Posted by: guinness222 | October 27, 2006

Sometimes I wanna’ go home

This should be a good blog, I’m sitting here with a glass of my favorite Shiraz/Merlot blend, Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake pumped up on my speakers, in my “comfies”and ready to talk to you, my real friends! I say that because you are there for me, not the mortal “capsule” my spirit is enclosed within, not for an “erudite” prose or comment, but because I tell you who I am from the heart, whenever this damn keyboard gets in the way of my fingers.
No morose comments tonight. No flashbacks to the past week. But let’s look ahead!
The sun comes up each day, and it shines with brilliance. What the hell more could one ask for!
Ahh! But I’ve thought of something!
I wish there was a web site that we could all share that after, and I stress after, only 100 “blogs”, you could click into and see “who your friends are”.
The past week has been tough, but the past several months have been great!
How so you ask!
Easy, I’ve connected with human beings all over this planet. My mind boggles at the thought of being able to “hit a few keys” and chat with “Lucy”, and Jezzy” in Australia, “Suvvy” in Nebraska, “Allie” about ten miles away from me in Florida. Do you realize how connected we are?????
(Rant coming on, please tune out if you are that offended!)
As a kid (I know, before automobiles, planes, tv, and ipods) it never dawned on me how big our world was! Sure I studied geography, and all that stuff, but that was “book-learning”. I never knew a girl in Australia, actually two of them, would touch me as deeply just pounding on these keys.
I never even concieved of even knowing someone in Nebraska, USA, let alone someone ten miles away ready to put her life on the line for a way of life!
So what am I “rambling about”? It’s about you , me, and the whole damn world! Are we really that different? Sure some of us (sorry Lucy!) may talk funny, some of us (Jezzy, I apologize!) are looking to the sky’s and wondering “why me?”, and some of us,(Sorry Suvvy!) just look at the world and say” imprefect is a norm, but I’ll live with it!”.
And then there are the places I “lurk”. I won’t list them, but they are indeed “life”.
So I guess I’ll tag everyone who stumbles on this blog and reads it.

As the who said, “WHO are you?, WHOOO, are you?, Who , who , who!”
Why do you write? Why do you care? Do you think we make a difference, or are we all “spinning our wheels”?
Do I care about United States policy, or the reality of this world, or that there are poor people and rich people, and kind people and cruel people. Do I care that as I write this how many people are dying because they have no food to eat, no food for thier children? Do I care if Lucy, Suvvy, Miss Devilish, Jezzy, GBE, or anyone else live thier live’s and make a difference? Couldone of them find the cure for Cancer, diabetes, or any other factor of this world? Or could any one of them bring into this world the child that will? OK, maybe I’m off target, but these are my friends, and I know they care. Sure we each ahve our own life to be concerned about, but in these folks I sense a difference. May the force of life be with us!


  1. It is amazing how much we can truly know a person without ever seeing them. I write better than I actually interact with people in person. I can better express myself that way and I think a lot of people are the same. I love being able to connect with people from all over the world and all stages of life. Yours as you can tell by the link I have added on my blog roll has become one of my favorites to read. Very happy I have stumbled across it.

  2. So I guess that means I’m just dog food, huh? Haha, I’m only kidding.

    I’m right there with ya on loving being able to connect with other people through the blog world. It’s a special link you have with people; a sense of community that goes beyond mere miles or the geographics of something… but instead, goes deeper, into the heart.

    It’s a special gift to have people care about you based on mere words and what you put out there on a daily basis for all the world to see.

  3. Sorry Princess, it was the ,..ah,..the altitude, yeah that’s the ticket, it was the altitude. I thought about the Rockies, got a severe nosebleed, and was intensive care with amnesia for three days,….but I’m better now 🙂
    Mr. G.

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