Posted by: guinness222 | August 2, 2006

Mr. Guinness’s World East Peace Initiative!

You want to end the crisis in the Middle East? You want Iran to give up it’s enrichment program? You want China to destroy thier missles? Give up thier claim to Hong Kong? It’s all within the grasp of our humble world.

     Henceforth and effective immediately the United States of America hereby declares “TAXES” on all oppressive and despotic governments through out the entire World.  Pearl Harbor was a cake walk compared to “T-day”!

     Begining next Monday we will  send our Internal Revenue Service Group over, and withdraw and bring home ALL the troops!

       Those IRS employees will single-handedly drive the bad guys around the bend. Kim Jung Ill will be after they arrive,  just sitting there babbling like an inmate at an 18th century “nut house”. Osama Been Hidden will be asking Isreali PM Olmert over to play bridge, and the whack job in Iran will be enrolling in the Republican Party! That is how powerfully inane these clowns can be!!
      They would have all the Muslim martyrs crying in heaven when they recieve thier official letter informing them the alternative tax was applied to the cost of thier “70 Virgins” because they refused to accept a regular “use tax” deduction on them.  It’s better than a pox on thier house! Pox will kill them, liens just eat them one small bite at a time. And Mohammed Atta, bet they tag him with the cost of the plane he wrecked because it was ruled a “disallowed business expense, or casualty write-off” on his 2001 tax return he never filed as well, ….so additional penatlies and interest will accrue as well.
     Yeah, I’m seeing the vision far more clearly. IRS agents all over the world reeking justice through taxes on the despots, the oppressors, the dictators, and the criminals all. Can you see the flag now, the one flying over the world bank The IRS Eagle squeezing blood out of a Globe of the earth?

      We could put the unemployed of the world ALL to work for the IRS. Instead of bombs we could drop the ultimate WMD (Weapon of Mass Destruction) The IRS code books. WE could level Afghanistan with those puppies.

    With the power to “garnish wages” the world’s dictators would only be allowed to keep $750 a month for their living expenses, including mortgage and /or rent, food and utilities.

     Roadside IED’s would not be exempt from tax and therefor all the purchases of the materials necessary would be controlled and identified “for tax purposes” as “raw materials” and the terroists would have to account for every ounce of materials in the bombs contruction or pay severe penalties and extra taxes on them since they are now achieving the level of “finished goods”.

     Imagine if the IRS had handled Iraq! Think about it a minute. Not a single shot would have been fired, not a single soldier from any country hurt, liens would have been applied on Udays car fleet, Saddam would have been paying Capital Gains on every drop of oil he sold. Shit the IRS does the exact same thing the military does, it reduces people to living in holes or little hovels on a hand to mouth basis.

       By the way, just as a point of interest. Here in America we have laws that require we translate forms into peoples native languages so they can understand them and fill them out properly. But as far as I know all tax forms are printed in English,…tough shit if you can’t read them, you are still liable for the taxes!

     Now you understand a new term “shadow government”. caulk up another day where you’ve learned something new.

     Ain’t life grand?


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