Posted by: guinness222 | September 28, 2006

Rain drops on roses,…

Oh melancholy, I love it!
Thursday night, one day of work left,oops,…make it two, I’ve an Annual Meeting for one of my associations Saturday morning. Oh well, … I chose this living, thank God it’s only a once a year thing!
Congrats to my Aussie blog friend Lucy,…sounds like a great job you jumped into, give it your best and soon I’ll have friends in highplaces should I ever venture outside my postal zip code and end up in Australia. You earned a good shot, give it your best!
And to my ol’ buddy Doug, time for step two in computer fun. Look at the column on the right hand side of this blog and the list that begins with “Antilogy”. It’s a list of my favorite “blogs” and trust me they are all good people with great minds and perhaps the best cross-section of human beings I’ve found yet! Now put the mouse on one,(I suggest “Antilogy” first and double click,…enjoy, and say Hi from Mr. Guinness! (Click the “back” button and poof you’re back to my blog! it’s sort of like Alice in Wonderland without the drugs!)
Speaking of Alice, one of my all time favorite tunes is the “White Rabbit” by Jefferson Airplane, the symbolism, the double entendreau, and the beat, now that was a tune to zone out with!!! It kind of makes me wonder whatI would have been today if I did drop some acid and zoned back then. And Grace Slick, whoaaaa!, What a voice! Trust me you had to live through the 60’s to know the REAL power of music. Then there was Bob-o (Dylan of course!) I actually used my son, age 11 at the time and of course it was his idea, to go to a Dylan concert. Tom Petty and the Heartbreakes were the “opener” for him. Great poet!
And then (ok, settle back and get ready for a belly laugh, and yes even a “snort”) I’ve seen Joan Baez, Peter,Paul and Mary, and virtually every “folk” signer from the sixties, and our age of “rockers”, a/k/a Chicago, Earth Wind and Fire, the Moody blues, of course the Beatles, and this young bunch of “upstarts” called “The Rolling Stones”! Ok I’m an old fart, but the tunes were great!
For those of you that read my blog, “When last we met,…”I was extolling my victory, (and cost) in finding out how to “burn” my own CD’s of my own favorites. Round ! was a huge success! I’ve been staying under the speed limit on the roads, smiling at other assholes cutting me off, waving to old folks (80+, remember at 62 I’m still akid!), slapping the steering wheel on the “heavy beat”, and otherwise singing my lungs out everytime I get behind the wheel! Thanks to my new homemade “Best of Mr. Guinness, a lifetime of top best music and life yet!”, I am in my third childhood! Woo, woo, woo!!!!!
For those of you who know me, yes it’s me writing this, or is it my alter-ego “Tommy-Cool”, ….hmmm, let me get back to you on that one.
Jezzy, this is all being done with naturally organic product, Australian Shiraz and deep breathes!! (My Coozar, 50mg is the only un-natural substance I put in my body, aside from,well, No…Guinness was given to us by God, or was it Arthur P. Guinness. No matter, it’s natural for sure!)
Well I’m having far too much fun tonight, (If you’re Catholic and that happens you automatically feel like you should go to confession, as soon as possible!).
By the way I scored two free tickets to the Florida State University versus Boston College Football game on October 21st today. I asked my buddy Woody and he’s tied up with a tennis tournament that day (He’s a real live member of the National Tennis Hall of Fame, and I own a piece of a trotter horse with him.), so tomorrow I’ll ask my buddy Mikie if he wants to go.
Check to morrrow’s blog and I’ll fill you in on the “college football thing” in America. I swear when I moved here I thought they were all nuts,but now…..ok sop I’m willing to drive three hours, to a strange city, go to a stadium seating almost 100,000 people, 98% of whom are Florida fans and root for Boston College! (Either a death wish or a committed dude, wouldn’t you say?)
Get to go, talk at you tomorrw. Enjoy!


  1. Alec, you are far too kind and say lovely things.

    Besides we all know once I have become successful I’ll deny all of my old friends.

    It’s part of my charm 🙂

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