Posted by: guinness222 | June 2, 2006

Sometimes money isn’t everything!

Suffice it to say I deal with a lot of extremely wealthy people. You know the type with not one “get-a-way” vacation home, but two or three! And not your run of the mill little rambling cottage huddled together in random groupings amidst scrub bushes and stuff. No these folks have the $2,000,000 variety right on the beach, overlooking the ocean with the ten foot by four foot garden pool, lighted and heated of course, built into the patio balcony outside the bedroom. (Don’t you have one in your place?)
And let’s face it walking up and down the stairs to reach the three floors in your “cottage” can be very tiring, so put in the elevator! True stuff believe me.
Aaaaah! It’s good to have a cozy little get-a-way to go relax in for the weekend.
My job? Make sure it’s up to snuff in the neighborhood when you drop in to relax.
The palms need trimming, my God there’s a bulb burned out that “up-lights” the palms lining the street. The irrigation is not putting enough water on the hibiscus in the corner. And by the way how much is the cost of our hurricane insurance going up thiis year? Only 250%, not as much as I thought.
I can fully understand why old Robin Leach of “Lifestyles of the rich and famous” was always smiling, he just got to try it all and got paid to do it!
Things like twenty six straight days with temperatures in the 90’s, high humidity, and every human being fighting to get in a swimming pool and they wonder why the pools are turning yellow? The clorine levels are just vanishing. The law says they must be maintained at a certain level, but this kind of heat and huidity eat it up in six hours!
Well off to a couple of meetings, a few letters, a slew of e-mails, cell phone calls, and other annoyances, then a cool pint o’ Guinness.

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