Posted by: guinness222 | December 12, 2006

"The mountains high,…and the valley’s so low"

Ok boys and girls, another Golden Kudo for the singer of this tune. Hint: if you don’t know what 45rpm means you ain’t in the hunt!

But on to today! I am genuinely excited and happy! It’s almost 8pm here and I’m sitting at the keyboard with my headphones on listening to one of the “Holosync” CD’s called “Quietude”, and quite frankly i feel like I could write for hours! (But I won’t because you’d drop me from your “blog list”. But it’s amazing, I mean truly amazing!!
I was born a skeptic, how do I know that, …..shit that’s easy, the doctor slapped my parents with a $200 surcharge becasue i slapped the bastard back! (I just got here what the hell did I do wrong, Dude?) But honestly, even though I’m on my second glass of that “sassy and raspberry hinted” Shiraz (Damn you Aussie wineries, I might sell my soul to come down there and “OD” on Shiraz a few times with some friends, it’s that good. Lucy, you up to the task, if not I’ll call Jezzy girl or GBE.)
Seriously folks, I love this new “Holosynch” shit!!!
I get up at 5 am, grab my cup of coffee (sorry, it’s a US worker dude thing!) stagger up to the pit, (Hmm! Just had a brain flash! We’ve lived here six years and the house cleaners, every two weeks, my wife, ever since we’ve been here refuses, and me, a “guy”, have never so much as thought about bringing a vacuum cleaner into “the pit”!! Damn I can’t see any dirt! So maybe we are obsessed with “cleaning” in America. Oh well, I’m happy in “the pit”, have not come down with any rare tropical diseases, rashes, boils, or other “skin disorders”,…..maybe we should fire the house cleaners and chaulk it up to a whole “mind over matter thing”! Naw, I guess it makes my wife feel better about “maintianing the house” without actually running the vacuum cleaner. By the way I actually saw it last week, it was next to the cat’s litter box! Am I an observant husband or what?)
Back to the article, blog, or “excuse to pound down more Shiraz”,…anyway, I love this stuff it is somehow energizing me, sucking out ALL the negativity and “what if” shit from my mind, and just flooding me with “damn I am SO GLAD to be on the up side of a “dirt nap!!”
(OK, old fart comment coming up here! If you are under forty you may want to go get a coke and put the scroll key on “auto”,….only because I love you all and don’t want to bore you!)
What I’m quickly coming to realize is that, as the old movie line goes, “It just doesn’t matter!!”
If I check out tonight, the world goes on. Osama Bin Laden doesn’t give up, children in Africa, China and a dozen third world countries are going to die tomorrow from malnutrition, no “cure” will be found for AIDS, Cancer, or Heart disease by 9 am tomorrow. There will still be a whole bunch of women who will be beaten tonight, a truck load of “seniors will pass away,…but you know what? A couple of truckloads of new babies will be born tomorrow, a number of cancer patients will hear thier Doctors say the word they long for, “remission”, and maybe, just maybe people all over the world will pick up the anachronym (sp) “WTF?”
Bring sanity back, bring back reality versus “stay tuned for previews of next week”, hug a neighbor and really mean it. Hold you kid a couple of extra seconds and realize how absolutely “priceless” they are, reflect on a simple question, “Who put all this shit together?” and bet your ass it was not Walmart, Rupert Murdock, or anyone else on this big blue marble!
Sorry, I’m getting philosophical.

Luck, Live and Love, what more could you want? (’cause that’s all there really is in the end!)



  1. Glad that is working out so well for you, Mr.G!

    And at last! A song I think I know…

    Diana Ross sang it and so did the Supremes. It’s the “theme” song on Stepmom – one of the saddest movies EVER.

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