Posted by: guinness222 | November 1, 2006

God, I love these toys!!!!

Just a quick blast, I decided toi try wireless and have successfully installed a wireless “access point” on my four station hardwired network. Only five hours last night and two tonight, not bad for a “technologically challenged” old fart.
Now I can take my laptop down to my recliner, sip a delicate bordeaux, watch the old Law & Order re-runs and blog til I fall asleep.
Ready for the first blog tomorrow night?

Oh for you younger folks. Raising our three kids (now ages 39,37, and 30 ) it was heel on wheels. We strongly suspect the youngest found the drug scene, but he’s still alive, cleaned up his act and just got married, so there’s hope. But my wife got a call from our daughter today and our barely 14 (September 18 birthday) just got expelled from school for getting busted in a Marijuana buy at school!!
Life was supposwed to get better. I really wanted to be the soft, cuddly , fun “Grandpa”, but looks like I’m going to have to go back to the kick ass drill sargent and find out what the hell is up with this shit.
Am I opposed to Mary J, not at all, but at least give the rest of your life as a child (i.e. up to and including your college, or University years) a complete run through, then as a quasi adult try what you want.
But 14? That’s pure bullshit any way you cut it!!
Chat with you tomorrow.


  1. Just re-read my “quickie”, (sigh) Guess I really an an old fart after all. I’ve tried “pot” once, and it was no big deal. The only substance I use is Guinness, so I’m an addict of another genre! Quit the cigarettes about seven months ago, and still love a good roll in the hay, But would someone tell me why a 14 year old would even think about drugs with all the awareness and educational shit out there.
    Damned if I know!

  2. Because a lot of teens don’t really see pot as a drug. I started it when I was fifteen. Quit when I was sixteen. But I still have friends that do it once in a while. But anymore pot has become a phase during your adolecence. It’s a very controversial issue. Personally I don’t mind the stuff as long as it is not laced. The laced stuff is the stuff to worry about. I would rather not have kids do any drugs but if I had to choose between pot and drinking I’d rather them do pot. But still not drive! But hopefully it is just a phase. One sneaky way to make them want to quit is make em smoke ditch weed. It’s your basic crap that grows wild and isn’t anything like the actual stuff. Burns like hell when you take a hit too. LOL Also weed is different now than it used to be years ago. Maybe I should write a post on this stuff. 😛

  3. I tried weed for the first time when I was 19 years old. Made it through high school without drugs or sex… although I thought I was hot shit drinking and partying with friends wherever we thought we wouldn’t get busted.

    Went through a stage with pot for a while, but quickly outgrew it. My parents are reformed drug addicts of 20+ years and we grew up listening to their horror stories about drugs. Although that hasn’t stopped my sister *sigh*.

    In any case, kids are getting into things earlier and earlier now-a-days. It’s not just drugs… look at the rate of teen pregnancy among other sad statistics.

    I wouldn’t treat the matter lightly, but remember it’s not the end of the world either. But then… you’ve raised three kids that have turned out just fine, so for some reason, something tells me that you’ll figure out how to get through to your granddaughter all on your own.

    She’s not at the age yet where she gets to make all her decisions and you get to let her fall on her face and learn the hard way. Fourteen is still so young… and yet, they want to grow up so fast. I was the same way and I’m still kicking my own ass for trying to grow up so fast. My parents did the best that they could, which I’d say was pretty damn good, but I’m also very stubborn – especially once I’ve made up my mind about something.

    I hope, for your sake and her parent’s sake, that she is not the same way that I was at 14.

    Good for you for fighting for her right to a childhood, if she won’t do it herself, Mr. G.

    I wonder why it is that the young cannot appreciate the value of being innocent, protected, and unspoiled by the world and it’s cold, hard, lessons?

    Good luck, Mr. G! My thoughts and prayers are with you, as always!

  4. Hi Mr. G (aka Dad),

    You must be getting old as I take offense to being 37 (I won’t be 37 until March 2007) we women are sensitive to our ages at this stage of our life LOL.

    After dealing with the craziness of the week and many long conversations with my daughter (and your grandaughter) I can only hope she has taken this situation as a wake-up call. I am amazed to find out how wide spread the general use of Pot is in today’s schools and how early children are starting to experiment.

    Fortunately I was never one who though weed was cool. I tried it once and thought it was gross. For some reason it has become ‘acceptable’. I spoke to an aquaintance of my who said she found a ‘beautiful granite bowl’ in her daughter’s room and simply took it but never spoke to her daughter about it. I also found out that one of the kids my daughter has smoked with steals the weed weekly from HIS FATHER. And this kids Dad is quite successful in his professional life. I am so angry about the lack of parental guidance and morals that I find myself hoping that this kid and his dad get caught!

    How did breaking the law and doing drugs become something parents just turn their head at?! Well Dad, ass kicking in my house has taken a different direction. Don’t get me wrong….my daughter will have no social life without adult supervision for a while and it won’t be fun for her (or us) but I did not follow Mom’s lead and yell and scream/rant and rave. That would be counter productive here. There is nothing that I can say that can make her feel worse than she does right now but I have made it clear that my dissapointment exists and that the buck stops here.

    My biggest fear is that she is orchastrating a master ‘snow job’ and telling us what we want to hear and as soon as she gains some freedom she will return back to smoking weed and the punkass losers she had called her ‘friends’. Isn’t ironic that the only kids who have called her to say “hey we care about you” were the kids she admits she ditched for the drugies. LOVE YOU DAD!

    -Mr G’s Daughter

  5. Hey Alec,

    Your daughter sounds like she has a damn good plan to deal with this.

    It may not go down well but I think most kids, including myself, experiment with a bit of everything, pot definitely included. You’re young and you push boundaries, that’s a teenagers role. How else are they supposed to learn how to land if they they don’t fall every now and then.

    (And it has nothing to do with parents and how they raised them.)

    She’s no doubt a great kid (if she’s related to you :)) so give her time, leave it her parents and she’ll get it.


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