Posted by: guinness222 | October 16, 2006

Feets don’t fail me now!!

It’s Monday evening, on the one hand my last night of “freedom” (Miss Barbara, truly my better half, is coming home tomorrow after almost two weeks away on business!). I went to the Pub, had three pints, ran into an old friend from Nashville who wrote “Tequila makes your clothes fall off!”, had a good time, called our friend Doug in North Carolina and told him this guy came all the way here to see him, and he had the “cajones” to move to North Carolina and this guy was strangling me!! (All in good fun!)
Anyhow, came home finished the Chinese from Saturday night, killed the last glass of Shiraz in the bottle (“Would you care for another bottle sir?” Twenty seconds of thoughtful meditation, and “Does a bear shit in the woods?”)
Checked my favorite blogs, all my “blogger buddies”are in good shape, wrote a couple of quick replies, and now it’s my turn to comment.
Questions for the “blog world”:
Is there really a God?
For being faithful to my true love for forty years, will I be happy when I have to “check out”?
How can I ever explain the magnitude of true love to anyone?

Ok, so I miss my wife. But when I called her this morning on the cell, she answered “Hi Honey, I love you to pieces!” instead of “Hello?”
Men are as strange as women, we just get all “macho” about it. Now twenty years ago I never would have even admitted I missed her. I would have been one of the guys in the pub saying, “Did you check out the rack on the one that just came in?”, or “Oh baby, come to Daddy.”
So what’s different now, albeit thirty years later?

First of all if a “10” approached me, flashed me, groped me, and other wise “encouraged me” to move to “the next level”,….I’d probably be on a respirator with umpty-ump cc’s of epheneferine being pumped into me! Would a fantastic F*** with a 10+ be a “once in a life time” experiance, not to mention a HUGE thrill? Of course it would,…but the rest of my life I would have to live with it! Trading a 10+ night of great sex, every way I could imagine and some I could never even dream of, for God only knows how many nights of knowing I , no not you, but “I” betrayed my vows to you! Even I can’t rationalize that!!
Ok, so I’m an old fart, but by God the woman I love is the woman I love,….forever!
I personally like the simplicity of one man, one woman…til death do you part.
Now that’s just me. Could I fantasize about me and Cindy Crawford (sorry kid’s,… look her up in google, she was definately a “hottie” in my time.), or me and Racquel Welch? Sure I can, but it’s not the fantasy, it’s the reality that makes the difference. Would I trade my love and faithfulness for it,…NEVER. And I would be sure that my “wife” would not trade “Fabio” or some such “tight butt, great pec’s. rock ab’s “dude” for fifteen minutes of the big “O” for cuddling up with me at three a.m., monday thru sunday, and the depth of knowing what love is all about.
As you can tell from this, there will be NO blog tomorrow evening, as I will be “otherwise occupied” until at least Thursday!
Sorry if this is “soupy” , but I’m really comfortable being “me” and loving “her”(24/7). My wish for the world would be that every single one of you could find and know the love I have for “my friend”, …my wife.


  1. You’re the type of person who reminds us that true love is out there. I believe in one man and one woman forever and ever amen. Problem is I didn’t marry my one man. But I believe he is out there. And I believe she is out there for my husband. Weird how time opens a persons eyes. I love you blog though. You have definately lived life.

  2. Aww – that’s the best attitude towards love, Mr Guinness. Very sweet. You’re such a softie.

  3. That is heart-melting. I love reading about how in love you are with your wife and what she means to you. It’s a reminder – a lighthouse of hope – that there ARE good guys still out in the world that know of “old fashioned” and “traditional” values like, you know, marital fidelity, till death do us part, trust, respect, communication, etc.

    Today is Wednesday which means she’s back – I hope the two of you are… having fun! 😉

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