Posted by: guinness222 | December 27, 2006

"And you’re problem is?"

I am completely and absolutely convinced there is absolutely NOT a life guard on the gene pool! And you know what? I really don’t give a shit!
It’s like Cliffy Claven’s explanation to Normy from the old “Cheers” TV program. It goes something like this;
“You know the law of the fittest governs everything Normy, for example the slowest and sickest of the Buffalo herd are at the back of the herd, and lions can pick them off easy, but it makes the herd stronger because the weak ones are gone, ya know? Then there’s the other animals, the sicker and slower always get caught and killed, and eaten, all because they are inferior. The Strongest always survive, that’s the law of nature, that’s why I drink a lot of beer ya’ know? Think about it,…if what they say about drinking killing brain cells, well, it’s got to be killing the weakest and poorest brain cells because they are the slowest and least desireable ones, … therefore what’s left is stronger and much more fit to deal with the world,…ya’ know?”
And there you have it! Wisdom of the generations spoken by a true “enlightened one”. So what about the otherrs that are at the end of our “herd”, why are they still around?
And think about it,…maybe God does have a big sense of humor!



  1. I like the philosophy. I will remember it when I can partake in forms of alcohol again. 🙂

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