Posted by: guinness222 | February 3, 2007

Saturday is the lonliest day of the week

Very true> Take today, I got up with the intentions of going over to check a jobsite in neighboring Panama City Beach. I figured Saturday, most of the workers will be off and I can poke around and really see what kind of progress they are making. Ah, but alas I turned on my ‘puter. I was just going to check the bank balances, but one thing led to another and the next thing you know it’s cup #3 of coffee, scrounging around in the mail pile for the W-2’s (U.S. Income Tax forms that tell you how much you have to declare for tax purposes.)And before you know it the 8:30 a.m. bank balance check turned into 1pm! But I got them done!! And I am supposed to get a refeund back, but that never happens (I’m still going round and round with them and theysimply keep my mpney and “offset it” against the bogus numbers they think I owe them! I’m tempted to rant about the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) but everyone already knows they are the Devil’s own spawn, the personification of evil, and soon enough will learn that we dealt with the same shit in 1776 and won.
But I won’t, rant that is. Instead I’ll rave on about petty shit. One of my accounts has an old wireless “g” router and an access point that won’t even service half the building because of it’s range. That was until this morning when my maintenance guy called to tell me the whole thing “crashed” and how he’d go get a new one and set it up. To which I said “NO!” I really get pissed at this guy because he wants to find any reason to do “projects” instead of clean the damn place, which is why he’s there! “Well, you know a lot of the residents are going to be upset.” “OK, and what’s your point? Tell them no internet access until monday or tuesday, tell them you’re not in the loop, tell them stick it up thier,…no, on second thought just tell them you’ll let some one know and then shut the hell up, no opinions, no comments, no how you could go get anew one and install it, not another god damn word, do you understand me? Are we very clear on this?”
I swear sometimes he breaks things just so he can have a “project” instead of emptying the trash, deodorizing the dumpsters and trash cans, vacuuming the carpets, cleaning out the rest rooms, and that mouth! I’m about a hair’s breath away from sending him to another property where he will be eaten alive by angry obnoxious old farts whose goal in life is a 24/7 bitch session!
So I went out this afternoon , researched this wireless technology and wound up with a new wireless “n” router that will go four times the range with 12 times the speed and allow up to 125 simpoultaneous connections. I’ll go and learn how to install it tomorrow afternoon before the Super (yawn!) Bowl.
Now that’s going to be one hell of a boring game, Chicago and Indianapolis, like who cares aside from folks from those two cities. It’s more of a local thing versus the East Coast/ West Coast or North versus South kind of thing. Let me go out on a limb here, but the winning team will be from the Mid-West! DUH! who really cares, except the City of Miami which stands to make all the money.
Anyhow, I am ranting, aren’t I? Then there was the matter of,….no forget it for tonight. More tomorrow on the world according to Mr. Guinness

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