Posted by: guinness222 | June 24, 2006

Time sure does fly when you’re having fun!!

Ok, I’m feeling guilty. I was just doing my daily “rounds” of my favorite blogs when I accidentally hit my own blog link. Ok, so I haven’t ripped off a line since June 10th! i guess I’m really into my new job, my part-time old job, my grab and gulp “dietary habits”, of course a couple of Guinness a day to keep the doctor away, AND a little sleep time. Well the good news is that this “pattern” is only going to last another eight weeks for me. Labor Day weekend I kiss the “old” parttime now job goodbye. Pick up the health benefits at the new job, end my “total immersion” period in the learning curve of the new job, and re-structure my patterns for the next five year cycle. Sound wierd? Yup! But let me explain.
I guess it dawned on me about fifteen or twenty years ago that my “inner being” was a super capable thiing that really thrived on the “crusade” lifestyle, but was definately not one to be on the “fanatic crusade”, or life long pursuit. Still confused? OK, let me back up a minute. Let’s start with several dull, boring, but true things first, ready?
Instructions: 1) read the words, 2) read between the lines, 3) think about 1 & 2 together, move on to the next “truth”
a) “eat dessert first, life is too short.”
b) “do no harm to anyone”
c) “life is either a daring adventure, or it is nothing!.”
d) “whether you think you can, or whether you think you can’t,…you’re right!”

Now for my four part “Meaning of Life” explanation. How long is a year? How fast does it go by? Can you say you’ve enjoyed every one? Can you say you’ve not enjoyed some?, Can you look back at a memory and smile, or must you frown? Basically the correct answer is “All of the above”. But you can never answer correctly if you are following the “normal path”. The typical path that society, Mums and Dads, and the rest of the world “direct you to”. It’s your life, it’s your time. You were born, and there you were. You will die, and there you are. But what’s in the middle is only one single thing, ….YOU! Now this may sound like an “it’s all about me” thing, but it most definately is not about YOU, it’s about the cognition to use everything you were endowed with, all five of your senses, the marvelous and virtually endless capacity of your brain, the amazing range and depth of your emotions to BE what’s around you. Not just see it, but be it!
When you make “limiting choice” understand it’s limitations, and your choice to make that. Understand you took in the “whole” of existence and made that choice, never look back, but know full well your decision and never regret it, go back and re-think it, or be unsure of it. For if you do it’s something you never should done and you have unquestionably “wasted” a life segment.
Your life is the proverbial “flow chart” “given a and b I choose a, then from a is c,d, and e, and so on and so forth. Why ever go backwards?
Well got to go to work so I’ll have to pick this up later. My wife and I are going out to our youngest son’s wedding in Utah for the next five days and I’m taking the old laptop with me. The last “Crusader of life” ventures forth at 61 armed with hi-tech, a desire to know more, and knowing I can fill the void of no Ocean to see, no calming grandness of the ocean (ok so it’s really the Gulf of Mexico, but it’s sure as shit bigger than a pond!) for the next five days. “But they have the most gorgeous mountains and rustic scenery in Utah” I’m not denying that, but each of us has that one little thing we hang our life on that gives us the base for eveything else around us,…..for me that’s the sea.
Stay tuned for the adventures and philosophy of the Last Life Crusader!

(written entirely without the benefit of mind expanding drugs of any form, just a joy of life!)

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