Posted by: guinness222 | September 1, 2006

A Blog about a blog

Redundancy, mais non! A few months ago I started reading a blog called antilogy, it’s on my side bar of other blogs read, or It’s written by a pretty smart young lady who writes well, has a super personality, and poses interesting things to think about.
Recently she posed the question of the boys hitting on the girls versus the girls hitting on the boys, and boy did the blog world jump on it. If I figure out how to “link” it to this I most certainly will so you can enjoy it as well.
But her point is not unique to the “twenty-something generation”, but extends to us “oldsters” as well. Many evenings my mates and I would sit at our favorite Pub and particularly during the summer (beach community, 100 degree temps, 100% humidity, etc.) the quantity of clothing is at best minimal, and that includes going out for a beer, or a bite to eat! This provided obvious “eye candy”. Now not in the spirit of the proverbial “dirty old man” (because many of the women local”mates” spend just as much time checking out pec’s and biceps, and for some reason after a few pints, a guys butt, and I don’t hear them called “dirty old women”!) But I diverse.
On many occasions we’ve chatted about this entire thing as sixty year olds, and here’s a few comments for you.
Bob E. (63 divorced, retired, serious golfer)- “I’m trying to uncomplicate my life, not complicate it again! I just want someone I can talk to, be myself, go have dinner with, chat and take back to her house at the end of the night and say good night. Not a “committment”, not a sex thing, not a “when will I see you again” thing,…just a “Hey, why don’t we go have dinner Friday night,..on me.”
Mark R. (64, single, handyman, “gamer”)- “I’m getting way to old (64)for these mind game things. It used to be simple. If I had an itch I’d go scratch it, now it’s a scary thought and it’s easier to not even go there, and put up with the itch”.
Bob G. – (62, married, workaholic,”aka Mr. G.) – “I don’t know if I’d even want to think about jumping back into the pot again. I don’t know what’s expected any more, or from whom. I’ve been married so long I’ve never really thought about it seriously.”
Kiddingly I’ve said that if anything ever really happened to my wife, aside from being totally lost for a bunch of time afterwards, I’d just up and sell everything, buy a 45′ Catamaran, hire a crew of three female blonde nympho-maniancs and head for the Islands. Sort of a Viking funeral thing.
I even asked some of my co-workers. Some neat replies there. The twenty-somethings all look at me screw up thier faces and go “eeeeuuwwww”. (It’s the old thing about reaching a certain age that young people(anyone under 30) thinks some aging hormone in the human body completely obliterates the entire concept of sex along with all it’s trappings. (NEWS FLASH- “Old people enjoy relationships and sex too! In fact CNN did a piece recently on a retirement community here in Florida where the re-emergence of STD (sexually transmitted diseases) is rapidly on the increase. I guess they remember how to use it, but missed the “preventive maintenance procedures”) My daughter used to, and even to this day, and she’s 37, stick her fingers in her ears and start humming if my wife or I even mentioned the word sex within hearing range of her.
Well maybe more later, but got to get ready for another Friday push.


  1. You flatter me Alec, thank you very much.

    I think most people would agree with the Viking Valhalla idea though if they were in the same scenario.

    My theory on why people are confused is we’re not supposed to be honest and say what we want anymore. So boys are meant to repress the natural masculine instincts and girls are told to repress femininity as outdated and repressive. And no one’s getting what they want (or need).

    It’s an interesting subject because like your post this confusion is across all people and ages and walks of life.

    (Also I never thanked you for the link on your page, it is very much appreciated.)

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