Posted by: guinness222 | October 4, 2006

"Hump day" (or Wednesday for the wealty!)

Where that term came from I don’t know. But I suspect it originated from a war situation, in that you are “over the hump” and on the downside of a situation. (Yeah, I’ll buy that!)
Anyway this will be short, it’s 7:30PM my time and my wife has a 6:30 flight tomorrow morning from and airport 65 miles away! Shit , one of those 4 a.m. mornings to drive to the airport and by the time I get back it’s already time to be at work! (Shit!!)
Anyway, I’ll miss her a whole bunch!! (Forty years of marriage and I’m still a whimpering wuss when she has to go away on business!) One of my mates has a different theory which involves being the “party guy” for a couple weeks! Shit, I’d be worn out, dead, and in a definate state of rigor mortis if I followed his advice!
Frankly, not much will change, I’ll still pop into Buster’s, have my three or four “pints”, head home, “nuke” something to eat, watch the tube for a couple hours,(or blog “under the influence” after a few “goblets” of merlot or cabernet) head into the bed room and cuddle up with my cat “Mr. Hiss” and drift off til morn’.
OK so I am a wuss, ok so I miss the shit out of her! I guess i’m one of those dudes who are born to be with my “soul-mate” (and frankly hope I die first because as “The Highlander” said, “There can be only one!”. I guess that makes me a romantic, or a part of a very small majority.
I take my marriage seriously! I swore an oath! If the woman I loved in 1966 was good enough to love then, then what the hell has changed today?
I know the net, and “blogs” are primarily for the “younger set”, tell me where I screwed up. I met my wife because a buddy threw a firewcracker at her. We were in drum & bugle corps and the man running our Corps found out about it and insisted my buddy drive the fifty mile to her house and apologize personally, as a matter of personal honor!
If he had not done that I never would have met her!!
(Sorry guys if this is to “whimpy” for you!)
I do not have a single regret for 40 years of marriage (this coming June 10th). But I must say from being “super wealthy” to “bankrupt”, from eating “filet mignon and escargot” to “franks and beans” she’s been at my side.
It’s definately not a “physical” thing, as we are both over the “sex” as the meaning of our “love” for each other. (That’s definately not saying we are “dead in the bed” as my favorite folk signer Christie Moore says!) But what it does say is that true love transends the physical. As she left for the two weeks she gave me her engagement ring as told me she would love to have it set into a nicer setting beofre Christmas. Is that an “outrageous request” after nearly 40 years?
I’ll call her every day, or she’ll call me, but 24 hours will never pass without “talking” to each other, unless one of us has gone for a “dirt nap” (dead, for my Aussie friends).
My local buds all wonder “How can you love someone so much, all the time, everyday?”
It’s easy, “I DO”, and I’m damn proud of it!
One of my Aussie friends “Jezzie” her husband has, or had cancer. Ask her how deep her love goes, ask her what’s really important in her life, ask her what really matters.
Life is not about US, it’s about those we love,…at all levels , and at all times,…until we no longer are there to “be there” for them!
(Sorry for reality and truth, blogs are great for being what’s really inside you and who you are, and I thank all of you who share your self with all of us, and hope I am up to sharing the same for you.)


  1. That was a really touching post. It’s lovely that you’ll miss your missus that much. It’s very sweet that you’re able to reveal that inner romantic. I hope I’ll still feel that way after 40 years!

  2. Wow, that was a truly amazing post, Mr. Guiness. The two of you remind me very much of my own parents – how true love is a choice that is made day in and day out to triumph over whatever life brings.

    40 years of marriage is quite an accomplishment; the love that is still very much in play between the two of you is nothing short of a blessing and a miracle. Congratulations on making a successful marriage – especially in light of what couples have to face in this day and age.

    You seem like a man that is worthy of respect, and I too, now have you bookmarked. Thank you so much for the compliment on my journal – that meant a lot! 🙂

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