Posted by: guinness222 | December 31, 2006

"I mean, I’m like, ya know, so over it, like!"

Hopefully the death of the “Valley Girl Syndrome” will like be announced like, ya know, like soon!
There are still people who talk like that! Who da thunk it? I’m so glad my parents wasted money to send me to an all boys Catholic High School in a large metropolitain area (a/k/a Boston Massachusetts). In retrospect it was a form of “boot camp”, not as physical as Paris Island, but not as limp as “Navy Reserve Boot Camp”. (“I can speak Igor, and walk, and talk, and even more amazing I can do all of that at the same time and be comprehended by other humanoids! Eureka!! The experiment was a success.”)

On to 2007 and things I’d like to do. First of all write a book on blogging. Not one of those really dry technical “Blogging for Dummies” things, but one that was broken down into chapters, or maybe better yet that started out with a fifty question format, and then you self scored the answers and flipped to a section of the book corresponding to your total score that gives you a list of “Bloggers you would love to read”
And then maybe cross reference your answers to a style of blog. (A lot of people I know can not figure out what a blog really is about. Some have told me it’s for dummies that just like to bitch about everything, others have likened it to the opening of “the soul of a poet”, (Yuck!!!), while still others, (remember I’m living near the center of the Red Neck Republic), say it’s a “bunch o’ shit”. Oh well Ive got to go, be back to finish this later.

But to all who read my blog, a Great year is ahead for all of you, not only do I know it, but I believe it. 2006 could not have been shittier!
Let’s look at the three phases of life, family, work, and self. That’s the order they usually come in from my observations. You are born, formed and nurtured by family, OR NOT, then move to the work segment. It starts with school, (no you don’t get paid like a “work” thing, but it is, )then comes the real “work thing”. How many folks you know get bogged down in that level and never make it to the next level? That’s all they do, that is the pinnicle of thier being. Sure they get married, some even spare time for kids, but if you sit back and “scope it all out” that’s where thier life ends, …work!
The next stage is self, that’s not a bad thing, it’s a path we all really need to take to see who we really are, what is really important to us, and more importantly who is most important to us. This my friends is the real journey of life. If you make it successfully through this phase you go back and keep repeating the phases, but you know what?
Each phase becomes more fun, more dear to you, and the wisdom of the ages just sort of flows through you as you keep winding up back at the self and wonderously see what your heart knows you need to do with family and work on your next go around, then back again and even more of life, love and the world open up to you,… and you feel even more human. It’s a constantly moving cycle, a merry-go-round, and we all ride. It’s what you make of the merry-go-round that makes you who you are,….and we can all use improvement.
I look forward to more riding in the ’07’s, more love to share, more care to lend out to anyone needing it, and each time I “die to myself” as one wizened philosopher once put it, I find I renew myself even more. More happy, more understanding, more non-judgmental, and more accepting of all there is around me. Why?
Because I’m finally beginning to really feel I might have an inkling as to what this whole “life thing” is about!


  1. Mental note to self: Have a pint or two before beginning to philosphize. Slightly dis-jointed, slightly preachy, oh well,…better luck next blog, but you go my drift!
    Mr. G.

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