Posted by: guinness222 | July 17, 2006

Monday comes around pretty fast!

Well, it’s Monday morning again. Time to crank it up again for another week. The two job thing is really starting to get to me. Iwas looking at the calendar and I have been doing this for 11 weeks now! 7:30am to 5 pm Monday thru Friday, at job one, five to nine-thirty at job two Tuesday,Wednesday, and Thursday, and 8:30 am to 4 pm on Saturday, giving me one day off, Sunday! Well it’s starting to wear on me. Time to start weaning myself off the night job.
I got used to the money well enough, bought new clothes for the new job (that whole new “beach professional look” you know?) bought a few “toys” for my race to stay technologically on top of it, and have been thinking about some other stuff like a generator for the house in the event of more storms and lost power, paying down my credit cards to zero for a while, and getting a new vehicle with a litttle more room in it for my “stuff”. But the generator, if you are going to get one, should run the whole damn house (about $5,000 at cost) so what’s the point? I want my creature comforts like A/C, computers, TV, etc. while the wife just wants the refrigerator to run, and maybe the microwave. Consensus is,…..pass on the generator! Now payoff the credit cards and leave them empty for a while, very admirable goal, mark of sound fiscal management, very mature thought process,…….Consensus? ……not happening! While all those good traits for cash management and personal finance are there,…well, …it’s just not me!
So that leaves me with the new vehicle thing.
First of all both our vehicles are paid off already. Secondly they are both running pretty good. (Sure a few “pain in the ass things” like only AM/FM radio in mine, a vastly under achieving A/C system in her’s, no room for stuff in my little pick up cab, no little gas powered piston thing to keep the back window up when you’re trying to put stuff in there. And on and on, and on,….but all piddily little shit,….. so I guess we just keep the vehicles until this gasoline cost shit settles down a bit.
Long and short? Only 7 more weeks to Labor day and I can say good bye to the second job. Hmmmm, if I were to throw the whole check at the credit card I really could pay it off in that time! That would put me in good shape for Christmas, and a few other things I need to be concerned about. Hell I might even be able to set up one of those pre-paid cremation things. (Now is that a sick thought? But at sixty-one I guess it has to start eating it’s way into my “long -term planning” process,… and I do mean long, like maybe another thirty or forty years!)
Well, so much for this mornings trials and tribulations! I’ve got at least twenty hours of “stuff” to do today so I may as well go shave, shower and get dressed and jump into it,….tempus is fugiting!



  1. Again sir, thanks for calling Nextel, my name is Daniel and since I got off work after your call, in NO WAY am I here to help you today.

    Just the same, it was nice talking to an intelligent person tonight.

  2. WHOA!!!
    You blew my mind Daniel! Hope you enjoyed my blog, it’s nice to just write and hit publish. For me it’s the whole therapy thing (although a six figure advance to write a newspaper column or book wouldn’t hurt)
    p.s. at least you guys are better than mediacom’s trouble line. After an hour on hold literally the guy came on, took all my info, confirmed what I thought that my cable box is about to die, and then had the balls to put me back on hold for another hour (literally)while he p[assed me to the “TV Cable department” to schedule an appointment to come out and give me a new box!
    This has not been my week electronically speaking!

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