Posted by: guinness222 | September 25, 2006

Me,"Tex", and world problems solved

This will be brief because I overslept this morning and don’t have my usual hour of blog time.
Yesterday i was talking with a guy called “Tex” from guess where? Right, Texas! And we solved the immigration problem once and for all.
Let everyone come to anywhere they want, but if you do then YOUR government has to pay for you. We’ll design little “cities” of inflatable buildings, parks, stores, restaurants, even a little “city council” of your fellow (fill in the blank). We will let the Latinos live and join together in their cultures, the Asians in thiers, the Eastern Europeans in thiers, etc., etc. What we will do is simply send Mexico, China, Estonia, and Moscow the bill for the entire city operation!
How much more simple could it be? All the corporations that need workers could offer jobs at the local City Center. We take a Walmart and partner with them and have a 24/7 Job Mart within the store so you can find a job you want and be interviewed in your own community for it and not by others.
If each country were to be treated like a Company, and had to support it’s “employees” as well as it’s own objectives this thing might just work. If a country does not support it’s people coming into our country to work then we just pull the plug on thier inflatable city and everyone gets deported back home.
Sure folks have a right to better thier existence, I’m all for that, but if you leave your own country to find that better existence in mine then I’m all for your government paying for it. There are some really strange feelings on this whole immigration thing. We love the Canadians coming here because they bring money and spend it, while Mexicans bring “sweat equity”. Both valuable commodities, but why are we pleased and tolerable of one, and railing about the other?
I could throw out some more comments, but time for work, and paying the bills.

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