Posted by: guinness222 | June 24, 2006

So there I was……..

Part two od whi the hell knows!
When last we met the evil empire was closing in on us, amd DAMN IT four guinness, (Ok, maybe six!)) are seriously affecting my fingers! I am wearing out the backspace key just trying to write this post! Well, rather than subject you to “Don’t ask, don’t tell” American response to the answer to “who’s in charge here”.
Qick diversion: Mywife just came home from church and thinks I’ve had a few to many Guinness’s (can there be a possibility on this earth of a “few too many Guinness’s?) today. Well let’s look at the future! Get up at 4:30am, haul ass to the airport to be there by 5:00 am,, go through the metal detectors ande hang out in the “departure lounge” for an hour and a half, sit on the damn plane for an hour as we get ready to “taxi”. an hour to Atlanta, an hour layover til the flight to Salt Lake City Utah, four hours in the air,(how much Coor’s Light does this thing carry!), and and an hours drive to Park City, where my son is due to get married on Wednesday!
How can one huiman being have had “too many Guinness’s for this. ” ?
Anyhow I’m trying to keep up with the program, (but frankly “I’d rather be in Philadephia” per the great W.C. Fields)
Since I really don’t want to do “business” in the next five days, the blog’s that follow are purely and simply the delusional rantings of the “Father of the groom”.
(There better damn well be Guinness in this God forsaken part of our country or it will be a very short and nasty week!!!)
I did my job as a father, etc., why torment the hell out of me? You made your choices,….live with them!!)
Sorry , the empty-nester part of me striking out! (this was supposed to be when my wife and I enjyed life together without the “weight” of family considerations!
I apologize to those who think we should really “give a damn”, but the fact is that we “gave a damn” whe you were growing, becoming a true human being who thought, made choices, and really became part of out society. Now it’s your choices that determine our future. Coose wisely, courageously, and compassionately. That’s the best we can ask based on what we taught you growing up!


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