurricane” blog tomorrow (again!!! Last time I got it all put together, uploaded with pixs and all and then hit a wrong button two hours later and wiped it out totally off the blog site!) So check that out on Monday morning.
So today is the end of my first week on the new job, and my first week “part-time” at my old job (how’s that for being a glutton for punishment?) I agreed to work three evenings a week, and Saturday from 9-4 until they could get some people hired, thus far we came up with one 78 year old guy! After seven years I guess I have a soft spot for not just saying “Not my problem anymore” (Old school ethics!)
Going to stop by the pub this evening after I get out of here for a few pints and a bite to eat. The wife is up in Boston on business for the next two weeks and being a “man” the more I eat out the less dirty dishes and kitchen mess there is to contend with:)
Not much else going on except wall to wall police everywhere. There is a big PGA seniors golf tournamnet going on up the road this week and I swear they’ve hired every cop in the Sate of Florida to direct traffic.
Sorry this is a short post but I have things to do, places to go, and people to see.

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