Posted by: guinness222 | September 3, 2006

What drugs?

After I posted my last entry to this blog I went and read it. “DUH!!!” I don’t do drugs (NO beer is not a drug, it is simply an attitude adjustment elixer of all natural ingredients given to the world by the wizened old sages of virtually every society know by mankind. Don’t even go there or I’ll have to kill you!)
I’m in an exceptionally good mood this afternoon and all I’ve had is three Iced teas so far! So maybe I do a “tag” thing.
Correct me if I’m wrong, but GBE has led me to believe (see I learn from “lurking”) that a “tag” is when you challenge others to respond or act in a manner rather spontaneously to a question, or series of requests that you have already responded too. (Did I get that right GBE?)
Well whether I did or not let me throw a few out and see!
1. Name your favorite tune that reflects a specific referance to a city?
For me, it’s got to be a tune called “Dirty Water” from the sixties that refers to
Boston Massachusetts in the USA (my own old hometown)
2. If you had to be a “drink” what would you be and why?
For me a Guinness (gee surprised?) because aside from being almost a “health food”
it’s a piece of history, history of my ancestors, my heritage, and a hard working
peoples who indeed work for a living!
3. How many pair of shoes is necessary for the human being to go through a week?
For me, 3, good loafers for work, sneakers (sorry younger generation, old term for
running shoes), and Birkenstocks for the rest of the times over the next twenty
4. What are you having for supper tonight?
Steak, baked potato, veggies (thinly sliced zucchini, summersquash, onions, and
Italian seasoning, sauteed), a glass of Shiraz (possibly two, ok maybe even three if
it’s good!)
5. Do you have a favorite cup or glass you always drink out of? Describe it.
A HUGE coffee mug that says “BlabTV” on it. In the morning when I get up to go to
my ‘puter and play and wake up, I want a HUGE cup of coffee that will stay hot,
that I can wrap my hand around, and just reeks of “this will kick your sorry butt
into wide awake, drink up”
6. Ever hear of Christy Moore?

Well enough for now. It’s about three PM Sunday afternoon, the wife is heading off to chior practice, I have to swing by my office and pick up some stuff I need for a Board meeting tomorrow morning, drop off a hedge trimmer to a buddy, and skull a few pints at the pub.
See you later.



  1. See and the good thing about Guinness is it could’ve been the answer to your favourite meal too 🙂

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