Posted by: guinness222 | October 1, 2006

Silly, silly,silly,…and hanging out with friends!

Friday evening is our “usual time” to all gather at the pub and get silly together. This past Friday was no different. (Side note: my cat,Mr. Hiss, loves sitting on my desk calendar and watching my fingers typing. Man if I could get that fascinated by something so simple!)
Anyway I’ll start at the end of the evening after several pints of Guinness. I had to write this joke down it had gotten so convoluted. Here’s the joke:
“Did you hear about the Agnostic,dysflexic,insomniac? He stayed up all noght wondering if there really was a dog!”
It can be used as a sobriety test as well for if you can remember it and say it without a slur or a missed sylable you can have another. And if you tell it and everyone around you looks at you with a blank look or a quizzical one then they are shut off, (and conversely you may assume that perhaps you are not keeping up with your share of “adult beverages” for the evening.)
That was the final result of a number of group attempts to come up with an original joke. So on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being WOW! How would you rate it?
It all starts with Mikie, every Friday evening. Now this particular night he’s talking to one of our freinds Debbie, and being (or trying to be) very serious, Unfortunately if he were to ever have his arms amputated he would become a mute! He’s one of those folks who MUST have all the appendages below his shoulder in animation in order to express himself, including all ten fingers! Anyway there was a lull in the overall conversations,except Mikie to Debbie, and we all sort of glanced over at him as he was oblivious to the rest of us at that moment.
Now Mikie is pushing 65, thin, single, and just the salt of the earth as a buddy. But this night he was wearing one of those Hawaiian Flower shirts,bright one at that, had his hair all pushed back (sort of that wind tunnel look) and both hands were going and his facial expression was so serious. Well, I couldn’t help it, something struck me so I leaned over to “Loda” (real name Janice, but Loda was her NTN Trivia handle before the Pub went cheap and pulled out the game) and said, “Look at Mikie, doesn’t he remind you of a retired Mafia hit man putting out the order for a hit?” That cracked her up and she passed it on and a few minutes later everyone was in fits, …except Mikie, who finally looks around at everyone looking in his direction in fits of laughter. “What,…did I say something funny? What are you (expeltive deleted) ‘s laughing at?”
Someone told him he had to be there and that started everyone laughing even harder. From there we went downhill to the Agnostic, Dysflexic, Insomniac…you know?
Well thought I’d share that, but now I have to pop out for a second or two and find out what time my New England Patriots game is on today . Be Right back!
Nope, on second though I have a heavy week so I better get my planner up to date or I’ll be coming when I should be going and saying, “Whoops! Wrong meeting!”
Thanks Lucy, as usual I love your humor, forget your friends and I’ll come back to haunt you for them. 🙂

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