Posted by: guinness222 | February 10, 2007

So remind me how this "newer and better" blog format is again!

Only a personal complaint, sorry. When I’m ready to write I just want a one click solution, not four or five screens asking me passwords and user names and google words! Ok , on to the blog today.
I mentioned moving my office and yesterday the company got me a new laptop, holy shit are they getting bigger or what. This one is a brand new Dell 17″ screen running the new “vista” operating system. (Super, now I can use the vista that came with my new laptop and upgrade my old laptop and my console unit! Cool!)
Now they just come over and drop this computer on my desk, with the recharger unit, and the “emergency backup O/S CD”, plunk there it is have a great day! DUH!! like how am I supposed to drag this thing around with me? No case, nothing. But I was so excited getting it I figured I’d just bop on down to the local Office mega stores and kill an hour or so deciding which case I wanted. (Perhaps the “…rich Corinthian leather” as Ricardo Montelban used to purr for Chrysler cars) Man they had bunches of them and I was like in pig heaven. I did an inital pass of the aisle, glancing at the styles and colors and all. I ruled out the “back pack” models. (Shit can you imagine a 62 year old dude slinging a backpack over his shoulder? Either a broken shoulder, thrown out back, or shattered spine would probably ensue! I’m smiling becasue I can see it! In fact, true story here, about forty years ago when I began working in Boston I had one of those 5″ thick leather attache cases that I dragged on the bus, the train, the hike across town, and in and out, every damn day! After about a year or so my back really began bothering me. At twenty something I was really nervous, you know two toddlers, young wife, and possibly some dire prognosis from the Doctor as to my longevity because of some foreign virus thingy! Long story short afteer x-rays, feeling around my back, etc, etc. etc. he tells me he can’t find anything wrong. Now that’s even scarier, I’m now sure I have contracted some hitherto unknown new nasty thing and will be dead in six months and just be a footnote in some article in ten years in the New England Journal of Medicine! So he gives me a few lame exercises and tells me drop back in on Tuesday morning and let him see if it’s any better. “I’ve got to work Tuesday” I told him, (That was back when a doctor would see you in the evening after working hours) I said ok becasue now I was really getting up tight about it.
So on Tuesday I run by his office on the way to work, he asks me if it’s feeling any better, I say NO!, he does one of those “Hmmm”‘s I get up to leave and pick up my attache case and he says, “Do you carry that thing around every day?” “Sure” I replied “I do some work on the train and the bus, I need something to put it in.” May I see it for a minute”, he asks. “Sure” and I stretch my hand out so he can grab it. “God! How much does this weigh?” he asks. I don’t know I never weighed it. He takess it over to the scales, weighs it and tapping the attache case he says, “Theres your back pain. Let me guess you carry it only in your left hand, right?” “Yeah, why?” Becasue it weighs over twenty five pounds dummy! Either leave it at home, get rid of the 5″ one and get a two inch one, or change jobs,…and come see me next month after you’ve dumped this anchor for a month! Damned if he wasn’t right on!
Now I’m sixty two, getting another “attache case” a/k/a “laptop case”, preparing to lug it around, “hmmmm.” I guess if my back begins to ache again I won’t have to spend money on the Doctor this time, and just get another job, or ask for a raise so I can hire some “neanderthal” from the gym to “carry my shit” around. 🙂
Well off to the store with the Laptop for a case. So why didn’t I buy one yestrday? Because they all had tags saying “fits up to 15.9″ laptops” mine has a 17″ screen, I came home and tryed my own laptop case to see if it fit, Nope, over an inch too small. Now Don Quioxte goes into battle again seeking to slay the “too small” bags and find one that will work!


  1. So far nobody seems to like the new blogger. I updated to it a few days ago but haven’t tried posting anything on it yet. As for me, I don’t mind passwords and extra stuff sometimes. But I of course have been one of those that people have gotten into my stuff before. not something i care to repeat. Happy bag hunting!!

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