Posted by: guinness222 | March 11, 2007

Time flies when you are up to your ass in alligators!

Sorry folks, I didn’t realize it’s been a couple of weeks since I wrote anything. Bad me! Consider me chastized.
It’s been a very, very busy time. The “powers that be” decided to rearrange all the deck chairs on the Titanic a few weeks ago, and until friday at 4:30pm when they made the final changes and sent everyone an e-mail about “who’s on first” it’s been a circus.
I came out of it pretty good actually. I wound up being able to “dump” a couple of accounts that were just plain train wrecks looking for a place to happen. One of them is perhaps the closest thing I’ve come to in seriously contemplating a hit man as a solution to maintaining a sense of decorum and order. They are just plain DUMB, and unfortunately too damn DUMB to realize they are DUMB!!! But they are gone, and may all thier toilets get stopped up and may they drown in it!
The second one I dumped is another story. They don’t know they are broke and want me to tell them it’s not so! DUH! No the place didn’t get re-landscaped becasue you don’t have the money to pay the landscaper, and no the hot tub is not running because it is a piece of crap that is so far on the road to the happy hunting ground of old hot tubs that even God could not walk across it’s water. And by the way did I tell you that your hurricane insurance is going up another 50% this year, and you had a bitch of a time paying last years bill!
The thrid one I lost was a sweetheart, I’m really going to miss them. They would tell me thier concerns, leave me alone, and back me when it came to resolving things. Hell I got them a settlement on some really serious issues and about $80,000 worth of repairs without even threatening to go to court or hire any “big gun” attorneys! (See you can draw more flys with honey than vinegar!) And they appreciated it and told me so, which does wonders for my ego as well.
But on the “flip side”I picked up a few good ones. One is virtually brand new, has over $200,000 “extra” in the bank they didn’t know they had, and is a “hot property” (meaning everyone wants a place in there, so regardless of the “soft” real estate market it’s still revolving door time in sales at this place. Another one I got was an older property, but as long as it is a clean and well lighted place they are happy as clams.
The last one I got is not even developing yet I think, but I’ll have to check that out this week.
It’s like the guy juggling the spinning plates like I’ve told you, but now I have to off load three plates and be sure the new managers are up to speed on them at the same time I have to take on three and keep them spinning. No wonder I’m slleping like the dead for 8 hours a night and working like crazy the other 15!
(Ok, so 8 and 15 don’t equal 24, but my deep meditation and divine contemplation period with a pint or two at Buster’s is mandatory for sanity!! Or as da’ kid frum Brooklyn would sez, “So jews gots some kinda problem wit dat shit, or dues I gutta re-edjewcates you wid a pipe?)
I planned on spending about five or so hours on my business laptop today, but the damn charger is at work and the battery (“bat tree”, as my Canadian friends would say” is at the “critically low” stage and all it does is tell me that and shut off!!)
Ok today’s open letter of rant and absolute disgust goes to Bill Gates;
Dear Bill,
You can take your “new” “Vista” operating system and shove it! The commercials with Apple and PC and the dude in the dark glasses and suit dont even begin to tell the story! (But I will!)It has to be by far the worst operating system I’ve seen in thirty years oof playing with ‘puters. It’s slow, it’s about as “intuitive” as a brick, it’s not even close to being “fun” or “good”. The little hourglass was annoying, but it went back and forth. This new little circle that keeps going round and round is annoying as hell. Maybe they should have made that the logo and a tag line of “Go round and round becasue we don’t care!” And the “soft pastels” may sooth a savage beast, but a pissed off user can not be soothed, only totally frustrated.
I just blasted it completely off my personal laptop and went to a real tech and told him just put my XP pro back on and make sure not a single bit, byte, or other piece of shit from “Vista” is left on it.
My opinion and the “story behind the story” I think is perfectly clear, ready for this?
Microsoft made a really great op system in Windows NT, which they marketed toward business so it had to be good, but that was back in the early to mid 90’s. It tried to cobble some crap together and called it “Windows ’95” and tried to get business to consider it. But it had more bugs in it that a sailor on a two week liberty in a whore house. But the gullible consumer market and the geeks jumped on it. Then they tried again with Windows ’98, another disaster. So maybe only one weeks liberty in the whorehouse. Then some idiot got the bright idea to put out Windows 2000, and rename “NT”, Windows 2000 Pro. Then they realized they broke away from the numbers game and a lot of people might think that’s the last system they ever needed, so guess what “XP” comes along, in two glorius flavors, Home edition or “XP Pro” (which I still believe was “NT” with a new suit!) Then the rumors started that the all new top secret “ultra super dooper colossal” operating system would replace both of them and the whole world would have a thousand years of piece. From where I’m sitting it’s worse than putting a new suit on Windows ’95 and marketing it as “new and improved”.
Feel free to disagree, I really don;t care, becasue I’m going back to XP for the next foreseeable millenium. (Oh by the way the new “Office suite” be real careful if you just “save” a spreadsheet and send it to someone on the “old office suite” they won;t be able to open it. (Gee sounds suspiciously like a plot from the evil empire in Redmond Washington to force everyone to get the new office, since the old version has been so flawless for the past ten years!)
Well Mr. Gates, I hope you are enjoying your untold ga-billions of bucks and the richest man in the world lapel pin, but you’ll have to do it without my money from here on out.
Bottom line I think you tried to get rid of the “windows crap, dump the “NT” kernal and base, and develop a “one size fits everyone” and seek the position of “security safe forever”,…..ain’t happening Bo-bo!


  1. Well it seems as if you’ve had plenty to keep you busy. You’re not the only person I know of that hates Vista. I haven’t had to deal with it any as of yet but the Husband who is a computer guru absolutely hates it. He loves the mac commercials on tv. My favorite is the one with the security guy that you mentioned. Sometimes it’s amazing that Gates is so damned rich. 😛

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