Posted by: guinness222 | November 21, 2006

Money, Money, Money,…it’s a rich man’s world!

Ok, usually I tell you the song and the group that did it, but this time it’s your turn! If you know who sang the title song of my blog send a comment with the answer. The first five right answers (that’s ’cause it’s really easy!) win a genuine, gold plated “kudo” and the right to move on to round two,…”Where are they now?”
This is a sort of short blog becasue I’ve been getting real lazy. I used to be up and on the ‘puter around 5 a.m. sucking the bottom from the coffee cup and all, but the last month or two I’ve kind of been pulling the covers over my head and drifting back to oblivion til seven-ish. (Got to be at work at eight!)
While I love this new job I can honestly say it’s ,as the announcer of the original Superman used to intone with his deep baritone voice, “battling the forces of evil everywhere”. The faster than a speeding bullet part is a real pain in the butt. Apparently my firms concept of the “job” is that of something akin to Viet Cong guerilla, run in, pop a few small rounds about, plant a couple of “booby traps”, and take off and go to the next one. If all the accounts are in a perpetual washing machine cycle of “fill”, “wash”, “agitate”, “spin” and “drain”, well they will never really get to the part where they have to go in the dryer and get all warm and fluffy!
Voila! That constant state of “organized turmoil” reinforces the fact that without you they are doomed and aside from asprin you are the cure of every headache, problem, and thing that happens to them, and thier best bet is not to bother you since YOU and YOU ALONE will ferret out the (rich deep baritone announcer time again) “…truth, justice , and the American way!”
I guess it’s really more like the old dude that used to be on “The Ed Sullivan Show” (if you are under 50 years old you most probably don’t have a clue what that was, but it was the VERY first place the Beatles appeared before United States television audiences, and Elvis, and on and on and,..well you get the idea, OLD and black & white).
Back to the old dude. He used to have this table, about ten or twelve feet long, regular height, and about every foot or so in the table for it’s entire length was a three foot, or so, rod, or dowel sticking straight up. They were flexible. He had this “gorgeous sexy assisstant” who went to this table behind him and took a regular dinner plate and brought it over to him. He would take the plate and put it on the end of the rod and start spinning it, she would go on and give him another plate and he would repeat it, and again and again, then he would have to keep running back to the original one and give it a “boost” and get it spinning strait again, add another plate to another stick, run back and “boost” a couple more, etc. After a few minutes he would have fifteen or twenty plates all spinning in some form of “decaying spin” as he raced faster and faster to keep up with the decaying spin and the “boosts” (Guess that’s the origin of the old expression “keeping a lot of plates spinning”)
Finally when it looked like it was all going to come to a crashing disaster he would run down the whole line and recover every single plate with nary one broken. The auduence would burst into wild applause and hurrahs. Then you realized you had been holding your breath for the last five minutes. (Ok, so little things amuse little minds! I wonder if anyone does that trick any more?)
This is a “happy blog” becasue I have a long hard day today and decided I needed to write an “upper” to motivate myself to go fight the forces of evil and triumph in the battle for (deep baritone announcer time again!) “….truth, justice, …and the American Way!”
I think I’ll do a really nice blog for Thanksgiving since I have the four day weekend off and we decided to go out to dinner for Thanksgiving this year as family is all scattered all over the U.S., Mikie is no longer around to have over, and the rest of my friends all are traveling for the holidays.
Sometimes a quiet four days is perfect as the way to enter the “Holiday Season” and the retail feeeding frenzy begins and we are buried in a lot of that stupid repetative retail holiday crap that passes for sincereity! (Better stop, the cynic is waking up and I need him asleep for today!!)


  1. I like that “little things amuse little minds”> 😛 LOL That would be me. Enjoy your Thanksgiving Holiday!! Happy Turkey Day!!

  2. ABBA?
    I’m almost embarrased by that knowledge. Thanksgiving won’t be the same this year…for 4 years in a row you opened up your home to me and you and you wife not only put on an incredible spread, but the love and warmth were incredible….

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