Posted by: guinness222 | December 25, 2006

"Papa’s got a brand new bag!"

And so it is, as the king of soul, James Brown, passes from this earth this Christmas day. What can I say, even Keith Richards noted that the worst thing the Stones ever had to do was follow Mr. Brown at a concert in the 60’s. He will definately be a hard act to follow in any millenium.
And so Christmas 2006 draws to a close, I’ve been playing with my new “techy toys” since we got home from Church this morning. We bought each of our children and our granddaughter one of those web cam thingies so we could all conference in together through Skype and see each other and chat. After six hours only number one son and I have figured it out. We called each other, plugged in and then both of us were pushing buttons and drop down menues and changing preferences on the fly. After forty minutes we arrived at a point where we figured the computers were just about going to explode so we scaled back and were able to see each other clearly and talk to each other with a minimal delay. “Watson, come here!” Not quite as momentus, but fun and perhaps one of the few ways youcan see relatives and conference in together periodically.
Also got an MP3 player, Not an iPod, but one o f those “SanDisk” ones. It was only fifty bucks on sale, but if I like it then maybe I’ll move up next year. So far I love the technology, downloaded the 37 page manual, figured out how to work it and download stuff to it and all, but now I got another complaint for God! What’s with these ears you gave me? How the hell am I supposed to keep those little thingies in there. They keep falling out! Do I have tiny ears or are they EXTRA EXTRA large “buds” I guess you call them. Well if that’s the only negative thing I guess I can go searching for bigger ones.
I had a bunch of extra time yesterday so I decided to clean up “the pit”. Well as happens everytime I attemptt to “clean it up” it now looks five times worse!! I guess I’m going to have to hire one of those Marine DI dudes to stand over me and just keep badgering me to “Throw it out,Dummy you haven’t even looked at it for three years!” But sir, I might need ,… “I said toss it you pack rat wimp, get rid of it, you hear me Pyle?”
Whoa, now I scared myself. I guess I’ll take a weeks vacation and vow to spend all day, (at least until 4:30 pm Pub time) cleaning it up.
Well got to go, I’m drooling for some good food, and my wife has made all kinds of good Polish food and well I’ve aega nwwhj45yb9ua[0g (Shit, more drool on the damn keyboard!)
Hope everyone had a good Christmas and that we can all say a goodbye to 2006 and be looking forward to the great 2007 coming our way.

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