Posted by: guinness222 | September 17, 2006

Here comes the "annual stress crunch"

Ready for an all-new first here it is, this will be the first blog ever written about touching the keyboard whatsoever, and so how cool is that! Being one of the new techie kind people I recently updated a program that I’d bought about a year ago called Dragon speaking naturally to a newer version, and I just had time to install it this afternoon. I’m still training the program to recognize my speech accent and speech patterns and then converted into something that looks like English on the written screen but it’s coming along it’s not a slow learner as I thought it would be all I have to do is remember to turn on the microphone and headset on and then just sit here and talk to the screen I used to do that after couple beers.
Anyway I bought this program and in the hopes I can sit down and do some writing without having to be thinking about where I’m putting my stupid little fingers of the words come out correctly on the screen as one of the biggest pains in the but when you try to stop and think about which are actually wanting to put down the paper and then where the keys are that you have to hit to make that happen. So far this little jewel is working pretty well in fact I’m really quite pleased with it, well on to what’s going on today in my little world

the wife is working to six clock and then we have to go to a potluck dinner at the local church where she sings in the choir because they just finished a successful concert this past week. Usually the food at these things is pretty good but the recipes are never around so you have to whittle the next one to get good stuff again. This afternoon I’m sitting here my computer looking at all these disks and CDs that are lying all over the place and wondering which ones have what on them and what they go to. Since I bought two new Dell computers in the last year or so I’ve got multiple copies of the Dell restoration software all of the place and I’m not sure which one is which, plus all the programs and junk have been putting on the system are scattered about with manuals installation instructions and all kinds of other stuff. So I’m going to straighten them out make a make sense file amid the little organized piles in places where I can get at them if I need them. In a way it’s so depressing because I really like to think I’m organized but have them retentions span of ant when it comes to doing this kind of stuff. Okay now to see if I can fake out in this computer wreck voice recognition software this would be the sound of a cough(pretty cool it didn’t do anything!) Later on this evening after have a couple beers all see if it recognizes a belch and what it prints out, I guess I’m pretty pleased with this thing.


the college football season is in full swing here in the US and particularly the South East. Being a Northerner I’m more into the professional football than college, but if you live here in the South the better get into college or you got nothing to talk about. So yesterday afternoon after I learned that my favorite college team, Boston College, and won its third straight game and was undefeated I had to sit and endure an Auburn LSU game. Even sitting in my favorite pub with a piney Guinness and a couple of intelligent friends the Auburn guys were so loud obnoxious and just plain being stupid it took all the fun out of sitting around watching the game. On the other screen and we will watching Michigan play Notre Dame and crushing them. Today being Sunday the professional games are on another down in about an hour or so and catch part of the ballgames and and chat with some more my friends. However, this being Sunday afternoon in the United States the number one fan attendance and “sport” for three out of four Sundays a year is NASCAR!! (We had a big argument one day about automobile racing and whether or not these guys driving were really athletes. The bartender, a good friend of mine Glen made the comment “how hard is it to keep your foot on the gas and turn left for four hours? You think that’s athletic!” Of course some of the local NASCAR affection (ha ha I caught the machine I told it to put in affectionados and it put in affection not a house) and some of these folks here in the South take this NASCAR very very seriously, but I can asssure you I’m not one of them. Sure I play the pool every week put in my five dollars and draw are a driver but that’s simply little bet not a passionate love of the sport(can I say sport?)

Well so much for my little tule I’m not getting anything done them not putting away any of the disks and jewel cases that I have hanging around so I guess I should probably and this blog go back cleaning up (sigh!) Well is fun and I may do this again from time to time but for right now I’m not totally convinced that the blogging this is the best way to do it so with that I hang up my microphone and turn it back over to the keyboard have a great week I’ve got a super busy week coming up so I probably won’t beginning on the blog too much this week. Oh, and I’m mulling over the temptation to join the national chess Federation again I like to play chess unfortunately there aren’t too many people it do we know how to play these days under my age my buddy security guard Mike (we call him that when in fact he’s one of those independent contractors that you read about in the world currently he’s in Bosnia and this is like his fifth time over there when he is home he and I usually trying get together a couple days a week and play a few games of chess)



  1. HAHA!! GO PATS!

    I used to be in the Chess Federation! I was the second ranked under 12 in the State of Massachusetts for a couple of years. For a while my Dad (due to tournament play, I was ranked higher than him!) would take me to the mall where we would play for donations to their club…I was usually there to play kids, but every once in a while I would play a grown up and kick his ass! It was pretty funny…In 1979 we moved to California and I kind of stopped playing…For a while I wasn’t sure if I was going to be Bobby Orr or Bobby Fischer…in hindsight, I am glad that I didn’t become Bobby Fischer! What a whack-job! Living in San Diego, I never did develop the skills to become a Bobby Orr, either…I guess that is why I dropped the whole “Bobby” moniker altogether!

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