Posted by: guinness222 | December 1, 2006

"All of me,…why not take all of me,…"

Ok folks, what’s this tune from and sung by whom?

Moving right along. I apologize for not being on the ‘net sooner. Monday evenings news about my friend Ron was a kick in the gut, but there is a brighter side. Unlike Mikie who just “died”, Ron had his life in order, right down to the list of friends for his son and daughter to call, his broker, his attorney, etc. Shit he did it all for us, and we just had to remember him. That’s going out in style!
A number of the “mates” at the pub, asked me what we were going to do for Ron. At first i was really concerned about it, but as I heard more about how much Ron did himself, well, … he did it all, he really did not need us in his dying process,…so be it! But we want to do “something”! At first we bantied about sending flowers, then we realized his friends in Michigan did not know us from a sharp stick in the eye. We then talked about making a donation to his favorite charity (a list of which his son gave us when I talked to him on monday evening) and we decided it would in fact be a “drop in the ocean”. So what was the final resolution? Here it is.
Ron spent about eight or none months a year with us here in Florida. We drank togehter, we went out to dinner together, we had him over for the holidays his family wasn’t going to be here, he hooked me up with his broker (a really great guy as well!), we traded stock “tips”, we even invested in a couple of horses together. (Just for shits and giggles!). Ron came here to be with us to dump the stodgy old Vice President of one on America’s top ten companies image to just sit and have a scotch and water (DeWar’s) argue with us, defend his position amongst the “literatti” of our pub, join us each January for the giant SuperBowl party and get “blitzzed” like the rest of us. We bet the ball games toether, we bet the “ponies”, shit we’d even bet on whether the “regulars” would all be in tonight. In short we enjoyed life together. The result? We are all going to Buster’s one Friday evening in January, (date T/b/A) and have a few drinks with Ron’s memory. He wasn’t with us for the donations to the “Conservency Fund” or any other such thing. He was with us to be a unique person, like each of us, put in his two cents worthe, take shit from a “day laborer” that he never would have ever seen as a full Vice President, get harassed by a lowly retired machinist, whom he never would have ever said “hello” to in his “other life, about his terrible golf shots, and partied with us “regular folks” and enjoyed it so much.
The one thing we will all remember about ROn was his handshake. Every time he saw you his hand went out, and every time he had a “killer” grip. Just the mere “pressing of flesh” was Ron’s way of making you know, “God, I care about you, and I value you as a friend.”
Frankly I can’t think of any thing more that would honor me than that handshake. I will most surely miss it. God speed Ron, we all loved you!


  1. Hopefully the end of the Holiday season will slow down the number of people passing. It’s always sad when people pass during the holidays. But at least you have many fond memories of him. Now just don’t go and get old timers disease. 🙂 Have a wonderful evening.

  2. Mr. G,

    You sure do your friends proud.

    I think that’s all I can really say at the moment. All that needs to be said. You’re a good man, Mr. G.

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