Posted by: guinness222 | September 9, 2006

"Saturday, …in the’d think it was the 4th of July"

Just a rampant thought whizzing through the brain as I waited for the blog screen to come up. (The title that is).
This is the first Saturday in perhaps ten years where I don’t have to go anywhere, be anywhere, or do anything! I’m FREE!!! Down to just one job again(Monday thru Friday) , things seem to be cooking along smoothly and all. So let’s review class.
The “Pit” is almost too messy for me at this point. Every time i come up here to write, play, etc. that little voice in my head says “Yo, why don’t you clean it up a bit?”, and occassionally my wife will stick her head in and perhaps with a little moreforcefulness say something like “Aren’t you ever going to clean this shit hole up and throw some of this junk in the trash?” But how can I do that? It’s all valuable “stuff”. (A slight aside, ever listen to George Carlin’s monologue on “Stuff”? It’s a classic, give it a shot)
Ok, since I have time I’ll give you the tour of the “Pit” with the relative commentary. “Please keep both hands inside the bus as some of the objects out there can be dangerous. And do not throw anything out the window as it will further confuse me as to it’s “keeper” value”.
First , as we approach the entry to the “Pit” you’ll notice the brown cardboard box on the floor, that’s the “computer stuff” box. Anything I have that I don’t have a clue what it is, but it’s a device, a cable, a non-music CD, a manual, or a cord is there. (Ever need anything help yourself I don’t know what’s in there until I really need it, but I know it’s there!) Moving beyond the archway and into the, ok for lack of a better word “room” you’ll find the love seat. Define please? It may be called a setee or something like that. kind of a mini-couch, only big enough for two people to sit on, not even big enough for one to lay down on, and who ever dreamed up the name “love seat”? You’d probably break your back or your partners back in six places if you tried to make “love” on it! However it’s a great “place” (oh, definition again: space utilized to be full of stuff of some sort. Let’s see whats there, oh, black and white pictures I took years ago of woods and trees in winter. (Look’s like location shots for the “Blair Witch Project”) , oh, theres the magazines I was looking for last spring (should have move this stuff around then!) and there is a place I can actually sit down and read quietly with my stereo in the background.
What’s a ballot box doing here? Oh, yeah when I had to do that meeting last year and they were electing officers. Well I don’t need it now so I should throw it out,…oh, look, thta’s where my boxed set of Jimmy buffet CD’s are, under the file folders with the rubber band on them. (Wonder what’s in these folders? “DON”T DO IT, YOU’LL GET SIDETRACKED, JUST KEEP THROWING THE JUNK IN THE TRASH BOXES” wafts an encouraging comment from my wife as she recognized the decrease of “work noise”from her office in the next room. “But I might need these, you know?” “YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW WHAT THEY ARE, THROW THEM OUT!”
(That’s part of living with the same woman for almost forty years, they can see through walls better than Superman, damn…ok out they go but if I ever need them again it’s her fault if we don’t have them! Alright so I don’t have a clue what they are or what’s in them, but they could be something I need!)
Aaaah, another old friend, my CD and cassette storage shelves,…oh, there’s the “Cat’s” Cd, and my new age meditation tapes, hmmm , maybe I should try using them again, that was a very peaceful time when I was trying to learn meditation, “I’ll just set these aside for later”, oh and all my Irish music tapes and CD’s, man that’s memories! I really loved owning that little pub, “The Emerald Rose”, maybe do it again? No, not worth the heartache nor the hangover, (free advise to the world: never open a pub unless you want to spend your entire life 24/7 there, because if you don’t even the most honest of employees will steal you blind and pretty soon you’re looking at the numbers and saying “how come we’re loseing money?” (sigh! but it was a lot of fun anyway!)
And now we are approaching the “bag corner” an eclectic collection of briefcases, small carboard boxes, and plastic store bags of all sizes from every purchase made that’s in this room. (Oh look the original Palm Pilot I box from 1996!, And isn’t that,…yup, it’s the box of envelopes they were throwning out four years ago that I thought I might be able to use, hmmm they are all glues together, ok I’ll pitch them out. See I’m trying to clean it up!)
Ooops, tripped over the old Apple pile. That is the CPU, moniter, keyboard, one button mouse and the zip drive. (Hmmm, I have room on the computer desk, and there is another port left in the router I can use, and the HP laser printer says it supports Apple as well….. Ok I’ll set it up tomorrow afternoon and see if it still works. (slight aside, the little batttery in an Apple that keeps the ROM active, when it wears down the date on the screen will automatically default to June 16, 1956. Now there’s some trivia for you! Rumor has it that was either Steve Jobs or Wozniak’s birthday.)
Ok folks we are going to be stopping here for a while for breakfast, please watch your step exiting the bus, and remember smoking is allowed only outside the building. Please do not leave the path and go straight to the table in the kitchen. If you should hear any stiffled screams or anguished crys than you’ll kn ow why it’s critical you stay on the path. Just like you they all signed the hold harmless waiver for the tour, and who knows maybe I will get this cleaned up to the degree that we may find a few of them, still alive.
Don’t forget to stop at the gift shop on the way out, we rteally do expect a gift from each of you for this informative and valuable tour. See you all back at the bus after breakfast!


  1. Caffeine is my friend, Caffeine is my friend, Caffeine is my friend. (Oh God the pot’s almost empty I better make another one!)

    (I’m just talking to myself here, and reciting my mantra to get through a day where nothing is expected of me! YEA!!!)

    Does this blog thing have a built in spell check? I think I get them all, push publish and SHIT there’s another one,damn!
    And it’s my blog so why do I have to do the word verification crap as well?

  2. Yeah – there’s a spell check function, but it’s pretty lame!

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