Posted by: guinness222 | December 16, 2006

"Well it’s cryin’ time again,…"

Another challenge for the troops. Congrats to Rocky Mountain Princess on our last lyrical challenge, you’ve won a two year supply of “you go girl’s”, from the Chocolate Company of America!!
Ok, back to reality. Was having a couple of pints with my friend Carl today at the pub. Seems like he’s feeling a little “chilly” here in Florida, so he’s off to Tahiti on Wednesday, where he’ll spend Christmas, the on to Australia for a week or two, and finally “wintering” in New Zealand! (Hey, somebodies got to do it!!) I made a crass oveture and said, “Carl, you want me to take the Bentley out and keep the battery charged while your gone?” “No , my little sister is going to do it this time, but you want to do it next year?” That’s a big “SHIT YES!”
Oh well, he’s a good guy and we share times fighting each other over who is going to buy the next pint of Guinness.
Today was the “hell of Association Management” for me. My most highly gouged client, my kissing ass for six months, and we don’t even have enough people come to the Annual Meeting to establish a quorum!! According to the Rules the only thing we can do is adjourn the meeting to another time and try and gather more people!! SHIT!!!! That means I have to do a shitload of work re-sending about three hundred and fifty notices, not once, but twice, re-rent a hall for the meeting, re-hire a company to provide chairs, re-hire a caterer to provide coffee, muffins, etc. and waste another perfectly good day of my life!!
A couple of friends and I have been talking of starting our own firm. Not because we think we’re great, but because we’ve given our company a number of “leads”, some of whom have said “just give me a contract, I’ll sign it”, and our management just ignores it!!
I am licienced by the State of Florida, certified in a National Organization, sure as shit organized and with a good “cleaning” have “the Pit” with four computer stations, wireless technology, the exact same computer software my firm has to serve as an “Office”, and now that they have changed banking affiliations a great contact with the Senior Vice President of the bank they left who NEEDS to replace thier business! Should I go for it? Hell yes!
Ok, so I’m 62, not an ad for any “muscle building magazine”, but damn I got balls,…BIG ones! If you don’t want to take care of youre clients, or think they are “groveling” , …well watch your ass because I’ll eat your lunch, Mother! I always enjoyed being the underdog and fighting, clawing and whatever to make a principle more tha a principle, but a working reality! (Guess that makes me a dreamer, an entrepreneur, and in today’s common business parlance “an idiot”, but that’s who I am!
Much like Don Quixote, I love windmills!!
Got to cut this short and take my wife, Miss Barbara, to dinner. Back at you tomorrow!

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