Posted by: guinness222 | August 7, 2006

How intense is intense?

I guess I’m somewhat intense, but I know some folks who are very intense. Intense like so singularly focused and driven that I just wait and someday their entire head will explode, just a loud “POP” and blood and brains everywhere, yup that’s how it’ll happen! But in the meantime I guess we have to live with them, or try to anyway.
It cracks me up how these folks have “hot buttons”. Not just the usual hot button, but a super Warp drive, nitro powered button. Know someone like that? If you hit thier “hot button”, dead on, it’s like the balloon you blow up and then just turn it loose. They are all over the place, first up, then down, then a zig, and two zags, then a bounce off the wall, then it all finishes as quickly as it started, and usually in a smoldering rage.
The funniest part is watching some one so skilled in recognizing the particular “super galactic, turbo warp, hot button” that they have complete and unrestrained control over the personna whose buttons they push! I’ve watched it for years, I’ve had my “buttons” pushed, and I still to this day think it’s wrong. It’s pure and simply manipulation to the max!
Do you have a “hot button”, or maybe just a “warm button”? Think about it. What cranks you up in a heartbeat, and who do you know that can do that to you? Or are you so “well grounded” that nothing can “motivate” you like that?
Incidentally what is the difference between “motivating” and “manipulating”, could someone give me a good definition?
If we are “self-motivated” does that mean we’ve actually fooled ourselves by manipulating our inner self? Yet why is it we are “manipulated” into doing what someone else wants done?
I really don’t have a clue what prompted this blog, it was just 5:30am, my coffee was cooling, it’s a Monday and work begins again, I still haven’t adjusted to a full two days off in a row yet, (well actually that won’t happen until September yet) and I’m begining to think maybe I ought to start looking into some sort of an exercise program since I’m spending a lot more time on my butt in a cubicle.
Oh well, it’s Monday, a full calendar of events including, getting rid of a dead palm tree, re-doing a dam that breached last week, finding someone to fill a “sinkhole” in a properties parking lot, trying to find out why the water level in one pool dropped over 12 inches yesterday, oh yeah and eleven annual budgets to get oprepared by September 1st.
Today’s operational philosophy, “pace yourself, pace yourself, ….there’s a cool Guinness waiting at 4:30 for me, and maybe some light conversation to massage my mind!”
Have a good day!


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