Posted by: guinness222 | June 26, 2006

Park City, Utah,….it’s a cool place!

After all the anxiety of the flight, the pain in the ass running from gate to gate, etc. I’m here! This place is really cool! I was blown away by the mountains. You can’t go ten feet here unless it’s up hill or down hill. In fact that’s how some of the locals give directions. South is “downhill” north is “uphill” God I love the culture shock! Where else in the world can you go and find the Norwegian Fur Company store with tons of furs in the store, alongside the “Natures Natural ” gallery! It’s like something for everyone and they all get along! (Maybe we ought to send the U.N. delagates to learn to chill out properly.
Now idiocyncrancies about Utah. First of all it’s sitting at about 6700 feet above sea level. So what you ask? Well the effects of alcohol (a/k/a beer even!) at that altitude is the equivelant of NASTY! Consequently all the draft beer in the entire State is 3.2% alcohol, and the only place you can buy “real beer” is the State Liquor store. So is it true? Do you get a little “shittier” i Utah, absolutely, I just tested it. I had one 20 oz. and one 12 oz. and it’s hitting me like my usual six 22 oz. brews at my “local” in Florida!
My daughter,( yeah, she and her husband and my oldest and his wife, and my wife’s sister all made the trek for the wedding) and her husband decided to take off today and go to the Grand Canyon. That left my sister in law,(she felt ill so she sleep all day) and my wife and I , with no vehicle and a herd of hills to climb if we wanted to go anywhere. My wife and I set out to “look around”. Being a real Irish American, that means “find the nearest pub for later use”. This is a damn city fo God’s sake! Oops! I forgot it’s a Morman State, City, town, hamlet, block, etc! Beer is a no-no as well as booze! Thank God they were smart enought to know they’d never make a big time ski resort if they didn’t allow booze! So what did they do? Put all the pubs in the same place! Well, about three miles of walking later, we got there!
Remember the old commercial “I’d walk a mile for a Camel”, Well I walked three miles for a beer!
Got to go have dinner, I’ll finish this post when I get back. (That is if the finger are still working!)
Well the fingers are still working, so here’s the wrap up on this piece. The wife and her sister want to sit by the pool and chat so himself, (that would be me) opts to go get a beer. About another two miles later I wander into a Marriott Hotel, parched, dry, willing to even take a “Bud”!
Fortunately I didn’t have too, thier bar opened at 4pm. They don’t have “happy hour” , it’s joyous hour, a bar open before 6pm and not on the “Main Street strip”! Had a couple of pints, found out the bartender was from Florida, played wide reciever for Southern Florida in 2003 -2005. Small world.
Long story short I came back, we went out for prime rib, and I’m back. God I wish this palce had a little bar instead I get a sauna, a jacuzzi, and a whirlpool and pool! My kingdom for a cold beer locally and a pub of people that like to chat!



  1. The 97th Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse is slated to be in Salt Lake City. Lord only knows what they are going to use/do for a liqour license. The amount of booze we hock here in Destin is spectacular. The new owner/franchisee of the one is SLC loved his Grey Goose martinis when he came in, so wonder how he’ll love them there!

  2. Yeah this altitude shit is a killer. Soon (Friday)back to the low level seacoast to breath great quantities of air, humidity, and “home”. Trust me this was a nice diversion, but the only thing that really tripped my trigger was this brew pub they have here. GREAT beer, not that typical overhopped nastiness that passes as “good” micro brew beer. Oh funny aside, yesterday there was some state election,and EVERY place in the State goes dry for the day on election day. But Mr. Guinness will jump into action and save the day! If you are a brew pub you don’t fall under State liquor laws, but ATF Federal laws, so you can stay open. (The old man got kudos from the kids and in-laws they didn’t know that so we went to the brew pub and enjoyed a few pints.
    Have a great one.
    Mr Guinness

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