Posted by: guinness222 | October 29, 2006

"Just when you think you’re out,…they drag you back in…."

( Quote from Michael Corleone, Godfather III)
I hate to share this with you, it fucks up my faith in mankind,…and scares the shit out of me!!!
I’ve blogged about my mate “Mikie”, and his tragic death a week ago. I’ve shared my memories and my thoughts as well as my comments on “Mikie” telling me he’s ok. But what I say now is beyond my comprehension, beyond my understanding of human nature, and beyond my sense of human dignity!
As I related to you, last Saturday I had asked Mikie to go to the Florida State/Boston College football game with me, and took my wife and spent the day remembering Mikie, and the last two seconds of “success” from an “arm that came out of the pile” and secured the Boston College victory.
While I was at the game remembering Mikie more than watching the “game” , several ‘friends’ were going through his belongings, supposedly “looking for informnation” which we could use to trace Mikie’s background and next of kin. Supposedly they found nothing except his birth certificate.
Yesterday his old roommate ( a woman who had been beaten by her boyfriend, that Mikie took in for ten months) called me to tell me they were “cleaning out his stuff”.
His most prized possession, his computer, was removed by a person I know Mikie would not even walk across the street for, amd in fact had called a “scumbag”. And today find out the same person took all of his tools out of his vehicle to “sort them out and clean them up”. BULLSHIT!!!!!
I guess as a human being I’m schocked that another human being could not wait the two or three weeks it takes for “no next of kin” to be declared to “pick the bones”. I am totally disgusted!!!!
I had offered that individual the “jobs” that Mikie had open to comlete through the end of the year!!
Guess what? Tomorrow all bets are off! I’ll get someone else to finish up “Mikies” jobs, to complete them with a sense of “honor” (look it up, it’s something that meant something to those of us who knew it’s meaning!).
Mikie, I’m sorry death is more painfuthan life, but you were dead on right,….the same folks you never trusted when you were alive, are those who you would never trust when you’re dead!
I’m doing my best man, and those who know you know it!
(Thanks for the big play last week at the FSU/BC game,…I know it was you. Rest in peace. We damn well will make sure you go out with dignity, me on this!


  1. That makes me physically sick to my stomach. The audacity of some people’s children! I can’t decide whether or not they have small balls, or steel ones… but in any case, they need to be kicked right in the gonads. Whatever happened to respecting your fellow man? Especially in death.

    Mr. G, I am so sorry that you are having to deal with all of this. I hope, that once it is all over, you have time to actually let yourself grieve for the friend that you lost. It sounds like you’ve got a lot in store for you over the next couple of weeks settling everything, but stay strong. I know that Mikie has got to be up in Heaven, smiling down at you as you tackle each and every issue that has popped up. I rather think that his “interference” in the football game of this past weekend, was his way of saying “thanks” from his seat next to the Big Man upstairs.

    God Bless… my thoughts and prayers are with you.

  2. Think of it this way, I’m sure Mikie has something up his sleeve that will settle the score. But there is no excuse for people who behave that way. Seems more and more people are that way and less and less are honorable.

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