Posted by: guinness222 | November 24, 2006

Are you lonesome tonight, are you…"

Ok! no contest, this is Elvis!!
Now onto reality. As a “blogger” I tend to write it “like it is”, at least from my prospective. Now I would like to challenge you to help me out.
My Granddaughter, (ie. ten days into being fourteen, got “busted” trying to buy marijuana. Is this a bad thing? I don’t pass judgement.) My wife and I have offered to have her come to our home in Florida for a “few weeks” to relax, comtemplate her “mistake” and see what the real world is all about.
As she is a teen, I predict she will not be “thrilled” with my way of life. (old fart existence!!) But what I challenge you, my friends in the “blog” world, is to talk to her. Tell her of your experiances in life, your hopes, and regrets, and your feelings for the next fifty years.
At 62, the probability of me “making it” for another twenty years is “slim to none”. I accept that. But I would like to know that beyond me (Bamp) there are other people, that she’s never even met, or even hope to meet, who have a care about her life. Perhaps I’m selfish, but I watched this girl be born into this world, watched her grow into the young woman she is, and as a “prophet” can see the absolutely SUPER lady she can be be in the “new world”. Help me out here and share with her your thoughts and feelings on being a part of this new world we all face.
I will set her up with her own “blog” and ask you to respond directly to her. As my one and only grand daughter I amy be biased, bit she is worth it!!!
Mr. Guinness

Thank you!
Mr. Guinness


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