Posted by: guinness222 | September 24, 2006

Oh the age we live in,…it’s GREAT!!!!

My wife always reminds me that sometimes simple things are the most pleasant and memorable,…and once again she’s right!
I have discovered the musical download, and the “upgrade” advantage of the one that came with my ‘puter. (“Summer in the City” blasting out now!!!!) Not to rant about being an old fart, but I have sort of been “Yeah, ok, good for you”-ing the folks with the little ear buds and ipods dangling around thier neck, but now it’s starting to make a little more sense to me. But let me slow down my enthusiastic rant and back up to the beginning. I probably should have named this blog “You CAN teach an old dog new tricks!”
I was settling in today, Sunday, to just do some old fashion reading from a new book I picked up this morning at Barnes and Noble (local national chain book purveyor), and then I remembered I wanted to cancel an auto-payment I had set up in my computer, so I went up do do it. (That was four hours ago! sigh!) I wanted to listen to some music so I stuck a Mozart CD in and turned it on. While I was waiting for the “parade of icons” to finish and the “scanning” crap I decided I really wasn’t in the mood for Mozart today. What I really wanted was some ass-kicking 60’s acid flashback Woodstock stuff. I am feeling my late teens and twenties today!
I started fooling around with a few of the buttons and hit a “music store” one to then be confronted by all these album covers(oop’s showing my age,..”CS” covers),… but I didn’t have a clue who the hell they were! (Why would you call your group “smashing pumpkins”? Beats the shit out of me!) I clicked on a couple and found out I could get “samples” of the tunes. (Okay so I was wincing and writhing in pain and confusion trying to figure out what they were saying and, I use this next word lightly, “playing”. Then a few of my synapses must have hit as a lightbulb over my desk flickered and a voice said, “Hmmmm! You think they have any of the “good old music”?” A few more buttons and I was in Nirvana (not the rock group, the place, or state of mind.) And there before me was a varitable smorgasboard of musical history from the 60’s!!! The Troggs, the Birds, The Monkeys, The REAL Jefferson Airplane, The Doobie Brothers, The Mama’s and the Papa’s, The Moody Blues, Van Morrison, and MY 60’s!
I learned to a) download a tune, b) put it in a playlist, and most cool of all c) “burn” my own CD for the car!! Now I can blow down the road with “China Grove” blasting, the Eric Burdons “House of the Rising Sun” , and “Nights in White Satin”,…man I can’t wait for my little property tour this afternoon. (Got to out go by and just check on my properties and make sure they are still standing, didn’t burn down or get torn up too bad by the tourists to try and head off the Monday morning,”Do you know what happened over here over the weekend?” e-mails and calls. The ones I manage I mean! I left “wealthy” back at the starting gate of life. Maybe I’m a little too “zen” to really give a shit about amassing wealth,…besides I’m 62 it’s basically too late unless I decide to start knocking over banks. And after watching a couple episodes of CSI I know damn well I’d be caught, convicted and with my luck get to play “house” with some Bubba for the next 15 to 20 years! Naw, I guess I’ll just stay sort of straight and narrow in that respect.
Back on track (sorry!) But I’m thrilled with my new find and my own “personalized” CD’s,…hmmm, I wonder how those little iPod things work and if they are that easy, and what they cost? (I suppose I could ask my granddaughter who I know is home becasue she’s “grounded” this week, but won’t tell my wife (her grandmother) why she’s grounded. Frankly as much as we love her I really believe there are some things I really don’t need to know!
Well I better head out and check my stuff and see if this CD is as good in the car with the volume turned up as it is here in “the pit”
Happy Monday everyone, only five days of insuffereable pain, managment maddness, co-worker ineptitude, and client attitude until we get to kick back, order a pint, and “get over it”


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