Posted by: guinness222 | October 20, 2006

And life goes on,….

Ok I’ve accepted Mikie is gone, now let’s clean it up! (The following can be somewhat graphic, but frankly at my age, it’s mere reality, and I HAVE to accept it!)
As I told you yesterday, I think, the forensic investigator told us the entire bedroom in which Mikie was found needed to be “mitigated” by a crime scene clean-up team. He was kind enough top give me a few names and numbers.
REALITY FACT #1 – It ain’t like the movies folks! Regardless of what you see on TV, when you die your muscles ALL relax. “Bodily fluids” abound! Enough said.
The fact that Mikie had been dead for two days compounded the problem. The “mitigation” people came out this morning (we were warned to simply close off the room he was in when he died, turn the Air Conditioning down to 60 degrees, and wait for the mitigation people.) At $170 dollars an hour, and four hours later, the “scene” was declared “inhabitable”. Both Vince , his “roomy” and I have no desire to even enter the room until at least Sunday. The “mitigation specialist” threw out half his computer system, (keyboard, printer, connecting cables, etc.) the table and chairs it sat on, and ripped out the carpet in the room and threw it as well.
REALITY FACT # 2 – Legality is pure SHIT! I called the ME (Medicaol Examiner’s) Office and asked if they could tell me anything, like what would happen top Mikie’s body, was the autopsy complete, what was the cause of death, all the usual. The answers, “Yes the autopsy is complete (my stomach is queasy), but NO we can not tell you what the cause of death was unless you are next of kin. “Shit lady, he was my buddy for eight years we had beers at least three times a week, we worked together on jobs and helped each other, I hired him and gave him work for three years, if that’s not “kin” what is?”
“I’m sorry sir, only a blood relative is “kin” as you say it.”
REALITY FACT #3 – Friends are friends,….forever, and then some! Vince, his “roomy” fouind an uncashed check for work he had done for a friend, I found a check he hadn’t picked up yet at my company, and we “conspired”. The big check Vince found was from a buddy who Mikie worked for. We called him and we burned that check at the Pub this afternoon. He in turn wrote a check for the “Bio-hazard Mitigation”, in full, and threww a few hundred more into “the fund”.
I’ll probably forge Mikie’s name and cash the check from my form and it too will go into “the fund”.
The “inner circle”, Mikie’s real friends met agian this afternoon, and we’ve committed to do what ever we have to to gain legal control of Mikie’s remains, we’ve rounded up more than $1,300 to have him cremated, and we will organize, orchestrate, and have a full service for Mikie.
The plans are now to set a date, tell all his friends far and wide to come, go down to the Gulf of Mexico on the white sands Mikie loved and hung out on, say absolutely nothing, but think of the Mikie we each knew and loved so much, and then set his ashes free in the breeze to swim in the emerald waters, lounge on the sands and watch the “eye candy” (gorgeous young women in bikini’s), or just become “one with the air that supports us” , it’s Mikie’s call.
I’m going to the Florida State/Boston College football game tomorrow, and I’m taking my wife instead of Mikie. Why? Because I can’t think of anyone I love more than Mikie, than Barbara. To go anywhere with someone you love is always more better than anything else.
She misses Mikie as well. We used to invite him over for Christmas, Thanksgiving, and any other time we could. He loved her cooking, flattered her to a fare thee well everytime he was here, and never left empty-handed. I will set aplace for him this season, what else are friends for?


  1. I just wanted to take a moment to say goodbye to my close friend and brother Mikie. The news hit me like a ton of bricks this morning. He was a true friend in every sense of the word, always there for his friends, always quick with a joke or comeback. Always telling some zany story. Always real.
    In this world there aren’t many left like Mikie. He had no agenda, not a mean bone in his body, wanting nothing more than to have a good time and trying to make sense of this crazy world we live in.
    He was my first friend when I moved to Destin, and at first glance we were worlds apart. But we had a lot more in common than first met the eye and we hit it off immediately. Over time he came to be as close to me as my own flesh and blood brother and I will miss him till that day when I see him again on the other side.
    Today I will be raising a glass in a toast to you, brother. Rebekah and I love you more than words can express. Thank you for all the memories….I love you, bro.

  2. The first week after you lose someone you love is both the hardest and the easiest time, I think. The hardest because of all the decisions that have to be made, the farewells that have to be said, the heart-tearing grief…

    And yet, it’s also the easiest in some ways because the shock is there – like bubble wrap around your person. You feel like you’re there, but then, not really. Hard to explain.

    It’s obvious Mikie has great friends that truly love him and he won’t be forgotten. I think what you’re doing for him is admirable and just the way he would have wanted it, from the sounds of who/what he was.

    *Hugs* Mr. G – I’m sure everyone around you appreciates you being the driving force in getting things done for Mikie. But don’t forget to make time for yourself and let yourself grieve either.

  3. It sounds like you have a wonderful “going away party” for Mikie planned. I’m sure he is grateful for it.

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