Posted by: guinness222 | September 15, 2006

God, does time fly!!!!!

It just seems like yesterday I published a blog!! But in fact it was almost a week ago! So what’s been happening since I last wrote?
My “Administrative Assistant” (a/k/a/ secretary), quit, (not because of me, but the fact that selling “would you like fries with that?”, paid more! (Not my call! I’d haver paid her triple to stay! She was like a wife, “Tom, are you going to ge that done today, the statutes stay it has to be done by mail out time?” “Yes Mindy, I got it covered!” (mental aside….”shit, she’s right it has to be post marked by tonight,…damn, gotta get it done!!).
We as men are such “SHITS” , I am a man, but in fact I realize the “system” makes us “better”, but the fact is Mindy was my “partner”, NOT my “administrative assistant”!!!
God I miss her!!
Men are a funny species! We love to be the “hunter” when in fact we look forward more to the “God, what a great supper this will make!” from our mates. (Sorry guys, five Guinness’s and a relaxing evening spell “THE TRUTH”!!
I NEED an alter-ego, a detail person who knows where the commas should be, the strength of the coffee for the meeting, and has the GUTS to signal me to “shut up” when I’m on a rant!!
I am a guy who not just appreciates my “support people”, but knows they are the folks that either make me look like “the second coming of Christ”, or “the lunatic asylum escapee”. God love the support staff,…I do, they make me or break me!!
Anyhow, Mindy was perhaps the most organized and on top of things people I’ve ever had the priviledge of working with, (no lie, just oure truth!) For a twenty-five year old she had it all together, knew how to “ring my bell” when it needed to be rung,”Hey Tom, aren’t we supposed to have that notice posted today, by law??”, God I miss her!!!
That’s one of the problems today in business, We are not the “guru’s” we think we are, it’s our “support team” that makes us HERO’S!!! Mindy, Thank you for being you, supporting me, and having the “guts” to look for a better future for you and your “guy”!!
Love you and miss you!!

(Every once in a while the heart goes above the “mind”, it’s been a “bad” week and it never was when Mindy was in charge!! What else can I say?)


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