Posted by: guinness222 | August 20, 2006

The "Global Village"

It’s a Sunday evening, 7:45 pm, and I sit here in sunny Florida in my airconditioned townhouse, waiting for my wife to finish a Chicken Tettrazinni I started for supper. (She was out at this ecumenical chior practice, while I skulled a few pints at my pub before coming home to cook supper. It’s a mutual understanding thing, I don’t piss and moan about her chior stuff and she doesn’t piss and moan(much) about my pub time). But now onto my point!
A few minutes ago I was jotting off a reply to a blog by an “Aussie” friend of mine, Lucy. Then I clicked over to another blog by another “Aussie” named “Sarah Michelle” and popped off another reply. These women are intelligent, thinking, and have valid viewpoints on the world! A far cry from most of the “airheads” of American blogs!
I certainly hope this does not sound negative, but as a 61 year old American, I can’t stand the level to which we’ve allowed ourselves to deteriorate!
More on my rant after dinner, check back tomorrow!
Peace and common sense forever!


  1. Thank you Mr Guinness!

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